Could It Be That Would War 2 Never Ended?

“Secret Antigravity Technology That Will Astonish You Documentary” on YouTube, be the attacks may be much more suddle than flying saucer like aircraft. But we do know that the Nazis had been active long after 1945.

If this documentary has any truth to it the Socialist Democrats that are destroying America would have been the least of our problems if the war would not have ended when it did. But did it really end? Today thanks to my readers I took a trip to Redmond Oregon.

This beautiful city has many attractive traits. Unlike Portlandia and the surrounding aera, Redmond Oregon has not had a registered Democrat living there since 1976; according to Redmond is one of the few red cities in the Northwest. While it seems the larger to population the more the lower classes tend to vote for public assistance. I guess city people real are lazy. My self included.

Just as the Nazi’s planned to breed out Capitalism by using the American public school system for indoctrination of our youth: the city creates a sense of complacency among the population.

It is no acedent that all of the worsted presents in American history happen to be from the Democratic party, starting with Barak Obama down to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who started the beginning of the end with the New Deal. Now there is an argument that says the Welfare State stimulates the economy the truth is work projects that Roosevelt levied tax money for pulled us out of the Great Depression. In fact the building of the US Highway System did far more for America than the non productive and highly consumable Welfare State. Which brings us back to Redmond.

The citizens of Redmond Oregon do have a limited democratic republic. Meaning that once the election is over the official who has been elected by the people is sworn to uphold the constitution of both the United States of America and the State and City Charters. What can be done for the will of the people are limited by these documents.

But the public school system intentionally neglected to teach these things to the future voters and I believe that it was intentionally left out. You see Democracy fails because of the endless demands put forth by the people and when the mob gets its way the individual looses rights. Once the mob strips the God given Rights from the people we have nothing more than a dictatorship.

Jeralee Anderson of the Redmond City Council cites documents recovered by the Nuremberg trials that outlined plans for Indoctrination of children of allied nations to learn to think like sociolists.

The people of Redmond Oregon recognize that the School System fails our kids intentionally and many have taken it on themselves to teach their kids at home.

“The people of Redmond are proud of our independence. We have a welfare office but it is always empty. We help our neighbors and they return the favor. Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation” (Jeralee Anderson Position 6 Redmond City Council).

“Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation.” Jesus set out to destory his local government and was killed for it. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated shortly after he uttered the words, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I don’t think there’s a coincidence there. Democrats are Democrats because at one point in their lives they depended on the state. The people of Redmond Oregon proove we don’t need and never will need the state, as long as we, “love our neighbor as ourselves” (Matt, 22:39).

A Change In Prospective

Recently I took on the role of a step Dad to four kids. The oldes is 17 and will be off to college next year. The other day I took the middle kids, Dessy and Max to a movie because Mom was working a double shift. The unfortunate reality of government rule is a form of slavery that is managed by debt.

Unfortunately in the scenario you rearly have the chance to buy your freedom, so people are heard saying, “This is the way life is, what can we or we can’t do anything about it.”

But yes you can! As my girlfriend’s daughter reminded me, “there is always a way out or haven’t you learned anything from that movie we watched!”

Anyone who has ever seen a 1980’s horror movie, knows that the people who live through the experience changed up what they were doing to fight the monster at the last minute. We as a culture must make simular changes in our lives if we are ever going to evolve beyond our constant bickering across political, economic and demographic lines.

Why Should We As Individuals Submit To Social Constructs Such As Money?

All of my life I have seen the hopes and dreams of those around me get squashed by one common obstacle. I would hear from them, “If I had the money I would …” But the dream gets pushed aside for an indefinite period of time, even passed their own death. Money is the most effective way to control large groups of people and so governments control their own currency.

We tallorate the abuse from our employers and the theft of our resources through taxation, but for how long? Today I had the bank take the money from my account that is meant for the car payment. I must admit that I am a bit stressed. So I am looking for a bigger picture as to why some of these things are happening to me. So I fell back to a valuable resource for higher reason and turned on Stephan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. I have been listening to him for years and sound logic has always comforted me.

After watching Stephan I went to pick up a small check at Epress. It wasn’t much but Nicole needs the money so I just cashed it, to give to her. I did need some of if for gas to get through the next few day of work, but the rest is hers. Our freedom comes from taking responsibility for our own lives.

If the bills that we make get paid first, we have more money to work with the next time around. This is the example that I am trying to set with the kids. I am also trying to teach them to put away money with every paycheck to invest for the future. As slaves to our debt we must change the way we look at money.

Money is a social construct that is designed to hold power over those who don’t have it. But if we approach it wisely, money doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In the next post I will be talking about closed end stocks that pay a monthly Dividend.

