Every Day Is A Struggle

A new year has started. Can you beleive that it is already 2019. What happened to 2018? with a new years comes a new mission. To rid world of a need for fossil fuels. Now I am not jumping on to Green Peace’s band wagon. I simply beleive that Gas is one of the most efective ways to keep us in bondage.

The second works in random with the first. The high gas prices off set the lower cost of living in BFE. So unless you are living off grid you are still a slave to the company store. So as the project unfolds I will keep you up to date.

Well this has been a long day. I didn’t party like most. My day starts at 3 am. I got up and went out into the sub freezing cold and waited for my ride. “How are you doing Tony?” Mike my lyft driver asked as he opened my door. I told him that I really need a break.

Anarchy Empowered needs some suport or you do?” I told him how the past few months have unfolded and that I have been contemplating ending my life because I am just tired of living. He told me that he understands.

But Mike replied with, “you have been put on this earth by our creator, with what ever name you prefer to give him, for one purpose and that purpose has nothing to do with money. Take Anarchy Empowered to the next level and help yourself by helping others.”

I told him, “both of us need help.”

“The ministry suffers because most of the time I am the one paying for everything. People do donate but if I am not making enough money to survive there are no blankets and tents going out to those who need them. I am spending more money on gas then I am making from my job.”

Mike nodded. “Sign up for PostMate. You can deliver packages on the side and supplement your income.” I did sign up and I am waiting on a background check. The reality is that I can’t afford the job that I have. I send too much money on gas and am not able to pay my bills. When I was living with Nicole gas was still an issue but she stole the money from taxpayers. I couldn’t handle living with the criminal mentality.

So I made the choice to not have the safety net of the taxpayer’s paying for my gas. I also believe that the cost of living including gas is intentionally high to force people to work longer hours. That is why I want to turn my Pathfinder into an electric vehicle.

I started going back to crypto-mining. But none of these things will make us rich, in fact Anarchy Empowered is a 501-c3 Nonprofit. I am proud of the things that Anarchy Empowered has accomplished over ther years. I just stay in the shadows and watch as people are inspired to do the Lord’s work.

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In The Same Boat

I am in the same position as the men and women that I am trying to help. The position that I was hired for was cut and I am not physically able to work the job that they put me into for health reasons. I qualify for disability but I don’t want to ask for help from a government that I don’t believe in. I need a different job.

I invested my money in Profitcoins hoping to find or establish some kind of income for myself. It worked but I need a stable income that is not reliable that is more than what I am able to invest. I have small income streams from the dividends of closed end stocks and Hash-Flare, but these exists to fund Anarchy Empowered’s Ministries. So I am working Temp jobs for now.

I have been dedicating much more time into building Anarchy Empowered’s Ministry Store. I am looking for product suppliers and researching what would sell the fastest without compromising the organization’s Christian values.

With that said, I am always looking for ways to be responsible for my obligations. My girlfriend told me about Bitminutes (BTM). BTM has a wonderful concept that Anarchy Empowered can get behind.

The basic idea of Bitminutes is a lending system for small business owners in the third world. In effect this is a Block-chain that gives a hand up through micro-loans. I like it. I don’t know a lot about it, but it is worth looking into. Needless to say, I will not be able to put money into food distribution this month, unless my readers come through. I pray that you guys can donate enough to feed our people, this month, because I can’t come through this time on my own. I love you guys. Let’s continue to make a difference together.