Designing The Homestead

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Anyway as my Shrink has been working with me I am finding myself more and more depressed. I don’t know who I am right now and my life seems to be falling apart at the seems. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere.

I seem to be much more comfortable in the past rather than the present. I own the land in Oklahoma and I don’t need much to build a shelter. After all I do much better on my own living the life of a hermit. I don’t have any desire to help anyone anymore, I just seem to get hurt that way. On the other hand I am a different person when I am on my Meds.

My friend Charity tells me that I shouldn’t put too much weight on some label put on me by some doctors. It is funny, that I used to tell Kansa the same thing. I guess life is so much easier when you are looking in from the outside. Anyway I am planning my life around cutting off all ties to the world. I say this as I am planning to get up and go to church. I love this kind of paradox.

But at the same time my friend Brianna and her family think that I am stealing from them. I am just keeping to myself trapped in my head and scared of what will come for me in the future.

Much of what I see in my future has to do with getting off of the grid. It will be a while before I can convert the Pathfinder to electric. So to save money on gas biofuel is a good option.

The Myth Busters confirmed that the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder should be able to run on moonshine. Now how do I make it.

As I step away from the grid and turn my back on government in and those who constantly betray the freedom on the individual, I will need to learn to adapt to my environment.

As I have said before true freedom comes from knowledge and no government or angry mob can take knowledge away from you. The more I study, the more I am certain that I can make the trip to Oklahoma to settle on my land. Ironically the land in Oklahoma was the only thing that I didn’t loose to my wife in our divorce.

Soap making will free up other resources on the trip.

Once I get to the destination electric off-grid power will be needed.

Warning To All Who Value Freedom

The existence of an obsolete government is threatened by people who want to claim their God given right to freedom. The government is truly going to hate me once I get this done.

Society Is The Homeless Problem

After an amazing series of unfortunate events I am back where I belong. I was spending way too much money on gas, going accorss the bridge to DMS. So I reached out to another express office in Vancouver Washington that I have a long work history with. They put me right to work but I have to offer up my situation to the Creator for this one day job to job stuff is stressful. I have developed stumach ulcer and my health is suffering because of the consistent levels of high stress.

I decided to go back to my Gypsy roots and live the way I am comfortable and teach others to do the same.

After you cut the vegetables that you used for the crockpot you will need to preserve them. The video below shows you how I ferment food.

If you know that you could be facing homelessness you may want to consider going to Best Buy and purchasing a freedompop SIM card. With one purchase of $5.00 You have free text and data for life. I have gotten sick of paying for things like unneeded services. I am sure you can relate. So I am going to go and buy freedompop SIM card so I can stop paying for one more monthly severce.

So I went and payed for two different data only SIM cards only to find out that both Simply Wireless and Google are faulsly advertising there basic service. They claim that you will never loose service for lack of payment but I can’t confirm nore deny this claim, however I have noticed that both companies are chareing more for service than I am paying for Metro PCS or T-Mobile. The Data only SIM cards is truly just and urban myth.

At any rate my first premix soups were a learning experience. The fermentation process worked perfectly however some minor changes are needed the next time around.

To begin thousands of years of wisdom says do not season the soup mix while fermenting. I tried it and the herbs really do have an overpowering taste if fermenting with the rest of the soup. So dry your herbs. Also the dryed beans need to be precooked before fermenting in the soup.

I keep the crockpot going a week at a time and just eat the soup as I am hungry. Buy adding more water each time the food stays in the communal pot for long periods of time.

We can live healthier lifestyles by unplugging our refrigerators.

Fermenting are foods is much healthier than any other preservation process. As science advances we begin to realize that the organisms that we feared so much known as bacteria are actually beneficial. Yet one more reason not to give so much power to a government that should have never existed.

In my current living situation I don’t dare put my food in the refrigerator for 2 reasons. First, I don’t want to be accused of eat someone else’s food and Second, I can’t afford to have someone eating my food. So I have be experimenting with fermenting food for preservation.

I think it tastes better than keeping food in the fridge anyways. Also I have a mouse in my room who I call Hector. Hector gets into anything so the jars serve any purpose too.

Once I am on the road again, I will need to have mastered this food preservation stuff. Besides these videos have some good ideas.

It is my belief that much like the Automotive industry, the reason the FDA and the Pharmaceutical industry has pushed what they know has not worked and in fact has destroyed the health of the population, is to keep the population coming back to the health care professional who prescribes more drugs.

God designed man to be the custodians of the Earth. We are not meant to kill our food and we are not meant reorder the creation of God’s plan.

