Go Dorothy

As my readers already know I am no friend to the Democrat. But last night I spent some time with a small group of campaigners in down town Vancouver, WA. The platform was something that we can all get behind. In fact most of us are anarchists because we got sick of seeing the corruption in government. Dorothy has a platform that she thinks it is important to get money out of politics. I agree 100% no elected official should be able to take bribes or even get anything more than food stamps to live on. Congress should never have the power to give themselves a raise in salary in fact they should not get paid at all it should be a volunteer position. But that is just my option. I am getting behind my first Democrat candidate because first she is a combat vet, therefore her BS meteor is already dialed in. She will be able to withstand the corruption that comes from keeping the same people in office for a life time. Second, Dorothy has some good points about the fact that her 17 year old son has never known a time when America has not been at war. For that matter Dorothy, I am 44 years old and never known a time of peace in my generation ether.

The campaigners, who ranged from the youth of a young college age girl to retired blue collar workers, seem to truly believe in Dorothy. I welcome the idea of cleaning out Washington of all the corporate lobbyists and giving the voice back to the people. But I truly don’t believe in elections for one bullet can change the course of both history and the election. However, the government of Jesus’ day thought that they could squash a rebellion by killing Jesus and Rome fell shortly after, because they couldn’t kill his teachings. I see a lot of hard work ahead for this small rebellion, but it is a start. But I do have a warning for Dorothy.

The trust that the people have in you is easily squashed, I have no doubt in my mind that you have the best of intentions, but listen to the will of the people who want for you to represent them. America was never meant to be a Democracy as cited in Article 4 Section 4 for the Constitution of the United States of America, therefore you will be bound to uphold the charter of the republic for which our flag stands. This grey and blurry line between the document that you will be sworn to uphold and the will of the people that elected you is where so many before you have failed. Stay true to your principles Dorothy and We are Anarchy Empowered, a long with all who love freedom will have your back.

Doing The Right Thing Is Never Popular.

A few years ago I was working for a company that had been abusing their position over their employees. When I pointed out that what they were doing was not only morally wrong but illegal as well, the company fired me to make an example of what happens when you speak up. Their tactic worked and everyone stopped complaining.

Doing the right thing usually has more and harsher consequences than going with the popular tradition. After all Jesus was killed for his choice to choose the right path, as we’re countless others through out history.

Thank You For Your Service!

Every weekend since I have moved in with the Steiners: who own and operate Edumacated Redneck Repair out of their home, I have taken it on myself to go down and feed homeless American Vets with the money I earn during the week. Today I ran into Ken. Ken was a gunnery sergeant in the US Marine Corp during Iraqi Freedom. This 56 year old white male has more than a few things going against him. If he was to look for a job in this Liberal dominant culture that is my home town.

To begin with he is a white male, so that is a strike against him due to so-called affirmative action which is nothing less than reverse bigotry. He is a Veteran of an unpopular conflict and he is much older than the 20-35 year old age group that most employers are looking to hire.

Never mind the fact that Ken is an experienced electrician that got his training paid for by the Taxpayer, popular culture says Ken is not employable.

I took Ken into the Jerusalem Café and introduced him to my friend Jimmy who flips houses and does rather well at it. “Hey Jimmy, Glad you are here, I have someone I want you to meet.”

“Hello, Tony; what you got going?” I introduced Ken and I already knew Jimmy was looking for an Electrician to put on his payroll.

After about an hour, Ken had a job. I wish every day worked out so well.

I eat every three days to make sure Men who should never be homeless can have a meal. I don’t expect to have things work out as well as things did with Ken but although we served under different flags, these homeless Vets are my brothers in arms. I thank them for their service and pray for the best. For each of us were once young men fighting in conflicts that we didn’t start, to uphold a belief that although our government’s policy is flawed: a liberation from tyranicle old men who have long forgotten what it means to seen your brother die next to him, is the only way a man can ever know freedom. Hear is to all those who truly understand the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”

“Silence like a cancer grows.”

To see me knowing that I am hungery and to do nothing is an even graeter sin than Murder; for to see an injustice and to have the means to stop it and still do nothing is to place the guilt of said injustice onto your own hands. Just something to think about.

Easter IS A Time Of Rebirth.

All week we slave away at our jobs, only to my told that our lives are only worth a set amount of money per hour worked. We come home and hopefully have people at home who appreciate the work that you do to keep a roof over head. But the cycle starts over every day. If we only look at our lives through theses terms, life can seem meaningless.

On the other hand, it is those who you come home too that should give your life meaning. I put in some long hours and wanted to celebrate the resurrection of Christ by cooking a traditional Easter dinner for the family.

Corned beef and cabbage can be one of the most simple dinners you can serve, but people tend to overlook the little things that go into it. Soaking the salt out of the beef can take days but I work 60 hours a week, so I rinsed off the brine and started to cook it for the first time in the oven with beer poured over it. At the same time I have the cabbage cooking in a mix of carrot juice beer baby carrots and write wine. The cabbage will cook down into a gravy that will be served over the corned beef when the time comes.

While I cook the meal I plan on sleeping off the long hours that I put in at work. Life should be a balance between life and the slavery we put ourselves through to support the rest of our daily living. I am not good at it at all.

There Are A People How Can See The Truth.

With the over saturation of the Propaganda mill known as the main stream media it is good to know that a small group  of brave men and women due seek to report the truth.

