Morality Has Everything To Do With Government.

According to Thomas Jefferson,

“government’s are instated among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (The Declaration of Independence).

The 3rd President of the United States of America also understood that the power of government can only come from the people who consent to be governed. It is the people and who determine the future of any form of government. If the people are unhappy, Jefferson gave them an out.

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of welfare, it is the Right and obligation of the People to alter [through election] or to abolish it [through revolution], and to institute new Government” (The Declaration of Independence).

The foundation of how people are willing to vote or weather or not they are willing to stand up for what they believe in regardless of the cost, is tempered by the moorals that the individual is raised with.

Once a government is in place the powers of the day, begin to seek to weaken family infrastructures and morality that starts with religion. They may have claimed that the removal of that Lord’s prayer from the front of a public school is to up hold the first amendment, but

“Congress shall make no law regarding institutions of religion,” doesn’t give the US government the right to medal in religious affairs (The Bill of Rights).

In fact the first amendment is saying that the government has no right to get involved at all. The text is clearly written and leaves no room for interpretation.

If the agenda of the government was to up hold the Constitution, they would have displayed comprobly religious documents from the represented religions of the school. But no the agenda is clearly stated,

“religion is an opiate for the masses” (Karal Marks).

History has proven that by breaking down the family and fostering an exstistental morality the powers of to day are more likely to stay in power tomorrow by virtue of complacency. In conclusion morality has everything to do with government.

If morality had nothing to do with government, government would have no interest in keeping the peace. Jails would not be such big business in America unless freedom in America is not more than illusion and the common wealth is nothing more than livestock for individual consumption.

It is my belief that for a group of people to come together and form a government they must first be of like minds. The basic common throughout history has been a desire to live both peacefully and productively. For that reason religion became the corner stone of everyday life. No government was heard of when prehistoric man worshipped fire. Yet they had a hierarchy within the tribe. Religion came first.

Thousands of years later government stated to take hold. It is my belief that Man can have a religion without government that becomes the foundation of the common morality but it is not possible to have a government without a foundation in morality; for the result will always be chaos.

We Need Your Help!

Anarchy Empowered was designed to be a completely volunteer run organization. We need dedicated people who are passionate about helping others and can offer at least one hour a week to fund causing the problems that are not not 4 and public awareness.

In a week we will be launching our online retail store. We will be selling clothing, camping gear, and food storage products for long term food storage. The site is not launched yet but the URL is We hope you visit.

Again we need people to spread the word about Anarchy Empowered and what we are trying to do for our local community. We need people who are willing to help distribute food and coordinate with businesses and organizations to help get as many people involved as possible.

The biggest hurdle that I as an individual have to face is feeling called to this ministry and juggling between working full-time and family life at the same time. I am not the healthiest person in the world, so I am asking for help.

Lauren Southern has left the fight on YouTube, and she will not be the last. A.E.’s approach doesn’t throughout socialism completely we just don’t feel that government should be involved in anything once we shut our doors at home. We help our neighborhoods and educate others to continue the fight for the next generation.

I learned that Kristina wanted as many kids as possible so she would be taken care of be the state. The fact that I couldn’t give her a child meant she moved on. This is the lack of morality that I am talking about. If America is going to have a future we must bring back basic morals.

A state run Welfare system is nothing more than theft. But with a community that reaches out to our neighbors, we have a much stronger infrastructure in place. We need your help. If you don’t want to donate to Anarchy Empowered go out and offer a job to a homeless man.

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors. It it our place to make sure the man next to us can provide for himself. Our economy is based on the two income family but the Welfare State becomes more attractive to a woman than a Man who works hard, because a single mom is guaranteed housing. As a result woman kick Dad out in favor of money that is stolen from the same guys who they kicked out. This crap needs to change.

For the purposes of full disclosure, à monthly expense of $250.00 will get the store going once it gets started. A $15.00 annual domain name registration fee will also be spent.

Relationships Are Politics

Kristina and I have had our ups and downs, when talking about our relationship. We finally both agreed that we should just go our separate ways, but remain friends. The hard issue there is that I am constantly looking for any reason not to take my own life and go to work in the morning. Kristina became that reason that I needed to want to live. This is not a healthy approach to life.