The political party of the enemy wants Men to be dependent on a government that was created by they father of sin. Man’s role in God’s plan is to love your neighbor. If we are weighted down by government subsidies and regulations and have to conform to the will of society rather than God’s plan, even the resources that God gave us are restricted. Jesus was homeless for the last years of his life. Yet he made his mark of the world.

If we are what we eat and society wants us to eat death, then doesn’t society want us to be death. Cities where created by the sin of sloffulness. I have explained again and again that cities control even the water sources they replaced good eatable food with poison flowers because they look good.

The fact that Abraham told lot that, “no good can come out of that city,” should we believe that the Bible is talking to us as well (Gen, 11:31)? There is no accident that liberals tend to flock to cities.

Time Truly Is Money.

If you really think about the foundation of Capitalism; the first principle is the idea that you put the time and effort into the production of a product and or service and expect to be paid for it. Can I ask you what is the argument against Capitalism?

I have heard people say that Capitalism is corrupt. However, the people who benefit from it have never stolen from anyone for the most part and yet the people who benefit from the socialist model consistently use the government to steal for them through taxation. I ask you again, where is the corruption?

The people who used to Capitalist system to succeed found a nitch in industry that was not yet taped at the time. They saw an opportunity an took it. These opportunities come around all the time but I have never had the courage to act. Time is money. We seem to be willing to punch a clock for someone else but when the time comes to put our money where our mouth is we tend to back down.

Tesla, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Galileo and even Sir Isaac Newton, all had similar theorys about how the make a flying machine.

We have called this Leonardo da Vinci’s helicopter for years. But I don’t believe it was ever meant to be a helicopter at all. I believe that da Vinci may have been working on a vortex drive.

The first artificial satellite launched famously into orbit was the Russian satellite Sputnik, in 1957. Prior to this, rockets had been used to launch missiles for warfare. The first rocket able to fly high enough to get into space was the German A4/V-2 rocket family launched in 1942. Considering early powered flight and early models of the aeroplane these advances still only date back to the beginning of the 20th century. However there are many books and websites which forcefully and passionately assert that technologically advanced aircraft and spacecraft were in common use over the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago. These same sources claim that advanced space propulsion techniques being researched by NASA are in fact directly inspired by ancient flying machines.” (

The story that I auoted from the link I gave at the end of the quote got my mind working.

If designs such as this can work to lighten a vehicle and even create a field to protect the vehicle from a collision why hasn’t the automotive industry adopted it. I mean the design above looks a lot like the flywheel of a cars transmission. With a few modifications and the addition of Mercury we may have this effect:

Now here is where the corruption of Capitalism comes in. The auto industry make no effort to hide that they have considered this physical phenomenon. In fact GM used this concept in the GM Sun Racer. In case you don’t remember the Sun Racer is a concept car that made a trip from the East to West coasts of Australia.

We know this works! So why are we not using the technology? They answer is simple. The petroleum industry has a lock on our economy. In some way everyone is effected by the industry. The trickle down effect would destroy what people are comfortable with.

My calculations say that I could save 60 miles worth of gas by doing this to the pathfinder. I would need to lighten the car anyway to make it electric. By putting in the time and effort to make these changes I feel like I would be taking control of my life again.

Some material modifications would have to be made as well for instance the flywheel itself would have to be Copper to help generate the power needed for the vortex. The transition housing will be charged to steel that will become an electro magnet.

Every thing that I have talked about doing to my car is declassified and easy for the public to learn how to do. It is just a matter of are you willing to front the money and time to save at the pump? Personally I am sick of not making enough money to live and taking gas out of the picture would change that big time.

Every Day Is A Struggle

A new year has started. Can you beleive that it is already 2019. What happened to 2018? with a new years comes a new mission. To rid world of a need for fossil fuels. Now I am not jumping on to Green Peace’s band wagon. I simply beleive that Gas is one of the most efective ways to keep us in bondage.

The second works in random with the first. The high gas prices off set the lower cost of living in BFE. So unless you are living off grid you are still a slave to the company store. So as the project unfolds I will keep you up to date.

Well this has been a long day. I didn’t party like most. My day starts at 3 am. I got up and went out into the sub freezing cold and waited for my ride. “How are you doing Tony?” Mike my lyft driver asked as he opened my door. I told him that I really need a break.

Anarchy Empowered needs some suport or you do?” I told him how the past few months have unfolded and that I have been contemplating ending my life because I am just tired of living. He told me that he understands.

But Mike replied with, “you have been put on this earth by our creator, with what ever name you prefer to give him, for one purpose and that purpose has nothing to do with money. Take Anarchy Empowered to the next level and help yourself by helping others.”

