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On the sufface MLM’s get a bad rap. I want to take the time to talk about why. I researched on the web like everyone does and I found nothing good and I mean 0 good reveiws for Amway.

It is looking like I have to quite #Worldwide Dream Builders. I want it to work but I am spending too much on gas to meet the demands for my side of the agreement. If I have to recruit and not just use the products and sell retail, I am out!

Last night I realized that World Wide Dream Builders was nichle and diming me into bankruptcy or so I thought. I don’t have enough gas to get to work, but they want me to hear the same thing on over and over again. Driving 30 miles out of my way to here the plan that I have heard over and over again seems redundant to say the least. I am seeing why the plan doesn’t work for a lot of people. But in a world’s population as dense as we have 100% bad reviews says someone is playing with the search algorithm.

I also fond it disturbing how the Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) seem to have even less time to live then before they signed up with Amway. It also disturbs me that outside of Amway I have heard, seen, or read no positive things about Amway. In fact I have heard it being called an economic cult. But on the other hand why is it so one sided on the outside?

I am not interested in getting rich, nor am I interested in most of the products while they are high quality, they are too expensive for the people who need our services the most. However I am interested in the mentorship. But is the mentorship enough to justify staying in. My biggest issue is that Dream Builders puts to much of a demand on my time that should be put towards ministry. But these are my concerns and no one else. But I set myself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy. I went through all of these objections and found that I am still on board.

After about a week, I noticed that WWDB had taken $0.30 out of my bank account every day sense I Luanched. For someone who lives with every penny counted down to the cent, so it could be used $20.00 is gas money to get to work. With 3 transactions in the whole my bank changed me $210.00 in bank fees. Needless to say that is no way fo me to make money. I put stop payments on all things Amway and I will not have anything to do with it. I still have not told them that I am out or why but I am not interested in them trying to fix the problem either.

A day passed into the next and I had a chance to cool off and take another look at finances. The discrepancy was on my part. I had signed up for an app that pays on your bills every time you swipe your card. I forgot about it. It didn’t help that I started watching YouTube viedos about how bad Amway is. But the bad press got me asking more questions.

  • Why is there no middle ground? I have not met one person who doesn’t have a strong opinion good or bad but not one person is in the grey area with such a discussion. In the meantime there is snow on the grounds and I may have to sleep in my car to make gas stretch. Trust me at 37° F, I am motivated to make this work.
  • What motivation is there to keep someone from earning a little more freedom? Is this question connected to the agenda that individual slave maters have for their charge?
  • If we have technology to do away with the use of fossil fuels, why haven’t we?

The answer may be found in the modivation behind the creation of government. Government serves no purpose other than establishmentof control over the working population. For this reasn anyone who lives outside of the social paradigm are treated like public enemy number one.

I mean if you thnk about it, the first #MLM was started by the one man that had something that everyone wanted but he was the only person who could make if. He probably was not the alpha of the group but he learned while others could not. Remember that knowledge is freedom.

Like the man who dicovered how to make fire and quickly learned that because of that knowledge he could tell others what he needed to be done and they would do it. Mankind tends to sacrifice freedom for comfort. The Fire keeper would soon become chief and others would collect what is needed to create fire. They would also go to war to protect the secret of that flame. Thus the monarchy was created.

Governments fear that which can’t be controled. A homeless person has no roots in the community, therefore can’t be controlled. So what does the local government do to solve the problem? They make it illegal to be homeless with in the city limits. The government does so because a homelessness person has no guarantee that he or she will feel obligated to keep a job and do his or her part as a produtive member of slavery.

The time cock is our modern whip master, our debts are our chains. Anarchy Empowered doesn’t offer anyone a job. We offer a life changing event. An event that will hopefully help you change the way you view yourself and the way the world views you. Our culture has been conditioned to reject anything outside of the recommended industrial oppression. So this journey will not be easy.

If you Google our supplier you will not find any positive feedback because we are Anarchy Empowered and we are fighting a war that has been on going since the first walled cities were erected. The opressor destroys families. Puts people in jail for just trying to get a nights sleep. It has been known to take the lives of the weaker members of society, such as young children, and the elderly. Our enemy is known by only one name. The opressor I speak of is known only as Poverty. Are you ready to join the fight?