Love Is A Commitment To Dedication, Not An Emotional Response!

Our modern American culture seems to confuse Lust with Love. As a result divorce becomes a viable option to making a marriage work. The reason Anarchy Empowered focuses so much on the family is that the Liberal government’s of the world, through out history, have set out to destroy Families.

In the year 1 A.D. King Haired ordered every new born male child killed. Both Stalin and Hitler broke up families because the family threatened their claim to power. In America today our public schools indoctrinate children to turn in Mom and Dad, if their parenting ideas differ from the State’s. By the way Hitler did the something for the same reasons and the reasons have nothing to do with bad parents.

The hold that government has on the Commonwealth comes from an abstract idea called sovereignty.

Liberals attack Crypto-currencies because at the moment income from Cryptos are not taxed and the same programs that are designed to destroy families are funded by the government enforcement of theft of income from the working class. However, with no regulations on Cryptos, there is a lot of fraud. In fact in have yet to find a website that pays you back for your investments. Anarchy Empowered is proud to take the financial hit so our readers don’t get screwed in the Crypto-world. This is one of the ways we show our love to our readers. Tomorrow I should find out if Profitcoins is a scam or not. I only invested $3.00 into it to test the waters. I will tell you if I get my withdraw when the time passes. But this service is part of my personal dedication to my readers.

However; our modern culture has replaced love with a disconnected existentialism that seems to remove the true concept of love from our culture. Government has long benefitted from not just breaking down Families but also making the common people as dependant as possible on government programs, thus creating slaves for the industrial complex. Crypto-curencies can for the first time in human history destroy the hold that government has on the people.

Unfortunately even has not paid out on my withdrawal and I am thinking that we may have found another scam. But I am still optimistic because I was send an email telling me their was an error in the withdrawal process and asked me to try again.

To date is the only honest mining stite I have found.


Unfortunately as long as people are dishonest and willing to still from others there is a need for government to opress those who are without any sense of right and wrong. But for those of us who earn a living and value freedom the only answer is a total seperation of state from our lives.

May times in my life I have abandoned society because I don’t see any reason to live as a slave, yet I stay for the benefit of those who I love.

It Is Time To Make A Commitment!

How the system manipulates us:

We have all been told told that going to school is a guaranteed way of getting the job that you want, but how many of us have went to school only to get a degree and having to pay of student loans that will never be paid off completely? The fact is that higher education has provided an instant debt slave to industry.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was convinced by everyone in my life that I needed to continue my education so I could get a better job. I tried to go back to school 4 different times only to fail and I still owe money on those loans. I did end up finishing my degree but only after someone took the time to help me learn to read. I was passed grade to grade never learning the basics because public educators don’t have time for one on one help to give the student the help they need.

I believe the only reason that you are required to attend school in America, is to screen you for what ever role you may end up having in modern society. Once you are labelled as any one of the three classes that Plato talks about in “the Republic”, you are ignored, abused, and or nurtured accordingly.

What does Plato say?

Plato says that there are Three classes of people that he equates to Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The metals are representative different traits in a person’s personality. Gold in the nobilist of all the metals and represents the protective nature of a parent, soldier or King.

Citizens (subpersonalities) are roughly grouped into three categories: Workers, Soldiers, and Guardians. It’s not difficult to see how these may correspond to different classes of subpersonalities, but this detail need not concern us at present; it suffices to note that, in the Republic, each class contains many individual citizens.

The cast system that Plato talks about is clearly seen in modern America. The Guardian class in the Republic, refers to the ruling class or the elect: however, an argument can be made that the philosopher was also referring to the Slave masters, Employers and the like. At least this is the direction that we will be using for this discussion.

On average we spend 2/3s of our life at school or at work and school is really just a tool to make you spend more time at work. We get lost in our work and loose sight of what is important, you know, things like family and friends, hobbies and what ever else you might thinks makes your life worth living.

My better half told me to consider the fact that my employer would just replace me if I died but in the eyes of those who love me, I can’t be replaced. Kristina’s statement got me to thinking. I have never really had a reason to come home, so I just posted myself into my work, even when Kansa was around I made excuses not to come home by just working more. But with Kristina I am happy to spend as much time as I can with her and her son.

It seems to me that modern industry likes to see Families fall apart because the workers not divided between home and work. Recently we have taken a cut in pay because I choose to spend time with my family over time at work. Companies offer a shift differential to motivate workers to work the latter shifts.

Welcome to debt bondage!

For the first time in 40 years America is starting to prosper again. This is mostly due to the underdog President Donald John Trump, who has instituted countless changes in American government that has been met with tons of controversy. At the same time on the international stage, Tommy Robinson is being held a political prisoner for telling the truth. When a government becomes so corrupted that the press is restricted in anyway, said government should be abolished.

