Thank You For Your Service!

Every weekend since I have moved in with the Steiners: who own and operate Edumacated Redneck Repair out of their home, I have taken it on myself to go down and feed homeless American Vets with the money I earn during the week. Today I ran into Ken. Ken was a gunnery sergeant in the US Marine Corp during Iraqi Freedom. This 56 year old white male has more than a few things going against him. If he was to look for a job in this Liberal dominant culture that is my home town.

To begin with he is a white male, so that is a strike against him due to so-called affirmative action which is nothing less than reverse bigotry. He is a Veteran of an unpopular conflict and he is much older than the 20-35 year old age group that most employers are looking to hire.

Never mind the fact that Ken is an experienced electrician that got his training paid for by the Taxpayer, popular culture says Ken is not employable.

I took Ken into the Jerusalem Café and introduced him to my friend Jimmy who flips houses and does rather well at it. “Hey Jimmy, Glad you are here, I have someone I want you to meet.”

“Hello, Tony; what you got going?” I introduced Ken and I already knew Jimmy was looking for an Electrician to put on his payroll.

After about an hour, Ken had a job. I wish every day worked out so well.

I eat every three days to make sure Men who should never be homeless can have a meal. I don’t expect to have things work out as well as things did with Ken but although we served under different flags, these homeless Vets are my brothers in arms. I thank them for their service and pray for the best. For each of us were once young men fighting in conflicts that we didn’t start, to uphold a belief that although our government’s policy is flawed: a liberation from tyranicle old men who have long forgotten what it means to seen your brother die next to him, is the only way a man can ever know freedom. Hear is to all those who truly understand the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”

“Silence like a cancer grows.”

To see me knowing that I am hungery and to do nothing is an even graeter sin than Murder; for to see an injustice and to have the means to stop it and still do nothing is to place the guilt of said injustice onto your own hands. Just something to think about.