Like I said before, we are an underground grassroots resistance group. We are not offering a job. We will help you get a job if you need one be we hope that you will take us seriously enough to want to join us.

The is not a get rich quick. We will teach you to make connections and drive your business to success, but you only get out of it what you put into it. Below is a link to an audio book that explains why we are using the MLM model for our ministry.

If you are sold and you want to give it a try go and visit our online store and find the business opportunity link. You can sign up there or if you are in the Vancouver Washington, North Portland Metropolitan area you can have a more direct mentorship through Anarchy Empowered and our affiliates. Just Text Tony at (971) 718-0430

Anarchy Empowered will help you find a job in the hope that you will jion the fight. Just talk to your field director. We are well connected.

Turning a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder into a state of the art mission vehicle takes more than know how, it takes money. As it stands, we have hit a few obstacles along the way.

The oil pan gasket needs to be replaced. Not to mention the fact that that Pathfinder is my only vehicle and I need it to go to work. That is right guys I have a full time job and I live the life that you read about.

I love the way Anarchy Empowered changes lives. The video below is the reason why.

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We Must Pick Aside

In today’s crazy world their is left a lot to be desired. Slavery is no longer thought of as slavery. Now we are called employees. Morality has fallen to such low standards that abortion is widely considered the best option. But there are a hand full of people who are working to make the world a better place.

 “You can dream create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it take people to make it a reality” (Walt Disney). 

The people who change the world act on what they know is right. They don’t protest or riot they see a problem and find a way to fix it.

Sometimes change has to be painful if we are to grow. This morning I turned down a job that would have save me gas and money because it was only a temporary solution while I currently have a full time job. We are all faced with the hard decision from time to time but I feel in my heart that I made the right choice.

Part of the reason that I kept the my job has to do with a girl that I met. God seems to be pushing me towards Portland or may the Enemy for no good has ever come out of that city.

I am excited to launch with World Wide marketing group soon. The money is in the bank to do it just need to do it. I replaced Brianna’ s cot that I ripped struggling to get out of bed when my knee was locking up.

With every increase I am paying off bills and buying only what I am going to need for the trip to Oklahoma. I am less worried about gas because I have learned who to make my own. But to do it on the road would still require water that I may not have available.

I still think the electric motor conversion on the Pathfinder is still the best option. It is the cost of the conversion that I don’t know if I can pull off.

But even with the moonshine model I would need to buy portable solar panels to power the still so I do not leave a foot print along the way.

Another option is Bio-lite. Pull to the side of the road and cook lunch while powering the still. I like this ideal because it means less net weight for the vehicle and without the vortex drive installed I am still looking at conventional weight issues. Weight means fuel consumption, which may mean that I am stranded in the desert.

There is an urban myth about running your car off of water by splitting the water into its basic elements, which are Oxygen and Hydrogen, both are combustible. But in a desert water is not readily available. Remember the goal is to live off the grid yet still have the modern conveniences that many depend on. I look at this experiment as an overt attack on any government who chooses to makes laws that tell people they can’t go off the grid within their jurisdiction. This is where I ask others to choose a side.

Which do you choose, the oppression of government or the freedom of Anarchy that teaches you that you don’t need a government running your life. If you choose anarchy support us on our Patrion page.

The other day my sponcer in a business that I recently joined asked me to define my why. Why am I committed to over 12 grand in customization to an SUV that I only paid 4 grand for to begin? Why am I staying out till 11pm while I still need to go to work at 3am? It is all for the Ministry.

I chose and defined my fine my why the day my Ex-wife Kansa walked out on me. I gave my life to, educating newly homeless youth so they can survive without breaking any laws so they have a fighting chance to get off of the street strengthens our economy in the future.

As for the unassuming Pathfinder that can take a bullet from any angle, it was designed to protect the driver as I go into some of the roughest neighborhoods in America. Our new store is going to help fund this project.

On another note: my research for the Rogue project has hit a wall. The transmission casings that are out on the marker are made of cast aluminum. Adding mercury to aluminum is not a good thing as seen in this video.

I need to find a transmission that is either cast iron, stainless steel or copper, aluminum is not going to work.

I fund a nother way to create the vortex. This may be much better.