I told him, “both of us need help.”

“The ministry suffers because most of the time I am the one paying for everything. People do donate but if I am not making enough money to survive there are no blankets and tents going out to those who need them. I am spending more money on gas then I am making from my job.”

Mike nodded. “Sign up for PostMate. You can deliver packages on the side and supplement your income.” I did sign up and I am waiting on a background check. The reality is that I can’t afford the job that I have. I send too much money on gas and am not able to pay my bills. When I was living with Nicole gas was still an issue but she stole the money from taxpayers. I couldn’t handle living with the criminal mentality.

So I made the choice to not have the safety net of the taxpayer’s paying for my gas. I also believe that the cost of living including gas is intentionally high to force people to work longer hours. That is why I want to turn my Pathfinder into an electric vehicle.

I started going back to crypto-mining. But none of these things will make us rich, in fact Anarchy Empowered is a 501-c3 Nonprofit. I am proud of the things that Anarchy Empowered has accomplished over ther years. I just stay in the shadows and watch as people are inspired to do the Lord’s work.

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Rebuilding My Life

Many times in my life I have felt a need to just drop whatever I was doing at the time and pick up my life and start over.

My life has always been mobile so as to go wherever the Lord of mycreation might will me to go. Today it is almost 10am. I am sitting in the the second to the front row of the lef t side. People are slowly coming in and I am glad to be here. I am hungry and I am scared that this cycle will not come to an end. I have no food and no where to turn for help.

I remember a simular incident happened when Doug was still alive. My ex-wife Kansa decided to spend our entire food budget for the

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Attempting to save money with Bain Power

I learned years ago that the only true freedom in this world is knowledge. The Bible say that we need to “study to show ourselves approved” (2 Timothy, 2:15). I believe that our Creator wants us to study to free ourselves from the bonds of modern society.

However God gave us knowledge to tame the world that is captive by the stain of original sin. So why would we reject our advancements to go off the gride? Anarchy Empowered was founded to teach others not just how to survive on the streets but also to thrive.

There are two classes of homeless that I work with regularly. I call them the Thrown Aways and the Innovators.

The Thrown Away, like the name implies has given up on life and has become complacent with the current situation. He or she tends to be more concerned about the next fix of drugs than with any quality of life.

The Innovators spends a lot of time in the public library learning about what ever new idea came to mind. They don’t worry about how much time they have been homeless but rather what can be done to help those around them. The Innovator tends to attract followers that tend to have the attitude of a Thrown Away. The Innovator does not stay homeless for long but may return to the hood to check on and care for those who followed.

As I said true freedom comes from knowledge. Even the homeless now-a-days have cell phones. Mostly thanks to Obama. The challenge is two fold for a homeless person. How to charge the phone which is their life line if they are looking for work: and also how to pay the bill so they can land that job that could get them off the streets.

Portable sollar cellphone chargers are commonly seen in homeless camps. The Innovator most likely opted to go homeless and planned it out. Thus buying a Sollar charger while still employed or maybe they kept their job and just wanted to pay down some bills. What ever the case they tend to be the one who you never would guess are homeless.

So let’s talk about a few ideas that could save money and make you more self-sufficient as you go semi off-grid.

First Build The Sollar Pannel

Sollar power is great but it takes planning and resources. When in an urban survival situation such as being homeless or just living off the grid, every amp counts and Sollar is bulky.

I realized that I needed to get out of debt. So I paid off the Pathfinder and other bills. Now the Pathfinder is the Key to making this plan work. The reason being that the Pathfinder is going to work as a base camp for me.

The primary challenge for a homeless individual in America is staying mobile. Most cities have laws against camping with in the city limits, so the ability to mobile means you don’t go to jail. This it why I want to convert the Pathfinder to an electric vehicle.

After the conversion to ELECTRIC, I plan to mount a Sollar Panel on to the roof rack and use it to charge a battery that I have not designed yet.

But beyond the Sollar charge in also plan to change the battery pack with kinetic energy. This design will require the vehicle to be moving to carve the battery, but it will work as a fail safe when there is not enough sun the charge the battery pack.

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We All Need To Make This Decision.

Getting out and staying out of debt has never been easy for me. This last month was hard because it tested my faith. I was more broke then I have ever been and what was flustraiting was the fact that I was going to work every day but my employer kept screwing up on my paycheck. Before long a month had went by and everyone was angry because my creditors had not been paid.

I was going to work every day but I felt like I was working every day for free. For a solid month I had not been paid. But the circumstance had me faced with a discussion that I had previously had with a former co-worker. It was clear that the traditional jobs are no longer working for me. I can’t pay my bills if my employer doesn’t pay me.

