Could It Be That Would War 2 Never Ended?

“Secret Antigravity Technology That Will Astonish You Documentary” on YouTube, be the attacks may be much more suddle than flying saucer like aircraft. But we do know that the Nazis had been active long after 1945.

If this documentary has any truth to it the Socialist Democrats that are destroying America would have been the least of our problems if the war would not have ended when it did. But did it really end? Today thanks to my readers I took a trip to Redmond Oregon.

This beautiful city has many attractive traits. Unlike Portlandia and the surrounding aera, Redmond Oregon has not had a registered Democrat living there since 1976; according to Redmond is one of the few red cities in the Northwest. While it seems the larger to population the more the lower classes tend to vote for public assistance. I guess city people real are lazy. My self included.

Just as the Nazi’s planned to breed out Capitalism by using the American public school system for indoctrination of our youth: the city creates a sense of complacency among the population.

It is no acedent that all of the worsted presents in American history happen to be from the Democratic party, starting with Barak Obama down to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who started the beginning of the end with the New Deal. Now there is an argument that says the Welfare State stimulates the economy the truth is work projects that Roosevelt levied tax money for pulled us out of the Great Depression. In fact the building of the US Highway System did far more for America than the non productive and highly consumable Welfare State. Which brings us back to Redmond.

The citizens of Redmond Oregon do have a limited democratic republic. Meaning that once the election is over the official who has been elected by the people is sworn to uphold the constitution of both the United States of America and the State and City Charters. What can be done for the will of the people are limited by these documents.

But the public school system intentionally neglected to teach these things to the future voters and I believe that it was intentionally left out. You see Democracy fails because of the endless demands put forth by the people and when the mob gets its way the individual looses rights. Once the mob strips the God given Rights from the people we have nothing more than a dictatorship.

Jeralee Anderson of the Redmond City Council cites documents recovered by the Nuremberg trials that outlined plans for Indoctrination of children of allied nations to learn to think like sociolists.

The people of Redmond Oregon recognize that the School System fails our kids intentionally and many have taken it on themselves to teach their kids at home.

“The people of Redmond are proud of our independence. We have a welfare office but it is always empty. We help our neighbors and they return the favor. Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation” (Jeralee Anderson Position 6 Redmond City Council).

“Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation.” Jesus set out to destory his local government and was killed for it. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated shortly after he uttered the words, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I don’t think there’s a coincidence there. Democrats are Democrats because at one point in their lives they depended on the state. The people of Redmond Oregon proove we don’t need and never will need the state, as long as we, “love our neighbor as ourselves” (Matt, 22:39).

The True Spirit Of Christmas?

In today’s overtly or rather disgustingly liberal society, we are almost forced to say Happy Holidays in place of Marry Christmas. The fear of offending another culture has gotten out of hand. I know some would say that I have a hhhhhkhright to my opinion, which is true but let’s only deal in fact.

No one with a brain would say that it is a coincidence that every faith tradition has similar properties. The holidays are celebrated in the same calendar period. The same message with each holiday is shared among them all and each tradition adapts to accommodate the others. But it seems that for many who practice any religion, the true meaning behind the winter holiday has been replaced with consumerism and debt that is fortified by the government who collects the taxes on each sale. As I said this is no coincidence.

Moreover, the fact is that every faith tradition that is currently under attack and not just Christianity. I realize this after I visited my friend’s mosk about two years ago. As we left he noted that I seemed surprised. “Tony why such surprise? You study religion. There should be nothing new to you in there.”

“Alpha, my friend, there in lies the problem.”

“What do you mean, Tony?” Alpha and I got in his car and drove to work. We kept talking along the way. I explained that I am taken back by the constant attacks on Islam from the press.

“Tony, at work you are my boss and you respect the traditional prayer life of Islam but the Catholic monastic communities have the same tradition as our prayer scedual. Is this not true?” I told him that it is true.

“Now think about how much revenue the western world would loose by people staying faithful to their own religion and traditions. Wouldn’t companies have to shut down 5 times a day to observe the prayer life of there employees?”

I saw clearly where Alpha was going with what he was saying.

