American’s Are Being Discriminated Against!

“Sorry deposits are unavailable for your country.” Profitcoins cought up to the rest of the cloud mining industry.

Hashflare demanded a while back that users upload proof of I’D. Without it they eddould not let you withdrawal anything. At first I thought this trend was because of some kind of Federal regulations that may have popped up. But America has no jurisdiction in these countries, so why are Americans being restricted from using these services? I know it is all one big conspiracy theory, right?

The Main Stream Hacks from CNN, and other propagabda factories around the world are calling Qanon a group of conspiracy theorist. But the fact that Americans are banned from more than a few crypto-currency sites that are opporating out side American juristiction, only supports the Qanon ecco chamber.

Below is a video that CNN put out about the group. Note how the so-called reporter tries to discredit the Qanon ideas by posing questions in the way he does. Also the reporter accuses one man of rejecting the people’s first Amendment right to freedom of the press, because the Qanon supporter tells the reporter that he is the enemy.

Anarchists groups automatically reject mainstream media as the enemy because they no longer just report only the facts and inject their own propaganda into the mix. As a result they are sell outs to big government and no longer uphold the Freed of the Press clause of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America.

On a earlier note, I had to find out why is no longer letting deposit into there program. I sent an email to them a week ago and they answered my question with Intel that I already had.

It seems that the Obama administration signed treaties with all the counties with optimal conditions for crypto-currency mining. The Democrat scum was scared of loosing tax revenue on unregulated currency. So no CNN we are being minipulated.

A Change In Prospective

Recently I took on the role of a step Dad to four kids. The oldes is 17 and will be off to college next year. The other day I took the middle kids, Dessy and Max to a movie because Mom was working a double shift. The unfortunate reality of government rule is a form of slavery that is managed by debt.

Unfortunately in the scenario you rearly have the chance to buy your freedom, so people are heard saying, “This is the way life is, what can we or we can’t do anything about it.”

But yes you can! As my girlfriend’s daughter reminded me, “there is always a way out or haven’t you learned anything from that movie we watched!”

Anyone who has ever seen a 1980’s horror movie, knows that the people who live through the experience changed up what they were doing to fight the monster at the last minute. We as a culture must make simular changes in our lives if we are ever going to evolve beyond our constant bickering across political, economic and demographic lines.

Why Should We As Individuals Submit To Social Constructs Such As Money?

All of my life I have seen the hopes and dreams of those around me get squashed by one common obstacle. I would hear from them, “If I had the money I would …” But the dream gets pushed aside for an indefinite period of time, even passed their own death. Money is the most effective way to control large groups of people and so governments control their own currency.

We tallorate the abuse from our employers and the theft of our resources through taxation, but for how long? Today I had the bank take the money from my account that is meant for the car payment. I must admit that I am a bit stressed. So I am looking for a bigger picture as to why some of these things are happening to me. So I fell back to a valuable resource for higher reason and turned on Stephan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. I have been listening to him for years and sound logic has always comforted me.

After watching Stephan I went to pick up a small check at Epress. It wasn’t much but Nicole needs the money so I just cashed it, to give to her. I did need some of if for gas to get through the next few day of work, but the rest is hers. Our freedom comes from taking responsibility for our own lives.

If the bills that we make get paid first, we have more money to work with the next time around. This is the example that I am trying to set with the kids. I am also trying to teach them to put away money with every paycheck to invest for the future. As slaves to our debt we must change the way we look at money.

Money is a social construct that is designed to hold power over those who don’t have it. But if we approach it wisely, money doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In the next post I will be talking about closed end stocks that pay a monthly Dividend.

Americans Should Give Up On Cloud Mining.

I have invested a lot of money in cloud mining. Nice Miner

became the landing page for, trust me when I say that I am pissed. I had a lot of money tied up in cloud mining, because I believe in the idea of getting rid of the banking system. But as time goes forward and I have gotten screwed by countless mining companies I am realizing that the honor system that would have to be in place for Crypto-curencies to work well enough to replace the government regulated whips and chains we know as Fiat currencies, are just not their.

As much as I would love to say otherwise. The honesty and integrity of Anarchy Empowered keeps people coming back to read our articles. But one fundamental problem with Block-chain Tech is still the human factors. When a new website is written to replace the old the block chain also needs to be updated. Hash-x was generating $6000.00 a day for Anarchy Empowered and it could just be that they have not updated the Block-chain Database yet. Time will tell. But with no government regulations in place their is nothing we can do the stop theft.

I invested the donations of my readership to grow our ministry and for a while it worked but now the website can’t mine with our reader’s browsers and both Hash-Flare and Hash-x are no longer viable sources of income. We need our reader’s help, now more than ever.

