The Truth Comes Back To Haunt Us

As many of you may know, I enlisted in the FFL when I was 15. I was an Army Brat before that and I never learned to feel good about staying in one place. I still keep a minimum of clothing and it would take my a max of two minutes to grab my bag and bug out from any place that I am staying. After I lost Kansa, I went back to the same lifestyle that I have lived with for the last 30 years.

Until I met Kristina, this incredible women makes me want to stop running. But every time I would run I would flood the web with miss information so I would not be found. This practice started when I was working as a sniper for the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment. We made it a practice to tell Google that we were on the other side of the world so our target would not feel threatened.

Anyway to make a long story short, Kristina’s friends did a Google search on me to find out if it would be safe for me to see their friend. They found some of the back stories that were planted on Google so I could do my job. Well to get close to a target some times you must appear worse than you really are Kristina’s parents said it was forbidden for a grown woman to ever see me again. My past had come back to haunt me. But Kristina sees me often in spite of her parents.

The Bible sells us to avoid the appearance ofevil, well I was officially discharged in 2017. I am not the man that I once was. For a long time I told myself that my orders were just and the life that I took was for the greater good of humanity. But now I wonder if the Authorities who gave me my orders ever consider that the Sons of the men killed may not have followed in the footsteps of their fathers but may have been convinced that Dad was right after seeing his head blown off from 3.5 km away. My fear is that Kristina’s parents will never accept me even as a friend because the sins of my past have once again destroyed my future.

Anarchy Empowered was started because I now believe that government in even the smallest form is a threat to the welfare of the general population of humanity. The orders I was given, I followed blinded by the belief that I was doing the right thing. Then one day the image of my target came up in my visor and it was a personal friend. This was one order the I could not follow.

I went in to the hills of Afghanistan and let my superiors believe I was killed or missing. I then contacted my friend and we figured out that he knew that our C.O. was selling arms to the enemy and to protect his secret he ordered the assassination of his own operator. We had our C.O. arrested, but from that point on I was questioning every order given. That was my last tour of duty.

I became paranoid about when or if someone was going to use a satellite gantry to take my life while sitting in their hotel room in another country. So I kept moving for years. Never staying in one place for more than a few months and repacking my bag with every load of laundry. I filled the Internet with fake Intel to miss lead anyone who was trying to figure out how I was. But now all that stuff out there comes back to bite me in the ass. Be care about what Google says about you, people. It may destroy your chance for happiness.


Please Note:

A good friend of mine ran a background check on me one Kristiena’s friends started causing all this trouble by butting into our personal lives. She sent it to me to give to Kristiena, but I have no way of getting it to her. However, I know that she reads this blog. Kristiena if you are reading this the links below are the documents at might help change you parents mind about me.

Brianna’s Letter to your parents

Background Report


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Is A Civil War In Our Future?

There are those how believe that America is in the middle of a soft civil war. Know what I do, I must agree.

Today is the 4th of July, and millions of Americans all over the world are celebrating 242 years of being and Independent nation. By the way if you look at how long even the British have been under one Charter, America is technically older than even our Motherland.

But much like the nations of whom our Founding Fathers modeled our Constitution after, we seem to be going through some growing pains. However, much if the friction on our geo-political, and economic landscape, is caused by the public infrastructure its self.

Our public schools are pushing extremely destructive agendas onto the future working class of America; thus guaranteeing that the power of the elect is secure. In the process weakening the foundation of the Commonwealth for their own selfish ends. If our children are to remain good people we must get rid of public education and teach our children to be strong in their morality and learn to stand up against the masses.

America was founded on a foundation of religious freedom, not a foundation of existential nihilism or atheism. If you choose not to have a faith this is your right but don’t push it on others. The reason Religion is important is not for the salvation of our souls, but rather for the development of strong moral caractor in the next generation.

If it is true that America is on the brink of a 3rd civil war, it is by the design of the federal government to further the pursuit of the greedy Elect’s thirst for power. Remember Rome failed once Constantine changed the national religion to Christianity. Greece failed due to a lack of continuity between the city states. The Mayan Empire became corrupted due to an infusion of Spanish culture. The Byzantine Empire became over extended much like Rome and Modern America due to a failure to teach the next generation to be independent and work for what they have. In every case we can see correlations between them and modern American society. The scary thing is that the Failure of America as our Founding Fathers envisioned us is failing because people learned from history and don’t want America to succeed.

