The First Day Of A New Job

We have all had to start over. Today is a training day for me, on a new Job. I have never been one to blindly follow any kind of rule and this job is once again in the government’s pocket. I admit that the idea of working for a another government puppet turns my stomach.

In an effort to keep Anarchy Empowered’s ministry going we are selling our own line of printed T-shirts. You can order them with Bitcoin or USD.

The nice thing about AnarchyEmpowered is I can coordinate our efforts state side in the events that I cross the sea one last time, before I breath my last breath.

With every attack I am reminded that my health is much more fragile than it was 20 years ago. I guess that is why I am happy to be a temp again. I am not in a hurry to die, and as I loose feeling in my extremities and my vision continues to fail I am forced to admit that these hard labor jobs are not going to be available to me forever.

When the Doctor told me this last time that he wants to put me on Disability because of my blood disorder, I listened to him but only partly. I left Smak Plastics, because I was tiered of going to the E.R. with things that could have been prevent if I learned to stand up for my own limitations and communicated that certain working conditions were making me sick. But that is water under the bridge.

I have a Temp job until October, but I have a interview this Friday with the University of Paris. I guess the circumstances with both Kristina trying to get me to pay for an abortion that I would have never supported, and Smak, Put things in prospective for me. This job would mean that I could work from anywhere, which is perfect because I found a wonderful woman who is too rooted in her community for me to ask her to pick up her bags and go, even more important, I like the idea of staying somewhere.

My phone is at 14% and the app my not save this post. So I am going to find a USB port to charge up. Have I ever told you guys how much I hate not having an unstable life? I guess that is why I can relate to the homeless. However, I have been blessed with knowledge of human nature which has served me well in theses adventures.

While I may never have what most call a proper home, I will always have sources of income. I will always do my best to keep my bills down to manageable levels. I will always have dual citizenship, which gives me the freedom to live the life that I do. I am a Gypsy and proud of the fact. I will never ask the Taxpayer to take up my cause. The friends that I keep I have for life and would gladly put my life down to protect them.

No national anthem will ever divide us. No Politics would ever get In-between us. We are brothers in arms, we share more than the Red, White and Blue colors on our flags. America’s freedom is owed to a French Monarch.

Nichole is out working a double and I am looking at satellite phones to keep things going. I pray that the interview goes well. I have four kids who are counting on me an Nichole needs a break from these long hours. This job for the University of Paris would take us both off of Welfare or out of the tax bracket anyway. May the Lord be with us.

God Doesn’t Make Trash

My entire life I have dealt with abandonment issues that started with my parents divorce and got compounded by relationships that always seemed to end with women who would not be faithful to the commitment that we had to each other.

To day I am sure that what I have to say will hit a cord with many of my readers if not all of you. It may offend, but only if you are on the other side of the coin that I am showing you. Kristina, rejected me because of her desire to make her family happy. I felt like I had no value left in this would. But then one of my readers came to my rescue on the side of the road and I realized that my value was not found in the person who I am with at the time but rather the kind of person that I strive to become, some times in spite of the person or people I am with.

Kristina is out of my life forever and I am still doing the things that help me define for myself, and who I am in God’s. God doesn’t make trash.

I founded Anarchy Empowered as a tool to help raise awareness and educate people about basic fundamental problems that our modern culture deals with. Sometimes I may even get into offering solutions. I am proud of what we try to accomplish and helping people is a big part of what makes me who I am. But there are many layers to an individual’s personality.

We are sharped by those who we choose to be around. But these same people hopefully are influenced too by what we may have to say or do in any situation. If we are called to be disciples of Christ Jesus, then we are also called to be extremely careful about who you associate with.

I want you to think about how expensive it is to keep the wrong people in your life. In America we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the separate nation of the American Colonial States of England broke free from the rule of British tyranny. On our side these men are heroes. But one man’s hero is another criminal. But God doesn’t make trash.

The modern world would look far different if two American brothers never made their historic jump into the history books at a place called Kitty Hawk. The industrial revolution would have been pushed back, if not for men like Grand Bell, Tesla, Edison, Ford, and many more who called themselves American. If you recall Americans are descended from the world’s rejected. But God doesn’t make trash!

The hard times become the bedrock from which we build our lives on. We are meant to define them as we learn from our experiences and guild our future, rather than sitting in our own filth and become paralyzed by fear. Low income working class families always for the most part become afraid of the change that a bright future is a representative of. As a result when opportunity knocks they lock the deadbolt.

God doesn’t create trash, fear of receiving the blessing that was bought for us by the blood of Christ; manifests itself in the symptoms that we call trash.

A drug addiction shows up because the person is afraid to face something happening in his or her life. All of the problems that stem from an addiction can be for the most part traced back to that fear. God never created fear it is a primal instinct that was created as a for of protection. But Man was given higher reasoning to overcome fear and embrace what is on the other side. Our potential is only found once we over what ever our individual fears may be. Poverty is a symptom of that fear.

God provided the free people of the world with a land of opportunity. Over regulation and government limits on commerce take away that opportunity, still others present themselves.

Nice Miner allows for reivnesting in cloud mining. Thanks to Hash-X who became Nice Mining, Anarchy Empowered has a steady income flow. But we don’t just count on cloud mining for revenue to keep our ministry going. We are also involved in Profitcoin, which in itself is amazing investment.

The Bible says that we must be good stewards of all that the Lord has provided for us. We invest the donations that are provided by our relationship to create a self sustaining ministry. As we study and invest ourselves we write about what we are doing and why we are doing it. God doesn’t create trash.

Because God doesn’t create trash, we have to recognize that even our failures can become a blessing for someone else. It is education that truely is Anarchy Empowered’s first mission.

If you follow you have read about Hash-Flare is still profitable to us but only with ETH mining. One of the problems with Hash-Flare is the high fees that they charge for maintenance. While Bitcoin is valued over $8700.00 you are making money but BTC has been holding at $6000.00 for months and Hash-Flare’s contract is only a year long. So the truth is they aren’t worth your time unless you have enough invested to create a coin a day. We don’t have that kind of money.

But God doesn’t make trash. The hope is that our readership can learn from our experiences so they don’t have to make the same mistakes. Thank you for reading and please donate. God bless.

Oh by the way, another investment strategy that Anarchy uses is closed end stocks. Stay tuned for the next article and learn how to create a monthly passive income by investing in the traditional stock market.

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