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A Plea To The Fraudsters

This blog is dedicated to the successful transition from government controlled currency to crypto-curencies the are giving free trade back to the people of the world. But with no government regulation fraud has been the norm in the crypto-curency’s mining industry. If you are trading in crypto-curencies or proving a cloud mining service, please be transparent, honest and forthright in your dealings. Crypto-currencies are a tool to replace government currencies and there by end human trafficking that is legally protected with the hourly wage. If fraud is the norm, the interface of government regulations become justified and the country who controls Cryptos controls the world. We can’t let that happen.

This is the first time in human history that the command man has control over commerce. Please stop taking advantage of people and help us work towards the greater good.

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Hash-Flare Contracts Have Been Sold Out

Like Bitcoin and the other Cryptos the contracts to mine are finite. The number of cloud mining contracts a company has is based on the resources that the company owns. Hash-Flare, the website that I mine through has just announced that they are sold out. The contracts with Hash-Flare only last a year but the contract owner has the option to reinvest their profits, which renews the contract. Therefore, unless Hash-Flare expands, no new money is coming in to the company.

The rule of supply and demand applies to these contracts. Companies such as Miner-one sells there mining contracts as Tokens that don’t expire as a result of the finite number of contracts that Miner-one offers the price for the Token can rise due to demand that consumers have for not risking there hard earned money in the current chaotic economic landscape that is the crypto-curencies market. The lack of trust people has in government issued currency is reflected in the obscenely hi prices in Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

What we are seeing is not a Bible like the housing market but rather a shift in control the free market from government slave merchants to the slave our selves. But people will not get on board as long as wallet services like Coinbase charge a dollar for each transaction thus limiting the use of crypto-curencies to only large transactions. The only way the conversion can be complete is if people feel good enough with the crypto-curencies to make small transactions like buying a candy bar over the counter at a convenient store. Once we get to such a place the human slave trade will be done with because no government currencys will be seen as having value and therefore the intentional devaluing of the currency would no longer force the worker into loner hours at work just to make the same amount of money that he did 20 years before. In short Cryptos need a debt card system. Can any one help us with that?

A New Day, Another Set Of Problems

Everyone needs money because our ancestors were lazzy and created cities so people can specialise in one trade and not be bogged down with things linke making cloths so you don’t get arrested by the same people who plant posioness flora every where so you have to by food from the market.

In our prosute of worthless resources that we can neither eat nor ware, we must deal with the state who places a fause value on toilet paper. That was until the gaming industery began to place real world monotary value on the coin that you can earn in there games. These days the crypto-currency market derectly reflects the lack of trust that we all have in the government issued curencies that have taxes embeded into the system known as inflation.,,and countless others replace the FED and give free trade back to the people. Cloud mining makes the transaction confirmation process painless because you set up a contract and the company’s hardware does the rest. But Hashflare and others charge a fee for there services. Many call this a scam but they are in the business of providing a service to other meaning they need to make money some how.

When politically correct interferes with commerce like in the case with Starbucks, things have gotten out of hand.

I need to make one thing clear, I am not in any way a financial success. I have bills that I can’t pay and my credit needs work. But I have learned these lessons along the way. If you take responsibility for your debt as it come, your debt is easier to manage. I am using Bitcoin to get out and stay out of debt. I offer several lists of services that mine for you and this sit will soon do the same. But problems come up and we must deal with them as they come.

Join The Revolution

As I said the American government is terrified of what crypto-currencies represents, to the point that they are restricting Commerce over International websites to American residence. This presumption on the part of the federal government must be met with resistance. Miner Gate is slow on my phone but it pays out. Hash-x is a unique website that you can buy hashing speed and reinvest a percentage of the payout, while having the rest deposited into you wallet.

These debt based currencies represent hour slavery and for the first time in human history, the population has the tools tool completely and permanently over through our oppressors.

There are other websites such as that is based out of Switzerland that has always been natural in regards to economics, so they will still work with Americans. also has proven to me that it pays out. What is interesting about all of these in the fact that none of them are American companies.

Have Americans become so scared of our own government that we are afraid to rebel? The Feds are afraid of crypto-curencies because they can’t regulate them.

There Is A Strategy To Bitcoin Mining.

A lot of people have gotten on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but like any investment you want to buy cheap and sell high. The reverse is true for cashing out from mining Crypto-curencies. You want to wait to cash out until the coin is the lowest it has been for a while, that way there is more room for the value to move up. Then you sell the coin to keep it in your cash wallet.

It is my belief that investing in crypto-curencies is too risky: however they are a viable tool for increasing wealth when used with other investments that are more stable.

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