I also know that It became clear to me that I had to cut off all ties with Kristina because I was not able to move on. In modern American culture Men become homeless because of the relationship they are in going South and the woman keeping the place. If I would have moved in with Kristina this would have been my fait. So part of the issue when talking about homelessness is a fundamental breakdown of morality at the cultural level.

I know, this is not healthy but living to serve others is the way I function. If I don’t have an immediate need to fill, my self worth goes automatically to worthless and I think about taking my own life. Both Kristina and Kansa gave into family Politics and I was voted off the island.

Kristina at least wants to be friends still but Kansa threw me away completely. I am just taking life one day at a time an working my ministry.

Planning For Next Month

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This month we spent $865.00 on food and bottled watter. But becouse of recent events I feel I need to ask my readers if it is right to use part of the money donated for gas to deliver the goods?

I take on full accountability for your donations and how they are used. It is because of this sence of responibility that I have not personally filed bankruptcy. Although I know that I qualify for the debt realeaf. On the other hand; what right does the government have to get involved in our personal debt obligations when we as a nation owe trillions of dollars to foreign sovereignties? That is like taking the word of a child that Mom and Dad will pay you back.

So I understand the apprehensive feelings about donating to an organization who not only openly opposes the authority of the government of which we are apart of, but also asserts that privately run charitable organizations would fill the gaps left behind if we were to get rid of the Welfare State all together.

I believe in total transparency regarding my readership. So here it goes I have a credit score of around 580. Now this has gotten a lot better since I have been able to get back to work This time last year my score was 309. So you can see that I am working on it.

With that said, I would not have gotten a job with out and Steiners opening there home to me. Without an address I would have not gotten the job I have today. So I owe a great deal to Emery and Brianna Steiner of Edumacated Redneck Repair.

If more people would open up there lives to others we would see far less people living on the streets. We may even see less crime.

This month we are only going out on the 15th due to scheduling. We hope to reach at least 60 people and give them more than food. We also wish to show that people care. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Part of the challenges that Anarchy Empowered face constantly is the mind set of the demographic that we work with.

You see the homeless and the lower income working class in America are really only separated by one or two paychecks. As a result local businesses in these neighborhoods thrive on pedaling lottery tickets or pushing digital gambling. In short they are selling hope.

Your donations help us educate people in these neighborhoods to change their outlook from wanted a quick answer or fix which also propagates the addictive personality that tends to dominant these neighborhoods.

Anarchy Empowered never give a hand out we always work to inspire others to work towards the full potential that God created them to become. We only give out food so they can live to see that potential.

It may be interesting to note the in the same strip-mall on the Southwest side of Portland Oregon you will also find a shop for body piercings a tattoo parlor and a woman’s hair and nail salon.

The significance of this fact is that in some way each of these services are designed to help the consumer feel better about spending money that they don’t have because the money that is made is already spent on rent and food. In general the community as a whole has never learned to set money aside in fact they were born into debt and it seems that they never have been taught to plan for the future.

As this article was being written a man was panhandling and as soon as he got enough money he went in to play the digital lottery in the Chinese Restaurant. Our hope is to teach the habbits that can change and even help create a future for people who industry wants believing that that this is the hand they are dealt.

The American government along with our captains of industry have succeeded in creating a class of indentured servitude with in our inner cities. Anarchy Empowered works to change that but we can not do it without your help.

What Do We Do This For?

I have a constant struggle to stay healthy enough to go to work. Yesterday I woke up in a puddle of bloody vomit. Yet I still managed to go to work. But the dizziness started and the vomiting continued and next I knew, I had not slept or stopped vomiting.

Let me tell you it is hard to be an advocate against the Welfare State when you realize that there is nothing left in your stomach yet you are still vomiting and you are expected to be at work in 20 minutes. I feel like crap and there is nothing the doctors can do. The monthly transfusions stopped working and I am scared. I am dehydrated and the bulk of my vomiting is blood. Still I am going into work because I love Kristina.

