Life Goes On

I am still not sure what happened. One minute Nicole and I are going to spend our lives together and I was happy, the next thing I know, I am back in the Stieners basement in a nother state. But adversity is my bread and butter.

Once again one of my disorders scared off another suitor. I miss Dessy, Max, Lucas and even Harmony. But most of all I miss coming home to Nicole.

The accounts of the events that lead up to today are foggy at best. I remember Nicole kicking me out but she says otherwise. I don’t know what is real at this point. The one thing I do know for sure is that my knee is getting worse. I woke up in a pool of bloody sweat this morning. The symptoms tend to get worse with stress.

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All that I know is that I never meant to hurt anyone. But things are in the past and I can’t dwell on the it. So I reflect on what went right and pray that I can stand on my knee come morning. I have been neglecting my duties with Anarchy Empowered because Nicole had me so busy. So I am working over time to catch up.

Multiple personalities, is not fun. I loose time and can get in trouble at work. Is it any wonder that so many mental patents are homeless? If it wasn’t for the Stieners I would be right now.

Nicole fought a lot about ethics and morality. But if I was in the same position would I still be on my soap box? Maybe there are the grey areas that she always talked about.

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