Please support the Rogue project. If I am right it may just change the world.

Please visit our store.

Time Truly Is Money.

If you really think about the foundation of Capitalism; the first principle is the idea that you put the time and effort into the production of a product and or service and expect to be paid for it. Can I ask you what is the argument against Capitalism?

I have heard people say that Capitalism is corrupt. However, the people who benefit from it have never stolen from anyone for the most part and yet the people who benefit from the socialist model consistently use the government to steal for them through taxation. I ask you again, where is the corruption?

The people who used to Capitalist system to succeed found a nitch in industry that was not yet taped at the time. They saw an opportunity an took it. These opportunities come around all the time but I have never had the courage to act. Time is money. We seem to be willing to punch a clock for someone else but when the time comes to put our money where our mouth is we tend to back down.

Tesla, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Galileo and even Sir Isaac Newton, all had similar theorys about how the make a flying machine.

We have called this Leonardo da Vinci’s helicopter for years. But I don’t believe it was ever meant to be a helicopter at all. I believe that da Vinci may have been working on a vortex drive.

The first artificial satellite launched famously into orbit was the Russian satellite Sputnik, in 1957. Prior to this, rockets had been used to launch missiles for warfare. The first rocket able to fly high enough to get into space was the German A4/V-2 rocket family launched in 1942. Considering early powered flight and early models of the aeroplane these advances still only date back to the beginning of the 20th century. However there are many books and websites which forcefully and passionately assert that technologically advanced aircraft and spacecraft were in common use over the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago. These same sources claim that advanced space propulsion techniques being researched by NASA are in fact directly inspired by ancient flying machines.” (

The story that I auoted from the link I gave at the end of the quote got my mind working.

If designs such as this can work to lighten a vehicle and even create a field to protect the vehicle from a collision why hasn’t the automotive industry adopted it. I mean the design above looks a lot like the flywheel of a cars transmission. With a few modifications and the addition of Mercury we may have this effect:

Now here is where the corruption of Capitalism comes in. The auto industry make no effort to hide that they have considered this physical phenomenon. In fact GM used this concept in the GM Sun Racer. In case you don’t remember the Sun Racer is a concept car that made a trip from the East to West coasts of Australia.

We know this works! So why are we not using the technology? They answer is simple. The petroleum industry has a lock on our economy. In some way everyone is effected by the industry. The trickle down effect would destroy what people are comfortable with.

My calculations say that I could save 60 miles worth of gas by doing this to the pathfinder. I would need to lighten the car anyway to make it electric. By putting in the time and effort to make these changes I feel like I would be taking control of my life again.

Some material modifications would have to be made as well for instance the flywheel itself would have to be Copper to help generate the power needed for the vortex. The transition housing will be charged to steel that will become an electro magnet.

Every thing that I have talked about doing to my car is declassified and easy for the public to learn how to do. It is just a matter of are you willing to front the money and time to save at the pump? Personally I am sick of not making enough money to live and taking gas out of the picture would change that big time.

Every Day Is A Struggle

A new year has started. Can you beleive that it is already 2019. What happened to 2018? with a new years comes a new mission. To rid world of a need for fossil fuels. Now I am not jumping on to Green Peace’s band wagon. I simply beleive that Gas is one of the most efective ways to keep us in bondage.

The second works in random with the first. The high gas prices off set the lower cost of living in BFE. So unless you are living off grid you are still a slave to the company store. So as the project unfolds I will keep you up to date.

Well this has been a long day. I didn’t party like most. My day starts at 3 am. I got up and went out into the sub freezing cold and waited for my ride. “How are you doing Tony?” Mike my lyft driver asked as he opened my door. I told him that I really need a break.

Anarchy Empowered needs some suport or you do?” I told him how the past few months have unfolded and that I have been contemplating ending my life because I am just tired of living. He told me that he understands.

But Mike replied with, “you have been put on this earth by our creator, with what ever name you prefer to give him, for one purpose and that purpose has nothing to do with money. Take Anarchy Empowered to the next level and help yourself by helping others.”

I told him, “both of us need help.”

“The ministry suffers because most of the time I am the one paying for everything. People do donate but if I am not making enough money to survive there are no blankets and tents going out to those who need them. I am spending more money on gas then I am making from my job.”

