My Strategy For Buying My Freedom

We all have debt that we must pay off before any of us can stay that we are truly free. My debts owed are substantially higher than must. I have just not been motivated to fix the issue until recently.

After I lost Kansa, I moved in with Darlene Wallace. This was a big mistake. She wouldn’t let me leave the house without her provision and I was stranded in a hick town the likes of which I could only compare to the movie Misery. In fact Darlene’s Obsession with keeping me unemployed so she had control over me and trapped in Hell was a true life comparison to the movie.

One day I rejected her advances and she waited till I was asleep to beat me with a baseball bat. Ten broken ribs and five cracked teeth later, I new I had to escape from the Hell that I found myself in. That is how I ended up living with the Steiners.

That was in early November of 2007. Several months have passed and I am gainfully employed and I met a young woman who I would give my life for. Her name is Kristina. Now if we are going to be together I must put myself in a financial position where I can better take care of her.

So here is my strategy to achieve this goal.

  1. First create a second income that is not taxed through cloud mining. I will and have been using Hash-Flare to start and the funds generated will be invested in long term mining like hash-x. Other investments like monthly divided stocks will also create a stable foundation of income.
  2. Once a foundation of stable income is created any existing bills must be paid off.

I plan to give Kristina and her son, Wyatt a stable home. When Kansa died I didn’t care for life anymore. I found a reason to want to go to work and as I get closer to my goals I find that I am happier than I have been for a long time.

In the meantime, I am still living out of a backpack and working way too much but the Steiner’s mining account is almost funded so they will continue to have an income after I leave and progress on my end is being made.

But for now I need to buy a new pair of pants because the ones I ware to work are shot. I will through the old pair away so my personal inventory does not increase. Until Kristina and I have our own place, I must travel light.