What Is The Role Of The Father?

The role of the father has been changed by the Welfare State, as Mom replaces Dad as the provider with the theft of resources from the Taxpayer. But the money that is stolen from us to feed the illusion of the so-called independent woman as she swipes an EBT card, simply can’t replace the need for the male role model in the house.

Without the child seeing Daddy going to work every day, the next generation grows up thinking it is OK to steal from others using the government as their enforcement. We must keep in mind that the father is meant to represent Christ in the home. The Father’s role is to teach both his daughter and son how a woman should be treated.

Without Dad in the picture young woman tend to seek out unhealthy relationships that can end in abuse. From the male side the boy is more likely to join a gang, try drugs and end up with a criminal record. But this is what that State wants.

After all the Department of Corrections is nothing more than an extension of the Welfare State. What better way to justify their own existence than to arrange to put the next generation behind bars! The father’s role is to teach the child to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” (Deuteronomy 6:5). By doing so the father by default teaches the child to be a good steward of his or her gifts and talents. As a result the father being in the home is a liability to the Welfare State which must justify its existence or Parrish.