We Need Your Help!

Anarchy Empowered was designed to be a completely volunteer run organization. We need dedicated people who are passionate about helping others and can offer at least one hour a week to fund causing the problems that are not not 4 and public awareness.

In a week we will be launching our online retail store. We will be selling clothing, camping gear, and food storage products for long term food storage. The site is not launched yet but the URL is www.AnarchyEmpoweredMinistryStore.com. We hope you visit.

Again we need people to spread the word about Anarchy Empowered and what we are trying to do for our local community. We need people who are willing to help distribute food and coordinate with businesses and organizations to help get as many people involved as possible.

The biggest hurdle that I as an individual have to face is feeling called to this ministry and juggling between working full-time and family life at the same time. I am not the healthiest person in the world, so I am asking for help.

Lauren Southern has left the fight on YouTube, and she will not be the last. A.E.’s approach doesn’t throughout socialism completely we just don’t feel that government should be involved in anything once we shut our doors at home. We help our neighborhoods and educate others to continue the fight for the next generation.

I learned that Kristina wanted as many kids as possible so she would be taken care of be the state. The fact that I couldn’t give her a child meant she moved on. This is the lack of morality that I am talking about. If America is going to have a future we must bring back basic morals.

A state run Welfare system is nothing more than theft. But with a community that reaches out to our neighbors, we have a much stronger infrastructure in place. We need your help. If you don’t want to donate to Anarchy Empowered go out and offer a job to a homeless man.

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors. It it our place to make sure the man next to us can provide for himself. Our economy is based on the two income family but the Welfare State becomes more attractive to a woman than a Man who works hard, because a single mom is guaranteed housing. As a result woman kick Dad out in favor of money that is stolen from the same guys who they kicked out. This crap needs to change.

For the purposes of full disclosure, à monthly expense of $250.00 will get the store going once it gets started. A $15.00 annual domain name registration fee will also be spent.