Think about the common denominators in every faith tradition. Most faith traditions say, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol. Even though marijuana is legal, it’s consumption is frowned upon. Then we have the adult entertainment industry that goes much further than porn. If you ad up all the lost revenue that America alone would loose in taxes if everyone quite the consumption of these services and products, America would go bankrupt, conversely if our elect would handle tax revenue wisely, America would be out of debt. So yeah religion is under attack!

Industry wants you to be come a slave to the company store, because debt means that you are more likely going to want to keep your job to pay off that debt. This is not the message that any winter holiday was meant to bring.

In every faith tradition the colder months meant gathering with the community to share resources. This was and still should be a time when we check on our elderly and sick. If a roof needed fixing the men would take the time to do it while the women would cook for the community.

I don’t care what faith tradition you subscribe too, weather you are telling your friends Marry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras or Eid Al-Fitr: the true spirit of this holiday season has never been about the price tag that was intentionally left on someone ‘s gift.

The true spirit of this and for me it is the Christmas season, is all about what you can do for others. The first gift ever exchanged on Christmas day was the life of our creators only begotten son. I might add that for 33 years Jesus never forgot that he was put on this earth to serve and neither should we.

So before I leave you this week, I say to all of you.

Feliz Navidad
Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Nollaig Shona
счастливого Рождества
joyeux Noël

What ever language you speak Marry Christmas and be kind to each other.

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As I have said before my now Ex-girlfriend girlfriend kicked me out of the house. I wrote about why she was afraid that I would turn her in. The article was called, “Are All Democrats Criminals?” Once you read about what was going on in Nicole Luther’s house, you would understand why I had to leave. She was afraid that I would report her to the authorities, which I did.

So now I am sleeping in the Stiener’s basement I barely have enough food to eat. And I am still working a full-time job. So if you can find it in your hear to help me raise money through your donations, together we can get at least a few people off of these cold streets.

Beating The Odds

I am a single 45 year old caucasian man. I live out of a backpack. I work 48 hours a week and struggle to make ends meet. “White Privilege,” my ass. I own three shirts, one pair of pants, two pair of shorts one of them being swim trunks, three pair of socks and underwear. I swipe a debit card for food because I have no refrigerator to keep food. I am building my credit because my mother destroyed my credit before I even new what credit was. But the Liberal scum like to talk about white privilege? Give me a break.

I went to college only to learn that it is a scam and the perfect way to create the next generation of indentured servants. But white is under attack? I am proud of my Gypsy heritage. I am Irish and Eastern European, you can’t get whiter than me. My people have been slaves for thousands of years but whites are supposed to be ashamed of the way blacks are treated in America. Give me a break my family didn’t come to America until 1954. Most of the slavery was abolished or just replaced by debt and an hourly wage. I am not racist, I just keep to myself and in general I hate people equally.

I work for what I have and I throw away what doesn’t fit in my backpack. I buy caned food because I don’t have a fridge and I live in my friend’s basement.

I load up the car with food keep what I need and distribute the rest. My friends think it strange that I eat brussel sprouts off the stock. But hey each his own. If it was not for my friends I would be homeless. But Whites are privileged.

Are All Democrats Criminals?

This is Nicole Ann Luther. Nicole and her three kids Lucas age 18, Max age 13, and Destiny are going to have to move before February of 2018. But they are going to need a much bigger house than most families that side would need. The reason is Nicole runs welfare scams against the hard working taxpayers who pay for her friend’s existence.

It is Nicole’s friend of 20 years, Tawna Spoon and several others who are receiving the welfare through SNAP and WIC. They exchange their co-called benefits for not having to pay rent to Nicole. However Nicole takes a great amount of pride in the fact that she no longer needs Welfare. But is that the truth?

Until I dated a Democrat, I thought that it may be nice to give the majority of the Scum the benefit of a doubt. I mean they can’t all be like the Cintons. Right? Well after living with Nicole Ann Luther and among her friends for over 4 and a half months, I now have the opinion that Brianna and Emery Stiener of Edumacated Redneck Repair and Donnie and the Vercher family, who own and operate Daddy D’s Southern Style BBQ, are the odd ducks and the criminal activity seems to be the norm.