While people seem to be waking up about how the working class is being minipulated and controlled buy the government use of inflation and an hourly wage to force people into longer hours at work and less time with family.

Crypto-mining is banned in America because it has to potential to free the worker for his or her bondage, thus removing the worker from the need for a time clock. This site has been shut down countless times by the US government for the same reasons that Tommy is locked. It is my commitment to my family and friends that has me looking for any possible away to increase income in a passive manner.

I think I need to note that due to a negative opinion of me from Kristina’s friends and family, she broke up with me. I wish her all the best as she and Wyatt go through life. We are not even on speaking terms for her fear of repercussions from her loved ones.

The Significance Of The Ronin Is Clear

According to wikipedia:

The word rōnin literally means “wave man”. It is an idiomatic expression for “vagrant” or “wandering man”, someone who is without a home. The term originated in the Nara and Heian periods, when it referred to a serf who had fled or deserted his master’s land. It then came to be used for a samurai who had no master. (Hence, the term “wave man” illustrating one who is socially adrift)

According to the Bushido Shoshinshu (the Code of the Samurai), a samurai was supposed to commit seppuku (also “hara kiri” — ritual suicide) upon the loss of his master. One who chose not to honor the code was “on his own” and was meant to suffer great shame. The undesirability of rōnin status was mainly a discrimination imposed by other samurai and by daimyō, the feudal lords.

Like other samurai, rōnin wore two swords. Rōnin used a variety of other weapons as well. Some rōnin — usually those who lacked money — would carry a (staff around 1.5m to 1.8m – 5 to 6 ft) or (smaller staff or walking stick around 0.9m to 1.5m – 3 to 5 ft) or a yumi (bow). Most weapons would reflect the ryū (martial arts school) from which they came if they were students.

During the Edo period, with the shogunate‘s rigid class system and laws, the number of rōnin greatly increased. Confiscation of fiefs during the rule of the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu resulted in an especially large increase of rōnin. During previous ages, samurai were able to move between masters and even between occupations. They would also marry between classes. However, during the Edo period, samurai were restricted, and were — above all — forbidden to become employed by another master without their previous master’s permission.

Because the former samurai could not legally take up a new trade, or because of pride were loath to do so, many rōnin looked for other ways to make a living with their swords. Those rōnin who desired steady, legal employment became mercenaries that guarded trade caravans, or bodyguards for wealthy merchants. Many other rōnin became criminals, operating as bandits and highwaymen, or joining organized crime in towns and cities. Rōnin were known to operate, or serve as hired muscle for, gangs that ran gambling rings, brothels, protection rackets, and other similar activities. Many were petty thieves and muggers. The criminal segment gave the rōnin of the Edo period a persistent reputation of disgrace, with the image of thugs, bullies, cutthroats, and wandering vagrants.

So why is it significant that the name accredited to the creation of Bitcoin is also the name of one of the most famous Ronin Samurai in Japanese history? Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or people who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed bitcoin’s original reference implementation. But the name also belonged to a Ronin Samurai who defended his Provence from a corrupt Shogun who ruled the Ryukyu islands of Japan. If the name of the fictional founder of Bitcoin was in fact a group of people working for one purpose that purpose may be clearly stated in the name they chose. For one thing is clear, the value of Cryptos clearly reflect how much people don’t trust our own governments. Nakamoto saved the lives of hundreds of oppressed farmers before he vanished into the night. I don’t think the name chosen was just quiescence. The locals even say that he is to return again.

My Strategy For Buying My Freedom

We all have debt that we must pay off before any of us can stay that we are truly free. My debts owed are substantially higher than must. I have just not been motivated to fix the issue until recently.

After I lost Kansa, I moved in with Darlene Wallace. This was a big mistake. She wouldn’t let me leave the house without her provision and I was stranded in a hick town the likes of which I could only compare to the movie Misery. In fact Darlene’s Obsession with keeping me unemployed so she had control over me and trapped in Hell was a true life comparison to the movie.

One day I rejected her advances and she waited till I was asleep to beat me with a baseball bat. Ten broken ribs and five cracked teeth later, I new I had to escape from the Hell that I found myself in. That is how I ended up living with the Steiners.

That was in early November of 2007. Several months have passed and I am gainfully employed and I met a young woman who I would give my life for. Her name is Kristina. Now if we are going to be together I must put myself in a financial position where I can better take care of her.

So here is my strategy to achieve this goal.

  1. First create a second income that is not taxed through cloud mining. I will and have been using Hash-Flare to start and the funds generated will be invested in long term mining like hash-x. Other investments like monthly divided stocks will also create a stable foundation of income.
  2. Once a foundation of stable income is created any existing bills must be paid off.

