Society Is The Homeless Problem

After an amazing series of unfortunate events I am back where I belong. I was spending way too much money on gas, going accorss the bridge to DMS. So I reached out to another express office in Vancouver Washington that I have a long work history with. They put me right to work but I have to offer up my situation to the Creator for this one day job to job stuff is stressful. I have developed stumach ulcer and my health is suffering because of the consistent levels of high stress.

I decided to go back to my Gypsy roots and live the way I am comfortable and teach others to do the same.

After you cut the vegetables that you used for the crockpot you will need to preserve them. The video below shows you how I ferment food.

If you know that you could be facing homelessness you may want to consider going to Best Buy and purchasing a freedompop SIM card. With one purchase of $5.00 You have free text and data for life. I have gotten sick of paying for things like unneeded services. I am sure you can relate. So I am going to go and buy freedompop SIM card so I can stop paying for one more monthly severce.

So I went and payed for two different data only SIM cards only to find out that both Simply Wireless and Google are faulsly advertising there basic service. They claim that you will never loose service for lack of payment but I can’t confirm nore deny this claim, however I have noticed that both companies are chareing more for service than I am paying for Metro PCS or T-Mobile. The Data only SIM cards is truly just and urban myth.

At any rate my first premix soups were a learning experience. The fermentation process worked perfectly however some minor changes are needed the next time around.

To begin thousands of years of wisdom says do not season the soup mix while fermenting. I tried it and the herbs really do have an overpowering taste if fermenting with the rest of the soup. So dry your herbs. Also the dryed beans need to be precooked before fermenting in the soup.

I keep the crockpot going a week at a time and just eat the soup as I am hungry. Buy adding more water each time the food stays in the communal pot for long periods of time.