I mean you walk into 14907 SE Powell BLVD in Portland Oregon and you can smell the evil. It was there that I personally witnessed Nicole Luther and her friend Twana Spoon stealing from the tax payers every month by selling the money that is meant for Tawna’s Ride to Care through her medicade for penny’s on the dollar. To convert the over $1000.00 of taxpayer’s stipend into cash. I ended up doing it more than once because it was the only way Nicole would every pay me back for driving her and her kids around everywhere.

I soon found out that the reason I wasn’t allowed to get mail there was because Nicole and her friend Twana are the only ones on the lease and Nicole who lives in a 6 bedroom house under section 8, is illegally subletting all 6 rooms. At one point she had 20 people living there. Each person was paying her over $400.00 a month. By no means is this legal.

One day Nicole began filling out several voter’s leaflets in other people’s names. I am a Veteran and seeing this made a mockery in my mind of everything I fought, sweat and bled for, but worse it mocked to memory of the many friends who would never come home again.

After I protested Nicole explained how she voted on behalf of many of her clients at work. Hold on you have to be of sound mind to vote and Nicole Luther works or hopefully after this article is released worked at a mental health facility. Stuffing the ballot box is illegal. Any number of these things had me ready to leave her but the last straw for me was how she one day bragged about how she would file fraudulent income tax returns for welfare moms who have not worked. She would ten take her cut off the top.

Nicole prefaced talking me all of this with, “I live by my own moral code. Yeah well so do I and I am duty-bound to uphold the constitution as well as justice. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. What is sad is the fact that her children want to respect their mom. What attracted me to Nicole was the fact that she was always talking about how much she worked, well she spends more on weed than she has ever spent on food, because she uses other people’s food stamps.

The more I got to know Nicole the more ashamed I felt for ever going on that first date. I mean really, spending $40.00 on your nails when tax money that was set aside for other people take care of your kids. Yes Nicole works but all the scams that she runs the Gas Card especially only differs the welfare back to her.

I think this is most liberals vote the way they do. But as I said there are good hardworking democrats out there But I now feel they are the minority.

The saddest part of this story is Nicole has no need for government assistance, she just does not know how to live without a safety net. Now her kids are learning all of her scams and Nicole is already the third generation of her family that has depended on government subsidies that are stolen from the tax payer.

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The Duck Dynasty Of Southern Washington State

If you have been following this blog within the passed 11 years, you may remember me talking about Edumacated Redneck Repair. This is much more than an incredible automotive repair shop. From the point of view of the owners and operators, Brianna and Emery Stiener the people they work with are family.

This time last year Brianna cooked a thanksgiving dinner for over 20 people, who had been in their circle in some way. This year a few of the faces changed but the house was fill with love as it always is.

I come to Edumacated Redneck Repair for anything the pathfinder might need. They are honest down to earth people that tell you as it is. They are reliable and they stand by their work. They treat me like family and that is how I think of them.

So if you need your car fixed and you are in the Vancouver Washington area, stop by, the address is below:

7510 NE 107th Ave. Vancouver Washington 98662

You can call them at : (360) 936-3323

Ask for Brianna

The last time I thought I needed some work done, I brought in the pathfinder for a bid and Bri and Emery turned away the work because all it was, was a fuse that needed to be reconnected. Like I said an honest shop.

Happy Thanksgiving

It is 5 am and in mid late November it is still dark the streets are wet and it is cold. Now just imagine what it would be like to have to sleep out here. For the Donaldson family that was there story only a year ago. Today they are thankful to have a chance to give back to the community that helped John, the patriarch of the family find a job.

So they are loading up their van that only last year has there home with as much food as the back of the van could hold. By 8 am the sun is up and the Donaldson family is met by several others in the Saint James parking lot behind the posts office in downtown Vancouver.

“The plan is to have the food serving by noon.” One lady told me as I helped her cary food into the anex of the Chatholic church.The hungery are already lined up.
We had two sites orginized this year and we would need it. Staint James ran out of food before 1:00pm and we planed to be serving outside the Sharehouse until 5:00pm. That is as long as we have enough food. But already other groups where takeing up the slack.

By the time I was ready to go one of the church volunteers told me that between the two sites 500 turkeys would be served to the homeless today.

