A Change In Prospective

Recently I took on the role of a step Dad to four kids. The oldes is 17 and will be off to college next year. The other day I took the middle kids, Dessy and Max to a movie because Mom was working a double shift. The unfortunate reality of government rule is a form of slavery that is managed by debt.

Unfortunately in the scenario you rearly have the chance to buy your freedom, so people are heard saying, “This is the way life is, what can we or we can’t do anything about it.”

But yes you can! As my girlfriend’s daughter reminded me, “there is always a way out or haven’t you learned anything from that movie we watched!”

Anyone who has ever seen a 1980’s horror movie, knows that the people who live through the experience changed up what they were doing to fight the monster at the last minute. We as a culture must make simular changes in our lives if we are ever going to evolve beyond our constant bickering across political, economic and demographic lines.

Why Should We As Individuals Submit To Social Constructs Such As Money?

All of my life I have seen the hopes and dreams of those around me get squashed by one common obstacle. I would hear from them, “If I had the money I would …” But the dream gets pushed aside for an indefinite period of time, even passed their own death. Money is the most effective way to control large groups of people and so governments control their own currency.

We tallorate the abuse from our employers and the theft of our resources through taxation, but for how long? Today I had the bank take the money from my account that is meant for the car payment. I must admit that I am a bit stressed. So I am looking for a bigger picture as to why some of these things are happening to me. So I fell back to a valuable resource for higher reason and turned on Stephan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. I have been listening to him for years and sound logic has always comforted me.

After watching Stephan I went to pick up a small check at Epress. It wasn’t much but Nicole needs the money so I just cashed it, to give to her. I did need some of if for gas to get through the next few day of work, but the rest is hers. Our freedom comes from taking responsibility for our own lives.

If the bills that we make get paid first, we have more money to work with the next time around. This is the example that I am trying to set with the kids. I am also trying to teach them to put away money with every paycheck to invest for the future. As slaves to our debt we must change the way we look at money.

Money is a social construct that is designed to hold power over those who don’t have it. But if we approach it wisely, money doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In the next post I will be talking about closed end stocks that pay a monthly Dividend.

It Is Time To Make A Commitment!

How the system manipulates us:

We have all been told told that going to school is a guaranteed way of getting the job that you want, but how many of us have went to school only to get a degree and having to pay of student loans that will never be paid off completely? The fact is that higher education has provided an instant debt slave to industry.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was convinced by everyone in my life that I needed to continue my education so I could get a better job. I tried to go back to school 4 different times only to fail and I still owe money on those loans. I did end up finishing my degree but only after someone took the time to help me learn to read. I was passed grade to grade never learning the basics because public educators don’t have time for one on one help to give the student the help they need.

I believe the only reason that you are required to attend school in America, is to screen you for what ever role you may end up having in modern society. Once you are labelled as any one of the three classes that Plato talks about in “the Republic”, you are ignored, abused, and or nurtured accordingly.

What does Plato say?

Plato says that there are Three classes of people that he equates to Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The metals are representative different traits in a person’s personality. Gold in the nobilist of all the metals and represents the protective nature of a parent, soldier or King.

Citizens (subpersonalities) are roughly grouped into three categories: Workers, Soldiers, and Guardians. It’s not difficult to see how these may correspond to different classes of subpersonalities, but this detail need not concern us at present; it suffices to note that, in the Republic, each class contains many individual citizens.

The cast system that Plato talks about is clearly seen in modern America. The Guardian class in the Republic, refers to the ruling class or the elect: however, an argument can be made that the philosopher was also referring to the Slave masters, Employers and the like. At least this is the direction that we will be using for this discussion.

On average we spend 2/3s of our life at school or at work and school is really just a tool to make you spend more time at work. We get lost in our work and loose sight of what is important, you know, things like family and friends, hobbies and what ever else you might thinks makes your life worth living.

My better half told me to consider the fact that my employer would just replace me if I died but in the eyes of those who love me, I can’t be replaced. Kristina’s statement got me to thinking. I have never really had a reason to come home, so I just posted myself into my work, even when Kansa was around I made excuses not to come home by just working more. But with Kristina I am happy to spend as much time as I can with her and her son.

It seems to me that modern industry likes to see Families fall apart because the workers not divided between home and work. Recently we have taken a cut in pay because I choose to spend time with my family over time at work. Companies offer a shift differential to motivate workers to work the latter shifts.

Welcome to debt bondage!

For the first time in 40 years America is starting to prosper again. This is mostly due to the underdog President Donald John Trump, who has instituted countless changes in American government that has been met with tons of controversy. At the same time on the international stage, Tommy Robinson is being held a political prisoner for telling the truth. When a government becomes so corrupted that the press is restricted in anyway, said government should be abolished.

