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If you’re thinking donating to Anarchy Empowered this holiday season, cash to invest is ALWAYS on our wishlist. Who needs more stuff anyways? But we always run into more people in need.

By using Stash we can earn a pacive income by loaning people money off of our portfolio and earning interest off of each loan.

So please invest in the future of Anarchy Empowered Miniseries. Our goal for 2019 is to raise $100,000.00 that we will invest as a down payment on a 6 bedroom 2 bath home. We will use it as a halfway house for at risk youth as an alternative to the streets of the Portland Metropolitan area.

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As I have said before my now Ex-girlfriend girlfriend kicked me out of the house. I wrote about why she was afraid that I would turn her in. The article was called, “Are All Democrats Criminals?” Once you read about what was going on in Nicole Luther’s house, you would understand why I had to leave. She was afraid that I would report her to the authorities, which I did.

So now I am sleeping in the Stiener’s basement I barely have enough food to eat. And I am still working a full-time job. So if you can find it in your hear to help me raise money through your donations, together we can get at least a few people off of these cold streets.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.