Is A Civil War In Our Future?

There are those how believe that America is in the middle of a soft civil war. Know what I do, I must agree.

Today is the 4th of July, and millions of Americans all over the world are celebrating 242 years of being and Independent nation. By the way if you look at how long even the British have been under one Charter, America is technically older than even our Motherland.

But much like the nations of whom our Founding Fathers modeled our Constitution after, we seem to be going through some growing pains. However, much if the friction on our geo-political, and economic landscape, is caused by the public infrastructure its self.

Our public schools are pushing extremely destructive agendas onto the future working class of America; thus guaranteeing that the power of the elect is secure. In the process weakening the foundation of the Commonwealth for their own selfish ends. If our children are to remain good people we must get rid of public education and teach our children to be strong in their morality and learn to stand up against the masses.

America was founded on a foundation of religious freedom, not a foundation of existential nihilism or atheism. If you choose not to have a faith this is your right but don’t push it on others. The reason Religion is important is not for the salvation of our souls, but rather for the development of strong moral caractor in the next generation.

If it is true that America is on the brink of a 3rd civil war, it is by the design of the federal government to further the pursuit of the greedy Elect’s thirst for power. Remember Rome failed once Constantine changed the national religion to Christianity. Greece failed due to a lack of continuity between the city states. The Mayan Empire became corrupted due to an infusion of Spanish culture. The Byzantine Empire became over extended much like Rome and Modern America due to a failure to teach the next generation to be independent and work for what they have. In every case we can see correlations between them and modern American society. The scary thing is that the Failure of America as our Founding Fathers envisioned us is failing because people learned from history and don’t want America to succeed.