That was a month ago since then Kristina has not been in my life. I learned a valuable lesson from the relationship that Kristina and I once shared. Never let a woman take advantage of you because of how she knows you feel about her. She was talking my money because she only worked 16 hours a week and could not afford to live. This was the only reason she kept saying, “we can still have sex.” She was trading sex for money just like a prostitution ring.

The 36 year old single mother figured out that I would take care of her until she found a man that Mom and Dad would approve of.

IsThis A Thing?

It seems at leased in the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon area where I live there is a conspiracy to keep the working class on the clock. No I am not talking about whips and chains to keep the slaves in line. I am talking about the absorbent application fees to get into ridiculously priced apartments. It has occurred to me that homelessness is only a symptom of a much bigger problem that we have in our modern society.

The truth is that our cities are intentionally designed to be inhospitable to humanlife, unless you conform to the demands of the culture and pay the tax on things that nature intended to be free.


Is The Medical Profesion In America A Scam

On August 10th 2017 I finally had a diagnosis for the disease that helped end my marraige. Doctor Cameran Coffee of The Vancouver Clinic took note of all the combined symptoms that I had been complaining about. He ran a simple blood test and his suspisions were confirmed. I have a genetic blood disorder called prophyria.
Acute porphyrias, which I have, primarily affect the nervous system. These disorders are described as “acute” because their signs and symptoms appear quickly and usually last a short time. Episodes of acute porphyria can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. During an episode, a person may also experience muscle weakness, seizures, fever, and mental changes such as anxiety and hallucinations. These signs and symptoms can be life-threatening, especially if the muscles that control breathing become paralyzed. Acute porphyrias include acute intermittent porphyria and ALAD deficiency porphyria. Two other forms of porphyria, hereditary coproporphyria and variegate porphyria, can have both acute and cutaneous symptoms.

When it was out of control, my wife at the time was convinced by here family that I was making it up. Even thow she was there to clean up the mess. I was told by one doctor that a mass in my head was cancer and at the rate of growth, I had two years to live. This miss diagnosis became thought of as this horable lie among Kansa’s family and friends. But all the symtoms were there.

Two years passed and Kansa became convinced by here family that because I had lived the whole thing had to be a lie. Three years have passed and I am dealing with an incurable diease that would gladly take my life it I let it. I wake up vomiting blood and my right arm and leg goes numb without warning. I dropped our popcorn on one of Kristiea and My first dates because my arm went numb. But remember I am a liar.

It seems to me that thousands of dollars in medical bills could have been avoided and maybe I would still be married to Kansa, if the doctors and insurance companies didn’t scrach each other’s back.

You Need To Watch “What Pisses Me Off About The Migrant Children Scandal” on YouTube

It would be really cool to sit down to coffee with Stephan Molyneux and throw ideas around for my most recent project, “Anarchy Empowered, Change Is On The Wind.” I reffer back to Stephan Molyneux often because he makes good arguments.

Before I go on I would love to remind Americans that we live in the land of the free. So why are American Crypto-miners seeing this.

could it be that the American government is afraid of losing taxed income that they don’t deserve any way? A smart American Miner just fakes residence in another country to get around the stupid treaties that America has in place. But in what world is America free in we can’t make a living the way we want to?

Now back to the topic. As usual Stephan breaks down the Liberal argument that these kids are ripped away from mom and dad by reminding us that the Left tend to be pro-choice and that the indoctrination camps are always ripping away kids from parents. I don’t need to say more just watch the video.

Scum Like This justifies A Need For Government, Or Public Corrections.

Carr Automotive Beaverton contacted me a week ago about “helping” me get into a car. They sold me a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. The quote was, $4500 in payments of $211.00 a month. I go into sign the papers and they raise the payment to $275.00 and I could not take the car home. I have $500.00 down that they refused to refund after they continued to push back when I could pick up the Pathfinder due to safety instructions that only takes 15 minutes to do at the most. They made me sign papers agreeing that the car was sold to me as is. Therefore they would never fix anything. I see the same Pathfinder being test driven by another mark printing me to file this complaint. I need my down payment back and it would be nice if they went out of business.

I have no reason to believe that they would not do this to someone else. The fact that Scum like this justifies any form of government turns my stomach.