While people seem to be waking up about how the working class is being minipulated and controlled buy the government use of inflation and an hourly wage to force people into longer hours at work and less time with family.

Crypto-mining is banned in America because it has to potential to free the worker for his or her bondage, thus removing the worker from the need for a time clock. This site has been shut down countless times by the US government for the same reasons that Tommy is locked. It is my commitment to my family and friends that has me looking for any possible away to increase income in a passive manner.

I think I need to note that due to a negative opinion of me from Kristina’s friends and family, she broke up with me. I wish her all the best as she and Wyatt go through life. We are not even on speaking terms for her fear of repercussions from her loved ones.

Barrow From Peter Without Paying Paul?

I think we have all done it. You go to a payday loan place with every intention of paying some bills but after you deferred the debt, you change your plan and the next thing you know you don’t have the money you needed to pay the bill. Thus getting even deeper in debt. This action is why the US Dollar’s value fails so often. Our own government defers our national debt by printing more money.

My Strategy For Buying My Freedom

We all have debt that we must pay off before any of us can stay that we are truly free. My debts owed are substantially higher than must. I have just not been motivated to fix the issue until recently.

After I lost Kansa, I moved in with Darlene Wallace. This was a big mistake. She wouldn’t let me leave the house without her provision and I was stranded in a hick town the likes of which I could only compare to the movie Misery. In fact Darlene’s Obsession with keeping me unemployed so she had control over me and trapped in Hell was a true life comparison to the movie.

One day I rejected her advances and she waited till I was asleep to beat me with a baseball bat. Ten broken ribs and five cracked teeth later, I new I had to escape from the Hell that I found myself in. That is how I ended up living with the Steiners.

That was in early November of 2007. Several months have passed and I am gainfully employed and I met a young woman who I would give my life for. Her name is Kristina. Now if we are going to be together I must put myself in a financial position where I can better take care of her.

So here is my strategy to achieve this goal.

  1. First create a second income that is not taxed through cloud mining. I will and have been using Hash-Flare to start and the funds generated will be invested in long term mining like hash-x. Other investments like monthly divided stocks will also create a stable foundation of income.
  2. Once a foundation of stable income is created any existing bills must be paid off.

I plan to give Kristina and her son, Wyatt a stable home. When Kansa died I didn’t care for life anymore. I found a reason to want to go to work and as I get closer to my goals I find that I am happier than I have been for a long time.

In the meantime, I am still living out of a backpack and working way too much but the Steiner’s mining account is almost funded so they will continue to have an income after I leave and progress on my end is being made.

But for now I need to buy a new pair of pants because the ones I ware to work are shot. I will through the old pair away so my personal inventory does not increase. Until Kristina and I have our own place, I must travel light.

You Can Only Find Success With A Good Additude

In the Vancouver Portland metro area, where I live, people seem to always be protesting against something. You constantly here how Trump is a crook and a racist but not one person that I have talked to can justify the claims.

Yet these are the same people who get on soap boxes for a higher minimum wage. I have lived in this Burg on and off my entire life. I think I need to point something out.

In the neighborhood I grew up in you have a surplus of convenience store, hair and nail salons and tattoo shops, but no companies that produce anything or even banks. In stead you find payday loan places all over the place. The is your typical low income neighborhood.

Do you see a pattern? The mindset is to spend your money. No one in these neighborhoods asks the question, “what can I do with my money so I don’t have to work as hard all my life?” Trump invested and made some good choices, he also failed along the way, thus the bankruptcies that came out in the 2016 election. The thing is he got to where he is because he risked the money he had and in paid off. On the other hand the mass of convenience store, tattoo and salon fronts in the ghettos of America are for the most part own by the same people who the resistance pay rent to every month. As a result the population is made up of mostly consumers and one or two producers who make the money.

I can see where the top 1% crap comes from but is isn’t valid. After all we see small business success stories all around us. But the risk had to be made. It is the willingness to face failure that sets the Commonwealth from the so-called Elite.

I have told you about the Steiners of Edumacated Redneck Repair and the Vercher family from Daddy D’s Southern style BBQ, both of them had to start from nothing. There is also a young mother who opened up “The Mack Shack” and serves breakfast and lunch to the public if downtown Vancouver. Each of these examples face failure daily but they operate their business in spite of the possibility.

Now to set the record straight. Two years ago I was sicker than I have ever been in my life. One doctor thought I wasn’t go to live the year. I was misdiagnosed with Cancer. I racked up over 5 million dollars in medical bills. I work 60 hours a week and I still can’t pay my bills. In fact I was given a summons to appear in court for one of the bills that the minimum payment is $200.00 a month. I have made payments but I don’t have enough money to go around. One of the things I am doing to change that is mining Bitcoin.

As an anarchist, it ticks me off when anyone uses the courts for any reason. But I needed to make good on some bills that I have fallen behind on.