Is Phoneum The Wave Of The Future?

Bitcoin has failed to do its job because people are using it as an investment tool rather than an actual currency. The current price of Bitcoin makes the coin difficult to get and the flucuations in price make it hard for people to trust. Phoneum coin (PHM) is quickly mined and the miner dibbled as your wallet. The Phoneum App can be found on Google and Apple stores. There is no transaction fee. And the coin was designed to be mined by the Commonwealth with our phones.

The app is still in the beta testing stage so the user can make more coin by getting our friends involved in the revolution. If any of my readers installs Phoneum on their phone they can tell me about it and I will send you the beta tester rewards. Remember crypto-currencies are weapons against slavery not a get rich quick scheme. We have to get people on board with using cion and rejecting government issued currency. Phoneum has all the earmarks that I have been talking about for years. It is too young to be minipulated for the greed of speculators and it gives the economy back to the people if we can get enough people on board to use it.

The road will be long and hard but people will enjoy not being a slave to taxes. The app is still being tested and he’s not been officially released yet. But you can install the beta version.

Hash-Flare Contracts Have Been Sold Out

Like Bitcoin and the other Cryptos the contracts to mine are finite. The number of cloud mining contracts a company has is based on the resources that the company owns. Hash-Flare, the website that I mine through has just announced that they are sold out. The contracts with Hash-Flare only last a year but the contract owner has the option to reinvest their profits, which renews the contract. Therefore, unless Hash-Flare expands, no new money is coming in to the company.

The rule of supply and demand applies to these contracts. Companies such as Miner-one sells there mining contracts as Tokens that don’t expire as a result of the finite number of contracts that Miner-one offers the price for the Token can rise due to demand that consumers have for not risking there hard earned money in the current chaotic economic landscape that is the crypto-curencies market. The lack of trust people has in government issued currency is reflected in the obscenely hi prices in Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

What we are seeing is not a Bible like the housing market but rather a shift in control the free market from government slave merchants to the slave our selves. But people will not get on board as long as wallet services like Coinbase charge a dollar for each transaction thus limiting the use of crypto-curencies to only large transactions. The only way the conversion can be complete is if people feel good enough with the crypto-curencies to make small transactions like buying a candy bar over the counter at a convenient store. Once we get to such a place the human slave trade will be done with because no government currencys will be seen as having value and therefore the intentional devaluing of the currency would no longer force the worker into loner hours at work just to make the same amount of money that he did 20 years before. In short Cryptos need a debt card system. Can any one help us with that?

What Do You Want To Look For In A Bitcoin Mining Scam?

One of the problems that we all face when dealing with investing in crypto-curencies is the somewhat ironic fact that no government regulation has been placed and the less honest elements of human culture come out of the wood work. But there are some basic rules that my experience has lead me to believe are prudent to follow.

  • Always look for your wallet input to be easy to find. Common sense says that if the app or website doesn’t ask for your wallet address they can’t payout.
  • If you can invest the balance of what you already mined, you are probably not working with an honest company. After all the Bitcoin that has been mined has a monetary value and if the company is mining if for you, you should have no problem reinvesting it.
  • You can and should not expect to get something for nothing. Always be sceptical about the motive behind mining for free. Phone apps that do it use the mining as a vehicle to force you to watch adds and most of them don’t payout anyway. Remember you get what you pay for.

When introduces our mining platform, we plan to let people mine for free. But we will be using your browsers to mine for us as well. We have a belief that by encouraging others to use Bitcoin we can help the slavery that is the world’s governments come to an end, by devaluing the government issue and replacing it with a currency the no government can control. After all Jesus gave us all a commandment, “render unto Cesar, what is Cesar’s” (Mark, 12:17).

People seem to panic about the price of Bitcoin falling, but let me explain how I look at it. As long as there is a USD value attached to Bitcoin we still haven’t done our jobs. If the end game is to replace government toilet paper with tangible valued currency that can’t be manipulated by the issuing government, we want Bitcoin to be equal with the dollar in value, because only then will people have a choice as to which currency to use. As it stands Bitcoin is valued way to high to the USD for the dollar to be threatened. But as people choose to use Cryptos over the government issued toilet paper humans slavery has a chance to finally come to an end.

Now the left wing fears Crypto-curencies because they in general don’t pull there weight in society and expect something for nothing. In fact most of the reviews that are negative about mining sites that ask the you lease time on there equipment are from the same kind of entitled mind set that drives the cost of living up to pay for the fact that they are not contributing to society and are just not fit to survive.