Do You Like The Person You Are Today?

We all have our demons in our past, but the past doesn’t define us as the people we are today. It is the choices we make today that defines the person we are today and in our future. But unfortunately governments are made up of people who are influenced by others to make laws that may not be just or mortally correct.

In case you don’t know Law is a mutual agreement between the Commonwealth and their governments. If one side breaches that agreement the law becomes obsolete. For this reason you cannot have law without universal morality.

Universal morality is a knowledge of right and wrong, which helps society stay civil. Basically it is an honor system that is rooted in the faith traditions of the world. Without morality law becomes useless.

You can’t tell someone who has already broken the law that they can’t do something because it is illegal. Of course they can do it for they already have. Now society can impose consequences to keep people from breaking that law but ultimately the willingness to uphold a law is up to the individual.

As a result we can argue that the only laws that can’t be broken are the physical laws. Step off a cliff and tell me that you are above the law of gravity. I dare you.

My point is that a Democracy is only as strong as the morality of the people who are allowed to vote. If the people who are voting are not ethically sound it doesn’t take long for the government in question to fall a part. You can’t keep imposing new laws every time one is not enforced.