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This is what most if not all of the mining apps on Google play tell you, but most of them if not all seem to be scams. And why not, the people who are mining are trying to get something for nothing but their time. It all seems to good to be true but there are websites like who are legitimate.

There Is Never A Good Time To Pay Your Bills.

As I said your employer depends on you having bills to pay. After all debts are a primary reason we clock in. Yes for many families becomes a big motivated as well, but debt will always be there. First we need to learn on our way to Independence is to manage our bank accounts and pay our bills as they come. Note that I said Independence and not financial independence. This Podcast will make it clear why I said it this way.

As seen in the video above, people hate Trump because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. Trump wants to reduce social spending to lower taxes that I believe shouldn’t should not be paid unless they are going to path the roads. It is the fear of the government taking away the Liberal safety net that provokes such hate in the left. I am using these videos to support my thesis that by taking personal responsibility, we can fix a lot of the social problems that plagues the Western World today.

Another issue is Mass Shootings that seems to have become an asset to the Liberal Propaganda mill. Even if these shootings were not set up be government organizations, no one can argue that the Left doesn’t use them for a platform for gun control.

Lets Talk About Indoctrination Camps

To bign, the government has no place getting involved in institutions of religion according to the First Amendment. Well what is family if not an institution of religion through the contract of marriage? With that said, if you wants your kids to learn to think rather than listen to a lot of illogical liberal crap it is the parents responsibility to raise their child, not the government’s.

Why do we comply with laws that are not just? If our kids are not being educated in these indoctrination camps then why are we paying taxes to fund them?

Furthermore: why are we concerned with IRS complaint Bitcoin IRAs when the whole point of crypto-curencies is to decentralize and unstablise government currencys? Have we been indoctrinated so well that we can’t stay the course towards freedom even when the tools for success are placed in our hands?

We should treat our child’s education as an investment in our future. If our tax dollars are going to pay for our kids being brainwashed into thinking that stealing from the people who are willing to work is OK, those who are willing to work should refuse to pay taxes until every first grader can quote the entire US Constitution from memory and I am not just talking about the bill of rights.

Change Is On The Wind

For years Anarchy Empowered has worked to help people see that the only true freedom that we have is how we look at the world. Peace starts with a good long look at the person who looks back at you in the mirror. Today I stopped by the library and saw a small group of elderly men and women holding signs and handing out literature to raise awareness about human trafficking or modern slavery if you prefer. I had to hold back my laughter as I politely took their literature and entered the library. You see modern slavery doesn’t stop at the borders of the good old USA. in fact it can be argued that the hourly wage is a form of debt bondage, that makes it so the employee wants to work more hours just to try to get ahead only to realize that most of the time the same imployee finds himself even deeper in dept because of the hours worked and not changing the spending habits that put him in debt in the first place.

We should always be asking ourselves how I could have done something differently and take responsibility for the mistakes that we made. Only then can we learn from them and work towards our own freedom. You see ultimately it is our own choices that put us into our current position in life. But even the ancient world let a slave buy his or her freedom.

To become free even in America required sacrifice. But first you must identify what it is that you wish to be free from. Most Americans are slaves to their debts, this class of indentured servitude is hidden behind the hourly wage. The hourly wage is a system that only benefits the employer and here is why.

The difference between a rich man’s mind set and everyone else’s is that the mindset of the employee put value on time while the rich man puts value on the potential income of ideas. The slave is obligated to work for a set amount of hours at what ever value the owner puts on the slaves time. This stipend is usually just enough to keep the slave going but the owner is hoping that it will not be enough for the slave to buy his or her freedom.

What the gamble is, is that the slave will not put the money to work so he or she can buy that freedom. In most cases the owner is right and the slave begins to recents being even deeper in debt every time the value of the currency he of she is paid in decreases by the implementation of a higher minimum wage to justify inflammation.

As a result we get protestors and riots in the streets from the same people who never had the foresight to put themselves in a better position through studying and acting on what has been learned.

Here is an example of what I mean buy sacrifice today to buy your freedom tomorrow. I willingly go without food to invest more money in stocks that pay a monthly divided. I look for the highest divided payout with the lowest price per share. This way I can buy more shares for less money. Last month I ate one meal every three days and worked an average of 60 hours a week. I increased my monthly income by $132.00 that I no longer have to work for. This month I will do the same thing and I will continue to do so until I can pay all of my monthly expenses through my investments. At which point I am free to quit my job and free to live my life.

Do You Like The Person You Are Today?

We all have our demons in our past, but the past doesn’t define us as the people we are today. It is the choices we make today that defines the person we are today and in our future. But unfortunately governments are made up of people who are influenced by others to make laws that may not be just or mortally correct.

In case you don’t know Law is a mutual agreement between the Commonwealth and their governments. If one side breaches that agreement the law becomes obsolete. For this reason you cannot have law without universal morality.

Universal morality is a knowledge of right and wrong, which helps society stay civil. Basically it is an honor system that is rooted in the faith traditions of the world. Without morality law becomes useless.