Mike nodded. “Sign up for PostMate. You can deliver packages on the side and supplement your income.” I did sign up and I am waiting on a background check. The reality is that I can’t afford the job that I have. I send too much money on gas and am not able to pay my bills. When I was living with Nicole gas was still an issue but she stole the money from taxpayers. I couldn’t handle living with the criminal mentality.

So I made the choice to not have the safety net of the taxpayer’s paying for my gas. I also believe that the cost of living including gas is intentionally high to force people to work longer hours. That is why I want to turn my Pathfinder into an electric vehicle.

I started going back to crypto-mining. But none of these things will make us rich, in fact Anarchy Empowered is a 501-c3 Nonprofit. I am proud of the things that Anarchy Empowered has accomplished over ther years. I just stay in the shadows and watch as people are inspired to do the Lord’s work.

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Rebuilding My Life

Many times in my life I have felt a need to just drop whatever I was doing at the time and pick up my life and start over.

My life has always been mobile so as to go wherever the Lord of mycreation might will me to go. Today it is almost 10am. I am sitting in the the second to the front row of the lef t side. People are slowly coming in and I am glad to be here. I am hungry and I am scared that this cycle will not come to an end. I have no food and no where to turn for help.

I remember a simular incident happened when Doug was still alive. My ex-wife Kansa decided to spend our entire food budget for the

month on a fad diet that our friend Doug got her into. She asked me not to eat it. Out of respect for my wife at the time I went without food until I just couldn’t any longer. I came in to the house ignored both my friend and my wife and went straight to bed. I did this for three days. Finally Doug told Kansa to go and talk to me. I asked Kansa if she meant to kill me. I explained to her that she set none of our food budget aside for food that I was aloud to eat.

I explained to her that Rent to Doug the car payment must come first and what is left over is what we use to buy good. Tears filled her eyes and she apologized. She then asked Doug to help her fix me something to eat. I realize years later that she just never loved me.

After being told that I had cancer all she wanted to do was plan her escape. Was I that much of an ass that she would just decide to file for a divorce? No the truth is her family played a big role in that. I left the church because I couldn’t reconcile a Mormon who was sealed in the temple for time and all eternity just deciding one day to up and leave her husband.

But the last month or so I have felt a need to go back. I was taken back to learn of the death of Thomas S. Monson, that is its self struck me as a season of new beginnings. I am glad to be back. My plans for Christmas have been up in the air since Kansa walked out, but God finds something for me to do.

Attempting to save money with Bain Power

I learned years ago that the only true freedom in this world is knowledge. The Bible say that we need to “study to show ourselves approved” (2 Timothy, 2:15). I believe that our Creator wants us to study to free ourselves from the bonds of modern society.

However God gave us knowledge to tame the world that is captive by the stain of original sin. So why would we reject our advancements to go off the gride? Anarchy Empowered was founded to teach others not just how to survive on the streets but also to thrive.

There are two classes of homeless that I work with regularly. I call them the Thrown Aways and the Innovators.

The Thrown Away, like the name implies has given up on life and has become complacent with the current situation. He or she tends to be more concerned about the next fix of drugs than with any quality of life.

The Innovators spends a lot of time in the public library learning about what ever new idea came to mind. They don’t worry about how much time they have been homeless but rather what can be done to help those around them. The Innovator tends to attract followers that tend to have the attitude of a Thrown Away. The Innovator does not stay homeless for long but may return to the hood to check on and care for those who followed.

As I said true freedom comes from knowledge. Even the homeless now-a-days have cell phones. Mostly thanks to Obama. The challenge is two fold for a homeless person. How to charge the phone which is their life line if they are looking for work: and also how to pay the bill so they can land that job that could get them off the streets.

Portable sollar cellphone chargers are commonly seen in homeless camps. The Innovator most likely opted to go homeless and planned it out. Thus buying a Sollar charger while still employed or maybe they kept their job and just wanted to pay down some bills. What ever the case they tend to be the one who you never would guess are homeless.

So let’s talk about a few ideas that could save money and make you more self-sufficient as you go semi off-grid.

First Build The Sollar Pannel

Sollar power is great but it takes planning and resources. When in an urban survival situation such as being homeless or just living off the grid, every amp counts and Sollar is bulky.

