Rebuilding My Life

Many times in my life I have felt a need to just drop whatever I was doing at the time and pick up my life and start over.

My life has always been mobile so as to go wherever the Lord of mycreation might will me to go. Today it is almost 10am. I am sitting in the the second to the front row of the lef t side. People are slowly coming in and I am glad to be here. I am hungry and I am scared that this cycle will not come to an end. I have no food and no where to turn for help.

I remember a simular incident happened when Doug was still alive. My ex-wife Kansa decided to spend our entire food budget for the

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What Do We Do This For?

I have a constant struggle to stay healthy enough to go to work. Yesterday I woke up in a puddle of bloody vomit. Yet I still managed to go to work. But the dizziness started and the vomiting continued and next I knew, I had not slept or stopped vomiting.

Let me tell you it is hard to be an advocate against the Welfare State when you realize that there is nothing left in your stomach yet you are still vomiting and you are expected to be at work in 20 minutes. I feel like crap and there is nothing the doctors can do. The monthly transfusions stopped working and I am scared. I am dehydrated and the bulk of my vomiting is blood. Still I am going into work because I love Kristina.

That was a month ago since then Kristina has not been in my life. I learned a valuable lesson from the relationship that Kristina and I once shared. Never let a woman take advantage of you because of how she knows you feel about her. She was talking my money because she only worked 16 hours a week and could not afford to live. This was the only reason she kept saying, “we can still have sex.” She was trading sex for money just like a prostitution ring.

The 36 year old single mother figured out that I would take care of her until she found a man that Mom and Dad would approve of.

It Is Time To Make A Commitment!

How the system manipulates us:

We have all been told told that going to school is a guaranteed way of getting the job that you want, but how many of us have went to school only to get a degree and having to pay of student loans that will never be paid off completely? The fact is that higher education has provided an instant debt slave to industry.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was convinced by everyone in my life that I needed to continue my education so I could get a better job. I tried to go back to school 4 different times only to fail and I still owe money on those loans. I did end up finishing my degree but only after someone took the time to help me learn to read. I was passed grade to grade never learning the basics because public educators don’t have time for one on one help to give the student the help they need.

I believe the only reason that you are required to attend school in America, is to screen you for what ever role you may end up having in modern society. Once you are labelled as any one of the three classes that Plato talks about in “the Republic”, you are ignored, abused, and or nurtured accordingly.

What does Plato say?

Plato says that there are Three classes of people that he equates to Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The metals are representative different traits in a person’s personality. Gold in the nobilist of all the metals and represents the protective nature of a parent, soldier or King.

Citizens (subpersonalities) are roughly grouped into three categories: Workers, Soldiers, and Guardians. It’s not difficult to see how these may correspond to different classes of subpersonalities, but this detail need not concern us at present; it suffices to note that, in the Republic, each class contains many individual citizens.

The cast system that Plato talks about is clearly seen in modern America. The Guardian class in the Republic, refers to the ruling class or the elect: however, an argument can be made that the philosopher was also referring to the Slave masters, Employers and the like. At least this is the direction that we will be using for this discussion.

On average we spend 2/3s of our life at school or at work and school is really just a tool to make you spend more time at work. We get lost in our work and loose sight of what is important, you know, things like family and friends, hobbies and what ever else you might thinks makes your life worth living.

My better half told me to consider the fact that my employer would just replace me if I died but in the eyes of those who love me, I can’t be replaced. Kristina’s statement got me to thinking. I have never really had a reason to come home, so I just posted myself into my work, even when Kansa was around I made excuses not to come home by just working more. But with Kristina I am happy to spend as much time as I can with her and her son.

It seems to me that modern industry likes to see Families fall apart because the workers not divided between home and work. Recently we have taken a cut in pay because I choose to spend time with my family over time at work. Companies offer a shift differential to motivate workers to work the latter shifts.

Welcome to debt bondage!

For the first time in 40 years America is starting to prosper again. This is mostly due to the underdog President Donald John Trump, who has instituted countless changes in American government that has been met with tons of controversy. At the same time on the international stage, Tommy Robinson is being held a political prisoner for telling the truth. When a government becomes so corrupted that the press is restricted in anyway, said government should be abolished.

While people seem to be waking up about how the working class is being minipulated and controlled buy the government use of inflation and an hourly wage to force people into longer hours at work and less time with family.

Crypto-mining is banned in America because it has to potential to free the worker for his or her bondage, thus removing the worker from the need for a time clock. This site has been shut down countless times by the US government for the same reasons that Tommy is locked. It is my commitment to my family and friends that has me looking for any possible away to increase income in a passive manner.

I think I need to note that due to a negative opinion of me from Kristina’s friends and family, she broke up with me. I wish her all the best as she and Wyatt go through life. We are not even on speaking terms for her fear of repercussions from her loved ones.

Love is a CHOICE!

I am sure that you have heard people talk about falling in Love. The truth is everyone has a single moment when you decide to be committed to the person the You choose to spend the rest of your life with. In the case of my diceased wife and I, for me it was when she refused to take some money that I offered her for gas. She had no gas in her car but she didn’t want me to expect anything from her in return. On my side, I was just trying to do the right thing.

For me my desire to sacrifice for my future wife had me looking at her in a whole new way.  Love fails because people are no longer committed to staying together. We live in a world of instant gratification and if something goes wrong we through it away rather than sticking it out long enough to fix it.

This is Anarchy Empowered, I am not going to sugar coat anything. Most divorce is caused intentionally by the Welfare State, because an intact family, for the most part doesn’t seek government enforcement of public theft to replace the Father’s role as the provider. You see we as a culture mistakenly think of Love as an emotional response. When we should be looking at it as a dedicated commitment to the other person.

Married couples don’t often weather through the hard times, because our society encourages divorce. After all a single Mom can find shelter much easier than if Dad was in the picture. It may be interesting to not that broken Families are more common the lower the income is in the household. Most of the time money is the deciding factor in the stability of the home. The choice must be made to be committed to your spouse throughout the better and the worst.

The truth is the government and the Employers both benefit from Daddy not being around. You see it is and has always been the role of the father to teach his child how to be responsible with money. But the employer wants you to be in debt. It helps them no that they you will show up to work. That is why Employers run credit checks. They want to know your paying your bills.

Our culture as a whole has turned against the family. Those relationships that have endured should be commended.