You can’t tell someone who has already broken the law that they can’t do something because it is illegal. Of course they can do it for they already have. Now society can impose consequences to keep people from breaking that law but ultimately the willingness to uphold a law is up to the individual.

As a result we can argue that the only laws that can’t be broken are the physical laws. Step off a cliff and tell me that you are above the law of gravity. I dare you.

My point is that a Democracy is only as strong as the morality of the people who are allowed to vote. If the people who are voting are not ethically sound it doesn’t take long for the government in question to fall a part. You can’t keep imposing new laws every time one is not enforced.

The Cross Is A Symbol Of Defiance!

The Romans killed thousands of Jews on the cross after they squashed a rebellion. So one can make an argument that the popular symbol of the Christian faith started out as kind of a way of flipping the Romans the bird, after the tomb turned up empty.

After all Jesus did say,”turn the other cheek.” If you think about it at some point in the act of offering the other cheek you must look the offender straight in the eye, as if to say, “is that all you’ve got?” So in truth the roots of the Christian faith tradition is found in defiance.

The first 300 years of Christian history scholars refer to as the Jesus Cult, due to the fact that they hide from the persecution of the Rome.

Congress Shell Make No Law Regarding Institutions Of Religion

The Hebrew nation of Jesus’s time referred to the Torah as the Law. They followed the rules layed down in the first five books of the Old Testament to extremes. The Bible was the charter of the Hebrew government.

In America we also have a set of rules that are meant to protect the common man from the corruption of government this charter is referred to as the Constitution, but most of the time when people talk about the Constitution the are only talking about the Amended bills or the Bill of Rights.

Did you know that there is a whole other section that came before the Bill of Rights? The Articles of the Constitution are the rules that the American government are supposed to abide by. Is it any wonder that children never learn of them in our government funded indoctrination camps we call public schools?

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America clearly states that:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

It seems now the public schools teach our kids the America is a Democracy meaning the government is not obligated to abide by anything but the will of the people, the next step is clearly the total failure of the government by its own destructive ends.

Clearly the federal government has lost its way when it ignores the First Amendment’s Separations of Church and State clause, not once but countless times to their own convenience. The fact that marriage is a religious institution means that the courts should have never gotten involved in divorce issues, gay marriage, or any biproduct of marriage such as raising or educating our children.

The further away the US government get from the contract that was made with her people the closer America gets to seeing true anarchy. So just sit back and don’t lift a fingure. No violence is needed after all CPS has people afraid to discipline their kids, resulting in the natural effect of mass school shootings.

Too much government has become the Leviathan that devourers nations.

Why I Say Jesus Didn’t Pay Didn’t Pay Taxes!

I have said it before but it must be said again. “Jesus was an Anarchist.” He opposed government at every turn. It was unlawful to work on the Sabbath, yet Jesus healed the sick saying to the authorities, “the Sabbath was created for man, Man was not created for the Sabbath.”

In today’s world popular culture equates Anarchy with violence and overthrowing the established government, well Jesus did say render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and about 300 years after the crucifixion Rome fell to the hands of Christianity. I don’t believe is chance.

You see most true Anarchists are pacifists who just sit back and watch the mistakes of an arrogant government cause their end. History is littered with philosophers who warned their governments that they are on the wrong path and most if not all of them ended up dead for it. Let us not make the same mistakes. Just sit back and watch Jerusalem burn just as Josephus did after he warned Israel that things needed to change.

Why Are We Glorifying Another School Shooter!

As you may have heard on February 14th 2018, we had another public school shot up by yet another dysfunctional young adult. As sad as it is should we be putting our flags at half mass, bringing more attention to the youth who killed 17 people, just to get attention? with that said there were many flags that if acted on could have prevented Columbine 2018. The FBI admits they didn’t investigate tips that could have prevented this latest tragic event. In an effort to show our nation’s support, ‘President Trump issued a proclamation Thursday mourning the victims of the deadly shooting at a Florida high school — ordering American flags to be flown at half-staff.

“Our Nation grieves with those who have lost loved ones in the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida,”’ Trump is quoted to have said. But as I said many times before lowering our national symbol of prosperity every time something bad happens seems to trivialize the meaning of the flag being lowered. I was a Boy Scout leader for years and it is a sad state of affairs when an 11 year old boy thinks that the flag is meant to be at half mass. Shouldn’t our children think of America as home and not a war zone? Personally I would rather be hearing from the main stream press how the families are dealing with the losses and how can we help prevent something like this from happening again. Further more as an Anarchist and a taxpayer I have to wonder what the value of the FBI is if they don’t care enough to prevent something like this from happening.

There Are Still Good People In This World.

The New Beginnings Business Plan was inspired by events that have happened in my life. Let me give you a little back story before I get to deep into this. When I was nine years old I found myself on the streets as a run-away. It did not last long, I was just a foolish kids throwing a tantrum.

But I learned some valuable lessons while I was out there. First the kids that are out there don’t always run away. In fact many of them don’t have any where to turn. If they seek help, they could end up in the same spot that was never safe in the first place.

Second: it is harder for a guy to find transitional housing then it is for a woman, particularly a single mother. I think that should change.