Life On The Fringes Of Proverty

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Any one who has followed Anarchy Empowered for any period of time knows that while I may right about politics the fact is that I draw from my own life’s story. As a result the liberal Nazi scum of America, can’t rightfully say that what I am talking about is only my opinion. Sorry guys but after a hypothesis has been proven in an experiment, theory becomes fact. So when I say that no matter the situation no one needs food stamps, you may want to take into account that I have been known to eat one meal every three days and live off of a bag of potatoes. So I stand on the statement that no one needs food stamps.

Furthermore; I see nothing wrong with with living out of your car if for some reason you can’t afford the inflated prices of the housing market at the tome. I have even planned for the event. I put in a little bit when ever I get paid and her is my shopping list.

  1. Solar Cell phone charger $24.00
  2. Sub zero sleeping bag $60.00
  3. A bed roll $20.0
  4. A cot $45.00
  5. An 8 man tent $250.00
  6. A crossbow $300.00
  7. A knife $75.00
  8. A Weber Grill $75.00

Now keep in mind I am not going of the grid. I keep a private mail box in Portland. The address is on our contact us page. I have a full time job so the cell phone is needed but the land that I will stay on is not cell phone accessible, so I need to do a little research and buy a satellite phone.

After a quick run on Google I learned that a Sat-phone will run me an average of $1000.00, like I said going off the grid even a little takes planning. But as far as I can tell the cost of a Sat-phone means you don’t need to pay for a carrier. So once again planning things out the the key.

Another key factor is and has to be a top priority. Before I do anything I am going to need to pay off the car.

I plan to purchase land through an auction and build a Yurt to live in. The cost of the yurt will be around $7000.00s.

As I said, being homeless the right way takes planning. But for now I need to get over the hump that was cause by my employer not paying my for a month. One account is overdrawn, I still need to Pay $300.0 for the Pathfinder and $50.00 for my phone. That doesn’t leave much for food or Brianna for rent. On top of that my car insurance rates whent up for no reason. I am just going to let that laps. Life sucks and than you die.

I have spent a lifetime helping others while living in poverty myself. But Unlike Nicole Luther, I have never stolen anything and trust me as hungry as I am right now I am tempted. It has been over a month since my boss paid my. I stayed because the client that I was working for was going to hire me and they did. But now it is going to be another two weeks before they pay me. I have run out of options I am going to try for a cash advance.

I was denied the loan and I am hungry for the next three days. But I w9uld rather live an honest and righteous life then watch Nicole teach her kids to become like her. At least Kristina and Kansa were good people. I miss them both.

So What Is The Plan?

I learned that I can better help others once I am in a position to do so. They say “God helps those who help themselves. So I plan to continue to help the local homeless population out of my own pocket while I work to Pay off bills. Relationships or any potential relationship is on hold until this is achieved ad I am able to secure a house of my own. I say My own but in reality it would belong to Anarchy Empowered.

At the point of move in, I have a few homeless individuals in mind to bring in and hopefully give them a chance to get on their feet. Once they have jobs they will be asked to pay rent. No drugs, alcohol or smoking of any kind will be permitted on property.

The well be encouraged to promote an individual’s self worth. Contrary to the popular belief that the average homeless person are freeloaders, I know better. Mostly because I have never had a stable place to call my own yet I don’t aske for help. I earn what I have and make due.

It is for this reason that Anarchy Empowered has an existence. If given the proper opportunity those who are note freeloaders can be separated from the chaff and taught to thrive in a true Gypsy life style. Now you must keep in mind that if you are renting your home you are basically homeless and never in a stable living situation, due to the fact that the Lord can raise your rent until you have to move. So don’t disqualify yourself from being homeless.

The smile fact is over 80% of America’s work force live a nomadic lifestyle. They keep moving from one apartment to another as their rent goes up and sometimes even from job to job until they retire and become a liability to the taxpayers because they never made enough money to save for retirement.

My current situation has me grateful that I have never saved money but rather have invested it in stocks that pay a monthly Dividend. Each of them pay out on different days of the month and thanks to that I have gas in my tank and the Steiners got paid something spurring this transition between jobs.


My psychiatrist has me keeping a journal so I can refer back to it when I star disassociating. Today I have already written down the date on my paperwork at work 04/06/2017. That was the day that Kansa walked out of my life forever. My shrink says that for me the event was just as traumatic if not more than watching my unit get burned alive by a fire-drop o Feb 9th of 1990. He thinks these are the events that began to fracture my identity.

My most dominant identity I am told is Devin Clien. The irony of that is that Devin Clien was an identity that was originally created by the French Army. The reason this is relevant is that I believe the same kind of disassociation happens to American Vets. It may explain a lot of why there are so many homeless Vets.


It is my belief that that like me an unidentified number of Homeless Vets that served in elite roles in combat, have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia when in fact they have a dissociative identity disorder.

This post is going to act as my daily journal so I can have something to refer back to when things go dark.

By the way My name is Michael. I came into the light after years of Tony being bullied and thought to be a little slower mentally than others. Out of Tony’s three main alters, I am the brain. We all know of one another but we all are here to protect Tony who has not grown passed the 10 year old boy who stopped maturing after his parents got divorced.

I feel that by understanding better what happens in in world of an individual with D.I.D could greatly reduce the homeless population.

I am the oldest of Tony’s alters the next in line is John who manifested during the divorce of Tony’s parents. John is the fatherly affection that Tony never new. He has a reckless streak that drove Tony to join the Foreign Legion the night his grandfather died. It is John who adapts to everything and has a gift of figuring things out to overcome what ever happens.

As I said Anthony Wayne Antolic has only been the dominate identity for the first ten years of his life but we all go by the name Tony, so as not to confuse the people around us.

Once John got to France the French Army inadvertently created another alter for Tony. When the recruiter told John that once he signs the paper he will become Devin Clien.

Devin protected Tony from seeing all the terrible things that happen in combat. When the Misfits were killed in a fire drop Devin became the leader of the next group of men to be assembled. Out of the three of us who protect Tony he is the one I would not want to get angry. In extremely stressful situations Devin takes other and takes charge.

After Kellie our first wife died John took Tony and enrolled at Mount Angel Catholic Seminary. We studied for the Arch Diocese of Seattle, but the life of a Diocesan priest would have brought to light our existence and Tony would have been thrown out on the streets with no where to go. So John talked to the Bishop and got introduced to the vocational director of the Survevite Order of Mary.

Once John finished his Novitiate the order gave us a new alter. In the traditional prayer life of of the church a monk take on a new name to symbolize the birth of a new Man in Christ. The new alter’ s name is Brother Dominic Rafael Antolic (SOM). It is Dominic who worked to jobs while living in poverty on the streets of Jacksonville Florida, just to buy a ring for $1000.00 to give to Charity Fields when Devin got on one knee to propose to her. It was Devin that told Charity that the ring was found on the street because he didn’t want her to worry about Dominic. Are you confused yet? Try living in this head.

At any rate Anthony Wayne Antolic has lived his vagabond life style mostly because of us and I am sick of hurting him. I will not inagrate until the others do. Tony will me fine for we are simply aspects of the amazing man that refuse to fail. Yes Tony can still be immature but with Devin’s, John’s fatherly compassion Dominic’ s faith and my intellect, Tony can become the man he is meant to be.

It is time guys, Tony has to become his own Man. Let’s give him the chance to do so.

As I said before the homeless problem is a mere symptom of our society disassociating ourselve from a much bigger problem.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.