Nihilism Is The Root Of Modern Problems.

It seems to me that the absolute rejection of any moral or religious standard in a person’s life is the true path to disaster. A perfect example of such disaster is seen in South Africa.

But you don’t hear about it because this reverse discrimination doesn’t fit into to Left-wing narrative that only White people are racist.

It is the nihilism movement that has people looking the other way so the government can do nothing.

Join The Revolution

As I said the American government is terrified of what crypto-currencies represents, to the point that they are restricting Commerce over International websites to American residence. This presumption on the part of the federal government must be met with resistance. Miner Gate is slow on my phone but it pays out. Hash-x is a unique website that you can buy hashing speed and reinvest a percentage of the payout, while having the rest deposited into you wallet.

These debt based currencies represent hour slavery and for the first time in human history, the population has the tools tool completely and permanently over through our oppressors.

There are other websites such as that is based out of Switzerland that has always been natural in regards to economics, so they will still work with Americans. also has proven to me that it pays out. What is interesting about all of these in the fact that none of them are American companies.

Have Americans become so scared of our own government that we are afraid to rebel? The Feds are afraid of crypto-curencies because they can’t regulate them.

America Is Scared Of Bitcoin!

I have been looking for cloud mining websites that are legitimate. But every time I find one I get to read a message similar to this:

Cloud Mining/GHS for USA Residents
Eobot will cease selling cloud mining (also known as GHS) contracts to customers of the USA beginning in 2017.

To All USA Customers: If you are residing in and/or accessing Eobot within the USA, you won’t be able to mine or purchase additional cloud mining. Existing GHS and other other features will continue operating as normal. We regret that we must cease selling cloud mining contracts, but the securities laws and regulations around this particular industry are cloudy and we are taking the safe route to protect our business.

It seems the Feds are tarifide of what cryptos represent. An income that can’t be tract by the IRS. An income that can’t be taxed to pay for some Liberal that doesn’t want to work, seems even more appealing now. Bring it on Sam!

It seems funny to me that America “the Land of the Free” has restricted websites that literly represent freedom.

What Do You Want To Look For In A Bitcoin Mining Scam?

One of the problems that we all face when dealing with investing in crypto-curencies is the somewhat ironic fact that no government regulation has been placed and the less honest elements of human culture come out of the wood work. But there are some basic rules that my experience has lead me to believe are prudent to follow.

  • Always look for your wallet input to be easy to find. Common sense says that if the app or website doesn’t ask for your wallet address they can’t payout.
  • If you can invest the balance of what you already mined, you are probably not working with an honest company. After all the Bitcoin that has been mined has a monetary value and if the company is mining if for you, you should have no problem reinvesting it.
  • You can and should not expect to get something for nothing. Always be sceptical about the motive behind mining for free. Phone apps that do it use the mining as a vehicle to force you to watch adds and most of them don’t payout anyway. Remember you get what you pay for.

When introduces our mining platform, we plan to let people mine for free. But we will be using your browsers to mine for us as well. We have a belief that by encouraging others to use Bitcoin we can help the slavery that is the world’s governments come to an end, by devaluing the government issue and replacing it with a currency the no government can control. After all Jesus gave us all a commandment, “render unto Cesar, what is Cesar’s” (Mark, 12:17).

People seem to panic about the price of Bitcoin falling, but let me explain how I look at it. As long as there is a USD value attached to Bitcoin we still haven’t done our jobs. If the end game is to replace government toilet paper with tangible valued currency that can’t be manipulated by the issuing government, we want Bitcoin to be equal with the dollar in value, because only then will people have a choice as to which currency to use. As it stands Bitcoin is valued way to high to the USD for the dollar to be threatened. But as people choose to use Cryptos over the government issued toilet paper humans slavery has a chance to finally come to an end.

Now the left wing fears Crypto-curencies because they in general don’t pull there weight in society and expect something for nothing. In fact most of the reviews that are negative about mining sites that ask the you lease time on there equipment are from the same kind of entitled mind set that drives the cost of living up to pay for the fact that they are not contributing to society and are just not fit to survive.

Why Have We Lost Our Right To Speak!

Any true Libertarians know that the concept of free speech is a myth. Even though our First Amendment protects this right in America, it did not stop this website from being shutdown hundreds of times. Nothing stops a government from freezing your assets so they can find you, unless you’re using currency that the government has no control over. Yes my friends you can say what you want, Chest did and his government crucified him. Jesus was not a violent man, yet armed guards escorted him away from the place him was praying.

Went you are on the side of Right, people fear you.

Doing Right By People

In an effort to help my friends pay some bills I set up a mining account for her and her family. Mining Cryptos has the least amount of risk and the highest return. The payout is daily and you just reinvest what you would have spent any way.

Websites such as let you reinvest what you mine. Unlike most phone apps that are for the most part fake these sites give you the option of growing your investments.

Because of my belief in a free market and what I believe crypto-curencies are representative of when we are talking about the world’s economic landscape: Anarchy Empowered is soon to become a mining website.

We will not charge for the use of this service unless you choose to upgrade. Unlike other sites that offer free mining we will have no fee attached to the withdrawal. We are doing this because letting the government control comerce is a recipe for disaster.

It is government who controls inflation to make up for their irresponsible spending. As a result people work 60 hours a week with nothing to show for it. This takes time away from Families.

If We Can’t Keep A Republic, We Need Anarchy!

Walter E. Williams is an author of several books and a Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He has been a beacon of hope for any who value freedom in America.

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America, reads: “every state in the Union shell be guaranteed a Republican form of government. If America is ever going to be free we must be independent individuals who are willing to help one another as needed.

Here is what Professor Walter Williams says about government theft.

Thomas Jefferson writes in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, the it is the right if the people to change or abolish our government through either election or rebellion. The Confederate flag is a symbol of the first attempt to withdraw from the United States.

The irony is found in the fact that Williams is an African American who sees the Confederate flag not so much as a symbol of hate, as much as a symbol of rebellion.

Anarchy Persist

After 10 hosting services and my site being hacked 368 times, I am sure more than ever that this message needs to reach people. Welcome to Anarchy Empowered. That’s right, we are back.

I guess people don’t like hearing the men the likes of Jesus the Christ, Gandie and Martin Luther King, all preached peace in spite of what the authorities of their day wanted. That’s right you can preach peace and still be marketed by the government because they can’t control you.