What Is Anarchy Empowered

To begin with we need to breakdown the word “Anarchy.” Anarchy is broken into two parts “A” meaning one, in its self, or absence of” and “Archy” from the Greek word, “anarkhia” meaning lack of a leader, the state of people without a government.

My name is Anthony Antolic, my friends call me Tony. I am also known as the Renegade. It is my belief that every man has both a moral right and obligation to govern himself. However, the key word here is moral. Without a universal concept of right and wrong mankind has an unfortunate need for government intervention. This blog is about ways to live a moral life and in the process gain both social and financial freedom.

The things that I talk about are things that I have tried and has both failed and thing I have succeeded with. I will talk about why things don’t work and why they do.

I hope you find this site to be informative and that you choose to help support us. We do not take government issued currency.

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