Americans Should Give Up On Cloud Mining.

I have invested a lot of money in cloud mining. Nice Miner

became the landing page for, trust me when I say that I am pissed. I had a lot of money tied up in cloud mining, because I believe in the idea of getting rid of the banking system. But as time goes forward and I have gotten screwed by countless mining companies I am realizing that the honor system that would have to be in place for Crypto-curencies to work well enough to replace the government regulated whips and chains we know as Fiat currencies, are just not their.

As much as I would love to say otherwise. The honesty and integrity of Anarchy Empowered keeps people coming back to read our articles. But one fundamental problem with Block-chain Tech is still the human factors. When a new website is written to replace the old the block chain also needs to be updated. Hash-x was generating $6000.00 a day for Anarchy Empowered and it could just be that they have not updated the Block-chain Database yet. Time will tell. But with no government regulations in place their is nothing we can do the stop theft.

I invested the donations of my readership to grow our ministry and for a while it worked but now the website can’t mine with our reader’s browsers and both Hash-Flare and Hash-x are no longer viable sources of income. We need our reader’s help, now more than ever.

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