I realized that I needed to get out of debt. So I paid off the Pathfinder and other bills. Now the Pathfinder is the Key to making this plan work. The reason being that the Pathfinder is going to work as a base camp for me.

The primary challenge for a homeless individual in America is staying mobile. Most cities have laws against camping with in the city limits, so the ability to mobile means you don’t go to jail. This it why I want to convert the Pathfinder to an electric vehicle.

After the conversion to ELECTRIC, I plan to mount a Sollar Panel on to the roof rack and use it to charge a battery that I have not designed yet.

But beyond the Sollar charge in also plan to change the battery pack with kinetic energy. This design will require the vehicle to be moving to carve the battery, but it will work as a fail safe when there is not enough sun the charge the battery pack.

Once this electric car is built and able to charge its self the cost of gas is nonexistent.

By using these tubes, the battery can charge as I drive down the road. By my calculations I will need 800 of these tubes to charge the battery pack.

The detentions of the power pack are as follows:

Front= X

Side = Y

Top = Z




The Battery Pack will replace the gas tank because there is no longer a need for it.. I will need to build 18 of them.

It accrued to me that I might need to research how to use Sollar to charge a car battery. I am glade I did.

So how much money would I need to do this?

The conversion kit to ELECTRIC runs about $7000

I also want to lift up the truck about 6 inches which will set me back $2000

Plus this would be a nice feature.

The fingerprint door lock and starter sells for about $700. So an income other than my hourly wage must be established. Rebuilding the Pathfinder which I have named “Rogue 1” is truly an expensive venture, but if it means I never need to buy gas for the vehicle again, it would be worth every penny. The money saved can be used to go towards the land and the complex that will expand pur ministry. Another way that I plan save money is by living on a boat that I got for free. Slip rental is far less than renting an apartment.

From the strategic point of view anyone that has conquered the fuel crisis has already won the war. Remember time is money.

Other ideas that I have been exploring involve a 110 volt outlet behind the gas cap cover to power a campsite.

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Life On The Fringes Of Proverty

Any one who has followed Anarchy Empowered for any period of time knows that while I may right about politics the fact is that I draw from my own life’s story. As a result the liberal Nazi scum of America, can’t rightfully say that what I am talking about is only my opinion. Sorry guys but after a hypothesis has been proven in an experiment, theory becomes fact. So when I say that no matter the situation no one needs food stamps, you may want to take into account that I have been known to eat one meal every three days and live off of a bag of potatoes. So I stand on the statement that no one needs food stamps.

Furthermore; I see nothing wrong with with living out of your car if for some reason you can’t afford the inflated prices of the housing market at the tome. I have even planned for the event. I put in a little bit when ever I get paid and her is my shopping list.

  1. Solar Cell phone charger $24.00
  2. Sub zero sleeping bag $60.00
  3. A bed roll $20.0
  4. A cot $45.00
  5. An 8 man tent $250.00
  6. A crossbow $300.00
  7. A knife $75.00
  8. A Weber Grill $75.00

Now keep in mind I am not going of the grid. I keep a private mail box in Portland. The address is on our contact us page. I have a full time job so the cell phone is needed but the land that I will stay on is not cell phone accessible, so I need to do a little research and buy a satellite phone.

After a quick run on Google I learned that a Sat-phone will run me an average of $1000.00, like I said going off the grid even a little takes planning. But as far as I can tell the cost of a Sat-phone means you don’t need to pay for a carrier. So once again planning things out the the key.

Another key factor is and has to be a top priority. Before I do anything I am going to need to pay off the car.

I plan to purchase land through an auction and build a Yurt to live in. The cost of the yurt will be around $7000.00s.

As I said, being homeless the right way takes planning. But for now I need to get over the hump that was cause by my employer not paying my for a month. One account is overdrawn, I still need to Pay $300.0 for the Pathfinder and $50.00 for my phone. That doesn’t leave much for food or Brianna for rent. On top of that my car insurance rates whent up for no reason. I am just going to let that laps. Life sucks and than you die.