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I don’t think Anarchy Empowered is well known enough to make a difference but the small group of followers that we have seem to be loyal. For this I thank you. The list above is a group of Alt-Media personalities that I suggest you check out.

I recommend them to any who wish to improve your world view. I recommend these individuals to you because they seek the truth and inspite of their own religious adversity, this group seeks the truth. Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the light: no Man can come to the father but through me” (???).


Love is a CHOICE!

I am sure that you have heard people talk about falling in Love. The truth is everyone has a single moment when you decide to be committed to the person the You choose to spend the rest of your life with. In the case of my diceased wife and I, for me it was when she refused to take some money that I offered her for gas. She had no gas in her car but she didn’t want me to expect anything from her in return. On my side, I was just trying to do the right thing.

For me my desire to sacrifice for my future wife had me looking at her in a whole new way.  Love fails because people are no longer committed to staying together. We live in a world of instant gratification and if something goes wrong we through it away rather than sticking it out long enough to fix it.

This is Anarchy Empowered, I am not going to sugar coat anything. Most divorce is caused intentionally by the Welfare State, because an intact family, for the most part doesn’t seek government enforcement of public theft to replace the Father’s role as the provider. You see we as a culture mistakenly think of Love as an emotional response. When we should be looking at it as a dedicated commitment to the other person.

Married couples don’t often weather through the hard times, because our society encourages divorce. After all a single Mom can find shelter much easier than if Dad was in the picture. It may be interesting to not that broken Families are more common the lower the income is in the household. Most of the time money is the deciding factor in the stability of the home. The choice must be made to be committed to your spouse throughout the better and the worst.

The truth is the government and the Employers both benefit from Daddy not being around. You see it is and has always been the role of the father to teach his child how to be responsible with money. But the employer wants you to be in debt. It helps them no that they you will show up to work. That is why Employers run credit checks. They want to know your paying your bills.

Our culture as a whole has turned against the family. Those relationships that have endured should be commended.


Change Is On The Wind

For years Anarchy Empowered has worked to help people see that the only true freedom that we have is how we look at the world. Peace starts with a good long look at the person who looks back at you in the mirror. Today I stopped by the library and saw a small group of elderly men and women holding signs and handing out literature to raise awareness about human trafficking or modern slavery if you prefer. I had to hold back my laughter as I politely took their literature and entered the library. You see modern slavery doesn’t stop at the borders of the good old USA. in fact it can be argued that the hourly wage is a form of debt bondage, that makes it so the employee wants to work more hours just to try to get ahead only to realize that most of the time the same imployee finds himself even deeper in dept because of the hours worked and not changing the spending habits that put him in debt in the first place.

We should always be asking ourselves how I could have done something differently and take responsibility for the mistakes that we made. Only then can we learn from them and work towards our own freedom. You see ultimately it is our own choices that put us into our current position in life. But even the ancient world let a slave buy his or her freedom.

To become free even in America required sacrifice. But first you must identify what it is that you wish to be free from. Most Americans are slaves to their debts, this class of indentured servitude is hidden behind the hourly wage. The hourly wage is a system that only benefits the employer and here is why.

The difference between a rich man’s mind set and everyone else’s is that the mindset of the employee put value on time while the rich man puts value on the potential income of ideas. The slave is obligated to work for a set amount of hours at what ever value the owner puts on the slaves time. This stipend is usually just enough to keep the slave going but the owner is hoping that it will not be enough for the slave to buy his or her freedom.

What the gamble is, is that the slave will not put the money to work so he or she can buy that freedom. In most cases the owner is right and the slave begins to recents being even deeper in debt every time the value of the currency he of she is paid in decreases by the implementation of a higher minimum wage to justify inflammation.

As a result we get protestors and riots in the streets from the same people who never had the foresight to put themselves in a better position through studying and acting on what has been learned.

Here is an example of what I mean buy sacrifice today to buy your freedom tomorrow. I willingly go without food to invest more money in stocks that pay a monthly divided. I look for the highest divided payout with the lowest price per share. This way I can buy more shares for less money. Last month I ate one meal every three days and worked an average of 60 hours a week. I increased my monthly income by $132.00 that I no longer have to work for. This month I will do the same thing and I will continue to do so until I can pay all of my monthly expenses through my investments. At which point I am free to quit my job and free to live my life.

The Cross Is A Symbol Of Defiance!

The Romans killed thousands of Jews on the cross after they squashed a rebellion. So one can make an argument that the popular symbol of the Christian faith started out as kind of a way of flipping the Romans the bird, after the tomb turned up empty.

After all Jesus did say,”turn the other cheek.” If you think about it at some point in the act of offering the other cheek you must look the offender straight in the eye, as if to say, “is that all you’ve got?” So in truth the roots of the Christian faith tradition is found in defiance.

The first 300 years of Christian history scholars refer to as the Jesus Cult, due to the fact that they hide from the persecution of the Rome.

There Are Still Good People In This World.

The New Beginnings Business Plan was inspired by events that have happened in my life. Let me give you a little back story before I get to deep into this. When I was nine years old I found myself on the streets as a run-away. It did not last long, I was just a foolish kids throwing a tantrum.

But I learned some valuable lessons while I was out there. First the kids that are out there don’t always run away. In fact many of them don’t have any where to turn. If they seek help, they could end up in the same spot that was never safe in the first place.

Second: it is harder for a guy to find transitional housing then it is for a woman, particularly a single mother. I think that should change.