It Is Time To Make A Commitment!

How the system manipulates us:

We have all been told told that going to school is a guaranteed way of getting the job that you want, but how many of us have went to school only to get a degree and having to pay of student loans that will never be paid off completely? The fact is that higher education has provided an instant debt slave to industry.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was convinced by everyone in my life that I needed to continue my education so I could get a better job. I tried to go back to school 4 different times only to fail and I still owe money on those loans. I did end up finishing my degree but only after someone took the time to help me learn to read. I was passed grade to grade never learning the basics because public educators don’t have time for one on one help to give the student the help they need.

I believe the only reason that you are required to attend school in America, is to screen you for what ever role you may end up having in modern society. Once you are labelled as any one of the three classes that Plato talks about in “the Republic”, you are ignored, abused, and or nurtured accordingly.

What does Plato say?

Plato says that there are Three classes of people that he equates to Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The metals are representative different traits in a person’s personality. Gold in the nobilist of all the metals and represents the protective nature of a parent, soldier or King.

Citizens (subpersonalities) are roughly grouped into three categories: Workers, Soldiers, and Guardians. It’s not difficult to see how these may correspond to different classes of subpersonalities, but this detail need not concern us at present; it suffices to note that, in the Republic, each class contains many individual citizens.

The cast system that Plato talks about is clearly seen in modern America. The Guardian class in the Republic, refers to the ruling class or the elect: however, an argument can be made that the philosopher was also referring to the Slave masters, Employers and the like. At least this is the direction that we will be using for this discussion.

On average we spend 2/3s of our life at school or at work and school is really just a tool to make you spend more time at work. We get lost in our work and loose sight of what is important, you know, things like family and friends, hobbies and what ever else you might thinks makes your life worth living.

My better half told me to consider the fact that my employer would just replace me if I died but in the eyes of those who love me, I can’t be replaced. Kristina’s statement got me to thinking. I have never really had a reason to come home, so I just posted myself into my work, even when Kansa was around I made excuses not to come home by just working more. But with Kristina I am happy to spend as much time as I can with her and her son.

It seems to me that modern industry likes to see Families fall apart because the workers not divided between home and work. Recently we have taken a cut in pay because I choose to spend time with my family over time at work. Companies offer a shift differential to motivate workers to work the latter shifts.

Welcome to debt bondage!

For the first time in 40 years America is starting to prosper again. This is mostly due to the underdog President Donald John Trump, who has instituted countless changes in American government that has been met with tons of controversy. At the same time on the international stage, Tommy Robinson is being held a political prisoner for telling the truth. When a government becomes so corrupted that the press is restricted in anyway, said government should be abolished.

While people seem to be waking up about how the working class is being minipulated and controlled buy the government use of inflation and an hourly wage to force people into longer hours at work and less time with family.

Crypto-mining is banned in America because it has to potential to free the worker for his or her bondage, thus removing the worker from the need for a time clock. This site has been shut down countless times by the US government for the same reasons that Tommy is locked. It is my commitment to my family and friends that has me looking for any possible away to increase income in a passive manner.

I think I need to note that due to a negative opinion of me from Kristina’s friends and family, she broke up with me. I wish her all the best as she and Wyatt go through life. We are not even on speaking terms for her fear of repercussions from her loved ones.

Be Warned!

With the flucuations in Bitcoin prices it is not a good idea to send the monetary value of your Bitcoin to another party if you agreed on a set amount of Bitcoin.

Here is what happened to me. I tried to purchase mining speed with Bitcoin but I sent it with Coinbase as the USD equivalent. The transaction didn’t go through and my money was lost in the Block-chain.

You see the Block-chain is set up for a clean transfer money. Meaning you don’t have a clean transaction if the market falls and you sent the coin as the government issued equivalent. This is called a Bad Block. It may be a flaw in the design of the Block-chain or maybe it was intended to push people away from using government issues.

You Need To Watch “What Pisses Me Off About The Migrant Children Scandal” on YouTube

It would be really cool to sit down to coffee with Stephan Molyneux and throw ideas around for my most recent project, “Anarchy Empowered, Change Is On The Wind.” I reffer back to Stephan Molyneux often because he makes good arguments.