I have spent a lifetime helping others while living in poverty myself. But Unlike Nicole Luther, I have never stolen anything and trust me as hungry as I am right now I am tempted. It has been over a month since my boss paid my. I stayed because the client that I was working for was going to hire me and they did. But now it is going to be another two weeks before they pay me. I have run out of options I am going to try for a cash advance.

I was denied the loan and I am hungry for the next three days. But I w9uld rather live an honest and righteous life then watch Nicole teach her kids to become like her. At least Kristina and Kansa were good people. I miss them both.

So What Is The Plan?

I learned that I can better help others once I am in a position to do so. They say “God helps those who help themselves. So I plan to continue to help the local homeless population out of my own pocket while I work to Pay off bills. Relationships or any potential relationship is on hold until this is achieved ad I am able to secure a house of my own. I say My own but in reality it would belong to Anarchy Empowered.

At the point of move in, I have a few homeless individuals in mind to bring in and hopefully give them a chance to get on their feet. Once they have jobs they will be asked to pay rent. No drugs, alcohol or smoking of any kind will be permitted on property.

The well be encouraged to promote an individual’s self worth. Contrary to the popular belief that the average homeless person are freeloaders, I know better. Mostly because I have never had a stable place to call my own yet I don’t aske for help. I earn what I have and make due.

It is for this reason that Anarchy Empowered has an existence. If given the proper opportunity those who are note freeloaders can be separated from the chaff and taught to thrive in a true Gypsy life style. Now you must keep in mind that if you are renting your home you are basically homeless and never in a stable living situation, due to the fact that the Lord can raise your rent until you have to move. So don’t disqualify yourself from being homeless.

The smile fact is over 80% of America’s work force live a nomadic lifestyle. They keep moving from one apartment to another as their rent goes up and sometimes even from job to job until they retire and become a liability to the taxpayers because they never made enough money to save for retirement.

My current situation has me grateful that I have never saved money but rather have invested it in stocks that pay a monthly Dividend. Each of them pay out on different days of the month and thanks to that I have gas in my tank and the Steiners got paid something spurring this transition between jobs.


My psychiatrist has me keeping a journal so I can refer back to it when I star disassociating. Today I have already written down the date on my paperwork at work 04/06/2017. That was the day that Kansa walked out of my life forever. My shrink says that for me the event was just as traumatic if not more than watching my unit get burned alive by a fire-drop o Feb 9th of 1990. He thinks these are the events that began to fracture my identity.

My most dominant identity I am told is Devin Clien. The irony of that is that Devin Clien was an identity that was originally created by the French Army. The reason this is relevant is that I believe the same kind of disassociation happens to American Vets. It may explain a lot of why there are so many homeless Vets.


It is my belief that that like me an unidentified number of Homeless Vets that served in elite roles in combat, have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia when in fact they have a dissociative identity disorder.

This post is going to act as my daily journal so I can have something to refer back to when things go dark.

By the way My name is Michael. I came into the light after years of Tony being bullied and thought to be a little slower mentally than others. Out of Tony’s three main alters, I am the brain. We all know of one another but we all are here to protect Tony who has not grown passed the 10 year old boy who stopped maturing after his parents got divorced.

I feel that by understanding better what happens in in world of an individual with D.I.D could greatly reduce the homeless population.

I am the oldest of Tony’s alters the next in line is John who manifested during the divorce of Tony’s parents. John is the fatherly affection that Tony never new. He has a reckless streak that drove Tony to join the Foreign Legion the night his grandfather died. It is John who adapts to everything and has a gift of figuring things out to overcome what ever happens.

As I said Anthony Wayne Antolic has only been the dominate identity for the first ten years of his life but we all go by the name Tony, so as not to confuse the people around us.

Once John got to France the French Army inadvertently created another alter for Tony. When the recruiter told John that once he signs the paper he will become Devin Clien.

Devin protected Tony from seeing all the terrible things that happen in combat. When the Misfits were killed in a fire drop Devin became the leader of the next group of men to be assembled. Out of the three of us who protect Tony he is the one I would not want to get angry. In extremely stressful situations Devin takes other and takes charge.

After Kellie our first wife died John took Tony and enrolled at Mount Angel Catholic Seminary. We studied for the Arch Diocese of Seattle, but the life of a Diocesan priest would have brought to light our existence and Tony would have been thrown out on the streets with no where to go. So John talked to the Bishop and got introduced to the vocational director of the Survevite Order of Mary.