My father asked me if I am happy. Well as I said before it gets crowded in I’m head sometime making it hard to say that I even like myself sometimes. The new medication the doctors have me on makes me groggy most of the time but at least I know that staying up all night putting this event together was as real as it gets. I am thankful for the volunteers from St Joseph Catholic Church and St James Catholic Church as well as The Lighthouse Church, for happy make this event a reality. I am grateful for the Stieners for taking me in out of the rain and having a job that lets me have time to do what I love and still pay my bills.

Is there such a thing as White Privilege?

The Leftwing Scum that are hell bent on world domination through political and economic rule, would have you believe that there is a definite advantage to being Caucasian over being Negroid. Scientifically the answer maybe true, however we are in no way talking about hard science. In fact we are not even talking about a majority of the negroid population of the world, it seems that the African American community has the monopoly on this idea.

YouTube personality Jesse Lee Peterson did an interview with a black woman who proved the Reverend’s case hands down that the majority of the African American community just needs to take responsibility for their own lives.

Make note that the woman summed up the reason for pushing white privilege in the early part of the interview, after she tells Jesse, “I believe white privilege is something that the black person should leverage against the whites” no credibility should be afforded to her.

The interview is proof that the woman being interviewed has no desire to take responsibility for her own shortcomings.

The other day a former co-worker asked me to read a book called “The Business Of The 21 Century,” by Robert Kiysaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

His book outlines the employee mindset and offers a way out if people are willing to change. In a 2010 presentation, the same man talks about who the difference in the two mindsets increase the wealth for the rich. By note taking responsibility for our individual lives we are responsible for our current living situation and no one else.

Getting Help

I was referred to the:

Clark County Crisis Line

6926 NE 4th Plain Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661
(360) 696-9560

After being denied emergency surgery on my knee. The red tape made me sick. Still if the employers aren’t make to steal from us for the L&I insurance I would have my own. Instead the level of government enforced theft turns my stomach.

The crisis line was a joke. Still no insurance and I make too much for food stamps. I have two cans of Tuna a Jar of Mayo three prices of bread and a bag of rice to last until Friday. Situations like this make me question why I pay taxes to an immoral government that only exists to make slaves out of us.

It seems the roles are now reversed. I spent years helping others get enough to eat, but last week I found my self with no good budget and in need of a bed. Once again the Stieners came to the rescue.

I had my first meeting with a psychologist today. He gave me a book to read. He also told that Seamar can help with getting my insurance. I will see about that tomorrow morning. But I gave been getting off track.

My writing about an intimate relationship with a left wing social terrorist and her spawn has dominated these posts and I apologise to my readers for that. But in away the empowerment of Anarchy is the story of each individual who attempts to live the life style.

Like many lovers of freedom I am personally vested in the success of the Crypto-Revolution. and have been very good to me and the cause. But and other mining sites have stoped paying our and issuing new contracts on Bitcoin for the better part of a year. However ETH is still going strong.

The US government fears the loss of taxes that are nothing more than theft at the government level anyway. The fact that the government makes employers steal from there employees for L&I insurance that has rejected my need for surgery after being hit by a Forklift brings up the unconventional enforcement of commerce that several judges stated about Obama-care in 2009. These tax hungry entities need to go the way of the dinosaur.

Life Goes On

I am still not sure what happened. One minute Nicole and I are going to spend our lives together and I was happy, the next thing I know, I am back in the Stieners basement in a nother state. But adversity is my bread and butter.

Once again one of my disorders scared off another suitor. I miss Dessy, Max, Lucas and even Harmony. But most of all I miss coming home to Nicole.

The accounts of the events that lead up to today are foggy at best. I remember Nicole kicking me out but she says otherwise. I don’t know what is real at this point. The one thing I do know for sure is that my knee is getting worse. I woke up in a pool of bloody sweat this morning. The symptoms tend to get worse with stress.

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All that I know is that I never meant to hurt anyone. But things are in the past and I can’t dwell on the it. So I reflect on what went right and pray that I can stand on my knee come morning. I have been neglecting my duties with Anarchy Empowered because Nicole had me so busy. So I am working over time to catch up.

Multiple personalities, is not fun. I loose time and can get in trouble at work. Is it any wonder that so many mental patents are homeless? If it wasn’t for the Stieners I would be right now.

Nicole fought a lot about ethics and morality. But if I was in the same position would I still be on my soap box? Maybe there are the grey areas that she always talked about.

© Anarchy Empowered 2018

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