America Is Scared Of Bitcoin!

I have been looking for cloud mining websites that are legitimate. But every time I find one I get to read a message similar to this:

Cloud Mining/GHS for USA Residents
Eobot will cease selling cloud mining (also known as GHS) contracts to customers of the USA beginning in 2017.

To All USA Customers: If you are residing in and/or accessing Eobot within the USA, you won’t be able to mine or purchase additional cloud mining. Existing GHS and other other features will continue operating as normal. We regret that we must cease selling cloud mining contracts, but the securities laws and regulations around this particular industry are cloudy and we are taking the safe route to protect our business.

It seems the Feds are tarifide of what cryptos represent. An income that can’t be tract by the IRS. An income that can’t be taxed to pay for some Liberal that doesn’t want to work, seems even more appealing now. Bring it on Sam!

It seems funny to me that America “the Land of the Free” has restricted websites that literly represent freedom.