Nihilism Is The Root Of Modern Problems.

It seems to me that the absolute rejection of any moral or religious standard in a person’s life is the true path to disaster. A perfect example of such disaster is seen in South Africa.

But you don’t hear about it because this reverse discrimination doesn’t fit into to Left-wing narrative that only White people are racist.

It is the nihilism movement that has people looking the other way so the government can do nothing.

Is This “The Fall of the European Union | Janice Atkinson and Stefan Molyneux” on YouTube

I lived in Paris, Calvi France, and Nuremberg Germany. I have also lived in America. I can tell you that the Socialist Experience was the worst time of my life. Basic issues like health care can be fixed by getting rid of insurance companies. After all if no one can pay the prices the price will go down.

Bitminutes, may have many answers to the hard economic questions. Watch the video to learn more.