You Need To Watch “What Pisses Me Off About The Migrant Children Scandal” on YouTube

It would be really cool to sit down to coffee with Stephan Molyneux and throw ideas around for my most recent project, “Anarchy Empowered, Change Is On The Wind.” I reffer back to Stephan Molyneux often because he makes good arguments.

Before I go on I would love to remind Americans that we live in the land of the free. So why are American Crypto-miners seeing this.

could it be that the American government is afraid of losing taxed income that they don’t deserve any way? A smart American Miner just fakes residence in another country to get around the stupid treaties that America has in place. But in what world is America free in we can’t make a living the way we want to?

Now back to the topic. As usual Stephan breaks down the Liberal argument that these kids are ripped away from mom and dad by reminding us that the Left tend to be pro-choice and that the indoctrination camps are always ripping away kids from parents. I don’t need to say more just watch the video.

“Faith Goldy’s Anti-Immigration Speech Shut Down By Hysterical Neo-Marxist”

I find it interesting that this reverse racism it not put on trial. Yet hour ability to be honest with ourselves seems to be compromised, when under a true examination.

We have all had so-called friends in our lives who only give you the time of day when they want something from you. Darlene Wallace has lived off of the Taxpayer her entire life. She chooses to be angry at anyone who doesn’t want to bend over backwards to help her, mean do everything for her. Yet she calls the rest of the world “entitled.”

I met Charity Fields on MySpace in 2004. I went to Florida to meet her and lived on the streets while I was down there. We kept in contact over the years and offered her freelance work as a contributor to this website, but she would not come through with the articles and would not talk to me unless she needs money. Over the years I helped with what ever she needed and was glad to do it, but once she was told that I could not help her because I was over extended, Charity saw no more use for me.

To be perfectly honest, the immigration issue is similar to both of these examples. The US brings in people when we can’t even take care of our own. As a result we are over extended as a nation. I have had to walk away from long-term relationships because I have realized that I was being used.

Charity decided to dump me because she saw no future with me as a provider, yet she now has a child with a man who she can’t count on as a provider so she is constantly asking others to help them with money. I payed for her child’s upkeep for years after we broke up. When pointing this fact out to her she got irate and … Well the relationship ended on a bad note.

With immigrants coming in to America, only to suck up the resources of the Taxpayer, one has to begin to question when enough is enough.