One Decision Can Change Your Life

I was on my knees all night long, praying that the girl of my dreams would say yes to the one question every Man is terrified to ask. Kristina is my best friend since I lost Kansa in April of 2017. We met in December and have been seeing each other exclusively ever since. But Kristina has voiced many times that she did not want to get married again because she was hurt so bad. Still she says that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.

So with a costume fitted ring in my hands I spent the night on my knees praying that this amazing woman who effectively gave my life back would not reject me after I popped the question that would change both of our live forever. Modern culture looks down on marriage for many reasons that I am not going to get into in this post, but I will say that I do agree with Kristina in that you shouldn’t need that paper to have the same benefits that a married couple has in the eyes of the law.

Kristina would have the Welfare State on her side to better take care of her son for she would still be a single mother on paper, trust me when I say that one would not sit well with me. But we would deal with that later. My stand on government even existing is mad clear by the name of this blog. But Kristina has a point as far as the not needing a piece of paper to have permission to love each other. Which is what the paper is.

The decision to get married is meant to a commitment beyond your life span, for it is your example that will teach your offspring how to treat others. As the time grew near to meet Kristina at the restaurant, I became keenly aware of the scope of consequences that could come from her saying yes to my question.

While I do agree that government should never be allowed to interfere with our personal lives, I do respect the idea of marriage being a binding contractual agreement between not just two people, but rather two Families to secure a safe environment to raise future offspring.

Nihilism Is The Root Of Modern Problems.

It seems to me that the absolute rejection of any moral or religious standard in a person’s life is the true path to disaster. A perfect example of such disaster is seen in South Africa.

But you don’t hear about it because this reverse discrimination doesn’t fit into to Left-wing narrative that only White people are racist.

It is the nihilism movement that has people looking the other way so the government can do nothing.