Before I go on I would love to remind Americans that we live in the land of the free. So why are American Crypto-miners seeing this.

could it be that the American government is afraid of losing taxed income that they don’t deserve any way? A smart American Miner just fakes residence in another country to get around the stupid treaties that America has in place. But in what world is America free in we can’t make a living the way we want to?

Now back to the topic. As usual Stephan breaks down the Liberal argument that these kids are ripped away from mom and dad by reminding us that the Left tend to be pro-choice and that the indoctrination camps are always ripping away kids from parents. I don’t need to say more just watch the video.

Scum Like This justifies A Need For Government, Or Public Corrections.

Carr Automotive Beaverton contacted me a week ago about “helping” me get into a car. They sold me a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. The quote was, $4500 in payments of $211.00 a month. I go into sign the papers and they raise the payment to $275.00 and I could not take the car home. I have $500.00 down that they refused to refund after they continued to push back when I could pick up the Pathfinder due to safety instructions that only takes 15 minutes to do at the most. They made me sign papers agreeing that the car was sold to me as is. Therefore they would never fix anything. I see the same Pathfinder being test driven by another mark printing me to file this complaint. I need my down payment back and it would be nice if they went out of business.

I have no reason to believe that they would not do this to someone else. The fact that Scum like this justifies any form of government turns my stomach.

One Decision Can Change Your Life

I was on my knees all night long, praying that the girl of my dreams would say yes to the one question every Man is terrified to ask. Kristina is my best friend since I lost Kansa in April of 2017. We met in December and have been seeing each other exclusively ever since. But Kristina has voiced many times that she did not want to get married again because she was hurt so bad. Still she says that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.

So with a costume fitted ring in my hands I spent the night on my knees praying that this amazing woman who effectively gave my life back would not reject me after I popped the question that would change both of our live forever. Modern culture looks down on marriage for many reasons that I am not going to get into in this post, but I will say that I do agree with Kristina in that you shouldn’t need that paper to have the same benefits that a married couple has in the eyes of the law.

Kristina would have the Welfare State on her side to better take care of her son for she would still be a single mother on paper, trust me when I say that one would not sit well with me. But we would deal with that later. My stand on government even existing is mad clear by the name of this blog. But Kristina has a point as far as the not needing a piece of paper to have permission to love each other. Which is what the paper is.

The decision to get married is meant to a commitment beyond your life span, for it is your example that will teach your offspring how to treat others. As the time grew near to meet Kristina at the restaurant, I became keenly aware of the scope of consequences that could come from her saying yes to my question.

While I do agree that government should never be allowed to interfere with our personal lives, I do respect the idea of marriage being a binding contractual agreement between not just two people, but rather two Families to secure a safe environment to raise future offspring.

New Reasons Not To Use Banks

Kristina and I went to the beach this weekend. But before we could go I had to straighten somethings out with my bank. A single double tape of a cashier’s register made the bank process $220.00 instead of the $20.00 that I authorized. If everyone went to Crypto-currencies mistakes like this would be in the past.

The block-chain works off a two party authorized system which double verifies the transaction. As a result no transaction is made until the entire transaction is completed by both parties. No more humans error.

We Must Change How We Look At Money

Our parents want the best for us. So the tell us to go to college so you can get a good job, but Mom and Dad were lied to as we all were. Student loans are simply a means of creating debt so industry has another slave for their bidding. But we can’t tell our kids the truth or we would be taken to jail.

Freedom of speech is not real as Tommy Robinson found out. If we must fear our government our government has already become our enemy. The Propaganda mill we call public schools already teach our kids to call the cops on mom and dad if one of the parents so much as looks at the child in the wrong way. So why would any reasonable parent not fear that they would be sent to prison for telling Jr. that college is a waste of money because that child is not smart enough. If we aren’t ever going to be able to pay off the student loan it is foolish to ever start college. A good parent would be honest with their child and say, “you just aren’t smart enough.”

The only reason any government would seek to silence free speech, is because there is truth in what the speaker is saying. Let’s look at it through Christian eyes. Jesus tells us that we must be good stewards with the gifts that God gives us. Well weather we are talking about the money we make through the job at we have, the job it’s self or our ability to communicate with others, we are responsible for the gifts that we have been given.

We as a collective we must change how we look at money. I was impressed by my