Hash-Flare Contracts Have Been Sold Out

Like Bitcoin and the other Cryptos the contracts to mine are finite. The number of cloud mining contracts a company has is based on the resources that the company owns. Hash-Flare, the website that I mine through has just announced that they are sold out. The contracts with Hash-Flare only last a year but the contract owner has the option to reinvest their profits, which renews the contract. Therefore, unless Hash-Flare expands, no new money is coming in to the company.

The rule of supply and demand applies to these contracts. Companies such as Miner-one sells there mining contracts as Tokens that don’t expire as a result of the finite number of contracts that Miner-one offers the price for the Token can rise due to demand that consumers have for not risking there hard earned money in the current chaotic economic landscape that is the crypto-curencies market. The lack of trust people has in government issued currency is reflected in the obscenely hi prices in Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

What we are seeing is not a Bible like the housing market but rather a shift in control the free market from government slave merchants to the slave our selves. But people will not get on board as long as wallet services like Coinbase charge a dollar for each transaction thus limiting the use of crypto-curencies to only large transactions. The only way the conversion can be complete is if people feel good enough with the crypto-curencies to make small transactions like buying a candy bar over the counter at a convenient store. Once we get to such a place the human slave trade will be done with because no government currencys will be seen as having value and therefore the intentional devaluing of the currency would no longer force the worker into loner hours at work just to make the same amount of money that he did 20 years before. In short Cryptos need a debt card system. Can any one help us with that?