Once John finished his Novitiate the order gave us a new alter. In the traditional prayer life of of the church a monk take on a new name to symbolize the birth of a new Man in Christ. The new alter’ s name is Brother Dominic Rafael Antolic (SOM). It is Dominic who worked to jobs while living in poverty on the streets of Jacksonville Florida, just to buy a ring for $1000.00 to give to Charity Fields when Devin got on one knee to propose to her. It was Devin that told Charity that the ring was found on the street because he didn’t want her to worry about Dominic. Are you confused yet? Try living in this head.

At any rate Anthony Wayne Antolic has lived his vagabond life style mostly because of us and I am sick of hurting him. I will not inagrate until the others do. Tony will me fine for we are simply aspects of the amazing man that refuse to fail. Yes Tony can still be immature but with Devin’s, John’s fatherly compassion Dominic’ s faith and my intellect, Tony can become the man he is meant to be.

It is time guys, Tony has to become his own Man. Let’s give him the chance to do so.

As I said before the homeless problem is a mere symptom of our society disassociating ourselve from a much bigger problem.

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American’s Are Being Discriminated Against!

“Sorry deposits are unavailable for your country.” Profitcoins cought up to the rest of the cloud mining industry.

Hashflare demanded a while back that users upload proof of I’D. Without it they eddould not let you withdrawal anything. At first I thought this trend was because of some kind of Federal regulations that may have popped up. But America has no jurisdiction in these countries, so why are Americans being restricted from using these services? I know it is all one big conspiracy theory, right?

The Main Stream Hacks from CNN, and other propagabda factories around the world are calling Qanon a group of conspiracy theorist. But the fact that Americans are banned from more than a few crypto-currency sites that are opporating out side American juristiction, only supports the Qanon ecco chamber.

Below is a video that CNN put out about the group. Note how the so-called reporter tries to discredit the Qanon ideas by posing questions in the way he does. Also the reporter accuses one man of rejecting the people’s first Amendment right to freedom of the press, because the Qanon supporter tells the reporter that he is the enemy.

Anarchists groups automatically reject mainstream media as the enemy because they no longer just report only the facts and inject their own propaganda into the mix. As a result they are sell outs to big government and no longer uphold the Freed of the Press clause of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America.

On a earlier note, I had to find out why is no longer letting deposit into there program. I sent an email to them a week ago and they answered my question with Intel that I already had.

It seems that the Obama administration signed treaties with all the counties with optimal conditions for crypto-currency mining. The Democrat scum was scared of loosing tax revenue on unregulated currency. So no CNN we are being minipulated.

A Movement To Change Lives is an Online Magazine that oporates off of donations. But at the core of our vision the idea is always to help the community help themselves.

Today I have to fight with my employer to get him to reissue my paycheck. I tried to give blood for money to offset the money that I didn’t get paid. I was turned down because of government controls on the industry. Finally my employer agrees to pay me and I pick up my check. The whole time I am realizing how close I am from being homeless myself.

After stressing about my check I make it home and am almost asleep when a friend of mine put out an S.O.S. on Facebook. She needed to move and fast. I go and help her and by that time it is 8:00 pm. But this is what Anarchy Empowered is all about.

Humans don’t need bureaucratic red tape, we just naturally want to help the people closest to us. So Anarchy Empowered is opening our services to venders for a 10% commission. This would help us drive traffic to us and help our community better thrive.

I have to be honest, with my knee the way it is, I can’t do the work that I have done for a lifetime. So I am trying to create a job that I can do. I rejected Nicole and her government safety-net out of sheer principle. But now I am paying the price. Tomorrow I have to go shopping for clothes because I left with just the clothes on my black. Hard to stay clean with nothing to change into. But I digress, we are happy to list your products on our stite to help you sell them.

On another note Facebook is still censoring posts in favor of the liberal agenda so much for free speech.

Many of our friends in the alt-right media have lost revenue due to their content. Many years ago I lost a freelance gig with the for the same reasons. That is why many of us have started asking for donations instead. With donations we are Free to write the content that is on our heart, without compromising our core-values.

When we as for donations, it is to keep our website going.

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