I plan to give Kristina and her son, Wyatt a stable home. When Kansa died I didn’t care for life anymore. I found a reason to want to go to work and as I get closer to my goals I find that I am happier than I have been for a long time.

In the meantime, I am still living out of a backpack and working way too much but the Steiner’s mining account is almost funded so they will continue to have an income after I leave and progress on my end is being made.

But for now I need to buy a new pair of pants because the ones I ware to work are shot. I will through the old pair away so my personal inventory does not increase. Until Kristina and I have our own place, I must travel light.

Hash-Flare Contracts Have Been Sold Out

Like Bitcoin and the other Cryptos the contracts to mine are finite. The number of cloud mining contracts a company has is based on the resources that the company owns. Hash-Flare, the website that I mine through has just announced that they are sold out. The contracts with Hash-Flare only last a year but the contract owner has the option to reinvest their profits, which renews the contract. Therefore, unless Hash-Flare expands, no new money is coming in to the company.

The rule of supply and demand applies to these contracts. Companies such as Miner-one sells there mining contracts as Tokens that don’t expire as a result of the finite number of contracts that Miner-one offers the price for the Token can rise due to demand that consumers have for not risking there hard earned money in the current chaotic economic landscape that is the crypto-curencies market. The lack of trust people has in government issued currency is reflected in the obscenely hi prices in Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

What we are seeing is not a Bible like the housing market but rather a shift in control the free market from government slave merchants to the slave our selves. But people will not get on board as long as wallet services like Coinbase charge a dollar for each transaction thus limiting the use of crypto-curencies to only large transactions. The only way the conversion can be complete is if people feel good enough with the crypto-curencies to make small transactions like buying a candy bar over the counter at a convenient store. Once we get to such a place the human slave trade will be done with because no government currencys will be seen as having value and therefore the intentional devaluing of the currency would no longer force the worker into loner hours at work just to make the same amount of money that he did 20 years before. In short Cryptos need a debt card system. Can any one help us with that?

Freedom Is Never Free!

Hyman’s are lazy by nature. The participants of a Welfare State become conditioned to expect others to take care of their temporal needs. But with the numbers of participants growing daily the system is not self-sufficient.

In fact if you take a look at the comments of websites, that offer free cloud mining, you can see the true mindsets behind the people who make the comments. Those who look at mining as free money start calling it a scam once they realize that you will have to pay for the work that has already been done in their name. However, those who look at mining as an investment tool to create more of what you put into it start to see some of the fastest returns you can find for your investments.

When you look at the history or human culture, the risk takers are always the ones who end up on top. Liberals hate Trump because he was willing to take risks that ended up paying of in the end. They also hate him because they don’t want to lose their handouts. Well let me draw a rather ironic picture for all of those who are on the Liberal side of the fence.

Most of you believe and even preach about Charles Darwin and his theory or evolution. Well the key point that Darwin made was survival of the fittest, yet most Liberals don’t want to consider the fact that what you are teaching in the indoctrination camps to our youth should also apply to the Human race. In other words if you can’t keep food on your families table, maybe your genetic code should not be aloud to continue.

Now for the true hypocrisy of a Liberal. They can’t provide for their families, and they don’t want Religion taught in schools. However, it is Religion that pushes charity towards the leased of Mankind. Now they are starving because of the choices they mad throughout their lives and instead of paying for their mistakes and facing life with a clean slate, they call on the government to bail them out with the enforcement of theft through taxation in stead of charity.

True freedom can not come from handouts from the Taxpayer. I am not there yet myself, but I am working to pay off my debts and I do not ask for help from the government. I am greatful to the Steiners for taking me in after my wife died and I will be moving out soon. I have one more large bill to pay and I will finally be on my feet. Charity comes from the heart and not the threat of government sanctions.

True freedom can not come from the collective will of an elective government, it can only come from the will of the individual to be responsible for his or her life. We should want to work to provide for those who we care about and to create a better life for our children. But how can we do that if we have a government who deflates the value of the currency that we are working for, to pay for services the Taxpayer can’t afford?

Thomas Jefferson writes, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Guard” (The Declaration of Independence).

Is There A Bitcoin Bubble?

I have had many people over the years express concerns about Bitcoin being a fad. I tell them that Bitcoin has been around since 2007, that is not a fad.

Others claim that the price of Bitcoin has been inflated by speculation and it has, but Cryptos are meant to take over the market so as long as people put a value on a Crypto-curency based on a government issued currency the Cryto is not doing its job. We need to start using Bitcoin in place if government currencys so the government control diminishes and the economy is given back to the people.

Inflation is the bound of slavery. I choose freedom.