So I started to listen to my friend and going to meetings. The people Isaiah introduced me to had made it a point to say that you can’t hold resentment in your heart and not be held back from success. Today I went to Kristina’s work and told her I forgive her. For months all I thought about revenge for the murder of my child, and it did lift a huge burden off of my chest. What goes through a woman’s mind to even consider terminating her pregnancy?

At any rate I made the decision to forgive Kristina. But she just looked at me like she was angry. I also made the decision to buy into Amway. I am just going to have to make it work. I feel like this is the chance to truly change my life. Today was hard because I forced myself to do something that I swore I would never do.

But the anger and hatred that I had for Kristina was making me sick. And people count on me. Besides I still love her. I just can’t be in the same room with her at least for now. In the meantime I hate Christmas not the birth of Christ but rather that social crap that goes with it. Like many Vets I don’t like people and I never feel welcomed even among friends.

There is a line in the movie Pearl Harbor that seems to ring true with all the homeless that I work with including myself, ” Sir, I’m not in a hurry to die: I’m just in a hurry to matter.” Being accepted is a fundamental need that every human has.

Today Jesse and Tori LaDeane of A Better Tomorrow Ministry seemed to get a bit concerned that the homeless people who they set up their table for seemed to be done eating the sweets. I explained to them a basic biological reality. As it gets colder the seasoned homeless will not only eat enough sugar to keep their blood sugar up, because your body cools off as the sugar gets used. The reverse is true in the heat of Summer. But everyone appreciated what they did for them. I should also explain that their are some social taboos that the homeless they well not cross, such as taking the last of anything. Ministries who work with the homeless need to keep in mind that how others see or think of you means the difference between survival and starvation.

Is has been month since I have been able to give out sleeping bags. But the donations have been appreciated. I refused to use this money to better my own situation, but I am getting back on my feet.

I do want my readers permission to forward your donations to another ministry. I need to do this because our charter says that the money must not stay in our account for more than a month. So please comment.

Could It Be That Would War 2 Never Ended?

“Secret Antigravity Technology That Will Astonish You Documentary” on YouTube, be the attacks may be much more suddle than flying saucer like aircraft. But we do know that the Nazis had been active long after 1945.

If this documentary has any truth to it the Socialist Democrats that are destroying America would have been the least of our problems if the war would not have ended when it did. But did it really end? Today thanks to my readers I took a trip to Redmond Oregon.

This beautiful city has many attractive traits. Unlike Portlandia and the surrounding aera, Redmond Oregon has not had a registered Democrat living there since 1976; according to Redmond is one of the few red cities in the Northwest. While it seems the larger to population the more the lower classes tend to vote for public assistance. I guess city people real are lazy. My self included.

Just as the Nazi’s planned to breed out Capitalism by using the American public school system for indoctrination of our youth: the city creates a sense of complacency among the population.

It is no acedent that all of the worsted presents in American history happen to be from the Democratic party, starting with Barak Obama down to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who started the beginning of the end with the New Deal. Now there is an argument that says the Welfare State stimulates the economy the truth is work projects that Roosevelt levied tax money for pulled us out of the Great Depression. In fact the building of the US Highway System did far more for America than the non productive and highly consumable Welfare State. Which brings us back to Redmond.

The citizens of Redmond Oregon do have a limited democratic republic. Meaning that once the election is over the official who has been elected by the people is sworn to uphold the constitution of both the United States of America and the State and City Charters. What can be done for the will of the people are limited by these documents.

But the public school system intentionally neglected to teach these things to the future voters and I believe that it was intentionally left out. You see Democracy fails because of the endless demands put forth by the people and when the mob gets its way the individual looses rights. Once the mob strips the God given Rights from the people we have nothing more than a dictatorship.

Jeralee Anderson of the Redmond City Council cites documents recovered by the Nuremberg trials that outlined plans for Indoctrination of children of allied nations to learn to think like sociolists.

The people of Redmond Oregon recognize that the School System fails our kids intentionally and many have taken it on themselves to teach their kids at home.

“The people of Redmond are proud of our independence. We have a welfare office but it is always empty. We help our neighbors and they return the favor. Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation” (Jeralee Anderson Position 6 Redmond City Council).

“Community is our safety-net, hard work and honesty is our salvation.” Jesus set out to destory his local government and was killed for it. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated shortly after he uttered the words, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I don’t think there’s a coincidence there. Democrats are Democrats because at one point in their lives they depended on the state. The people of Redmond Oregon proove we don’t need and never will need the state, as long as we, “love our neighbor as ourselves” (Matt, 22:39).