We Must Pick Aside

In today’s crazy world their is left a lot to be desired. Slavery is no longer thought of as slavery. Now we are called employees. Morality has fallen to such low standards that abortion is widely considered the best option. But there are a hand full of people who are working to make the world a better place.

 “You can dream create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it take people to make it a reality” (Walt Disney). 

The people who change the world act on what they know is right. They don’t protest or riot they see a problem and find a way to fix it.

Sometimes change has to be painful if we are to grow. This morning I turned down a job that would have save me gas and money because it was only a temporary solution while I currently have a full time job. We are all faced with the hard decision from time to time but I feel in my heart that I made the right choice.

Part of the reason that I kept the my job has to do with a girl that I met. God seems to be pushing me towards Portland or may the Enemy for no good has ever come out of that city.

I am excited to launch with World Wide marketing group soon. The money is in the bank to do it just need to do it. I replaced Brianna’ s cot that I ripped struggling to get out of bed when my knee was locking up.

With every increase I am paying off bills and buying only what I am going to need for the trip to Oklahoma. I am less worried about gas because I have learned who to make my own. But to do it on the road would still require water that I may not have available.

I still think the electric motor conversion on the Pathfinder is still the best option. It is the cost of the conversion that I don’t know if I can pull off.

But even with the moonshine model I would need to buy portable solar panels to power the still so I do not leave a foot print along the way.

Another option is Bio-lite. Pull to the side of the road and cook lunch while powering the still. I like this ideal because it means less net weight for the vehicle and without the vortex drive installed I am still looking at conventional weight issues. Weight means fuel consumption, which may mean that I am stranded in the desert.

There is an urban myth about running your car off of water by splitting the water into its basic elements, which are Oxygen and Hydrogen, both are combustible. But in a desert water is not readily available. Remember the goal is to live off the grid yet still have the modern conveniences that many depend on. I look at this experiment as an overt attack on any government who chooses to makes laws that tell people they can’t go off the grid within their jurisdiction. This is where I ask others to choose a side.

Which do you choose, the oppression of government or the freedom of Anarchy that teaches you that you don’t need a government running your life. If you choose anarchy support us on our Patrion page.

The other day my sponcer in a business that I recently joined asked me to define my why. Why am I committed to over 12 grand in customization to an SUV that I only paid 4 grand for to begin? Why am I staying out till 11pm while I still need to go to work at 3am? It is all for the Ministry.

I chose and defined my fine my why the day my Ex-wife Kansa walked out on me. I gave my life to Anarchyempowered.com, educating newly homeless youth so they can survive without breaking any laws so they have a fighting chance to get off of the street strengthens our economy in the future.

As for the unassuming Pathfinder that can take a bullet from any angle, it was designed to protect the driver as I go into some of the roughest neighborhoods in America. Our new store is going to help fund this project.

On another note: my research for the Rogue project has hit a wall. The transmission casings that are out on the marker are made of cast aluminum. Adding mercury to aluminum is not a good thing as seen in this video.

I need to find a transmission that is either cast iron, stainless steel or copper, aluminum is not going to work.

I fund a nother way to create the vortex. This may be much better.

Please support the Rogue project. If I am right it may just change the world.

Please visit our store.