Attempting to save money with Bain Power

I learned years ago that the only true freedom in this world is knowledge. The Bible say that we need to “study to show ourselves approved” (2 Timothy, 2:15). I believe that our Creator wants us to study to free ourselves from the bonds of modern society.

However God gave us knowledge to tame the world that is captive by the stain of original sin. So why would we reject our advancements to go off the gride? Anarchy Empowered was founded to teach others not just how to survive on the streets but also to thrive.

There are two classes of homeless that I work with regularly. I call them the Thrown Aways and the Innovators.

The Thrown Away, like the name implies has given up on life and has become complacent with the current situation. He or she tends to be more concerned about the next fix of drugs than with any quality of life.

The Innovators spends a lot of time in the public library learning about what ever new idea came to mind. They don’t worry about how much time they have been homeless but rather what can be done to help those around them. The Innovator tends to attract followers that tend to have the attitude of a Thrown Away. The Innovator does not stay homeless for long but may return to the hood to check on and care for those who followed.

As I said true freedom comes from knowledge. Even the homeless now-a-days have cell phones. Mostly thanks to Obama. The challenge is two fold for a homeless person. How to charge the phone which is their life line if they are looking for work: and also how to pay the bill so they can land that job that could get them off the streets.

Portable sollar cellphone chargers are commonly seen in homeless camps. The Innovator most likely opted to go homeless and planned it out. Thus buying a Sollar charger while still employed or maybe they kept their job and just wanted to pay down some bills. What ever the case they tend to be the one who you never would guess are homeless.

So let’s talk about a few ideas that could save money and make you more self-sufficient as you go semi off-grid.

First Build The Sollar Pannel

Sollar power is great but it takes planning and resources. When in an urban survival situation such as being homeless or just living off the grid, every amp counts and Sollar is bulky.

I realized that I needed to get out of debt. So I paid off the Pathfinder and other bills. Now the Pathfinder is the Key to making this plan work. The reason being that the Pathfinder is going to work as a base camp for me.

The primary challenge for a homeless individual in America is staying mobile. Most cities have laws against camping with in the city limits, so the ability to mobile means you don’t go to jail. This it why I want to convert the Pathfinder to an electric vehicle.

After the conversion to ELECTRIC, I plan to mount a Sollar Panel on to the roof rack and use it to charge a battery that I have not designed yet.

But beyond the Sollar charge in also plan to change the battery pack with kinetic energy. This design will require the vehicle to be moving to carve the battery, but it will work as a fail safe when there is not enough sun the charge the battery pack.

Once this electric car is built and able to charge its self the cost of gas is nonexistent.

By using these tubes, the battery can charge as I drive down the road. By my calculations I will need 800 of these tubes to charge the battery pack.

The detentions of the power pack are as follows:

Front= X

Side = Y

Top = Z




The Battery Pack will replace the gas tank because there is no longer a need for it.. I will need to build 18 of them.

It accrued to me that I might need to research how to use Sollar to charge a car battery. I am glade I did.

So how much money would I need to do this?

The conversion kit to ELECTRIC runs about $7000

I also want to lift up the truck about 6 inches which will set me back $2000

Plus this would be a nice feature.

The fingerprint door lock and starter sells for about $700. So an income other than my hourly wage must be established. Rebuilding the Pathfinder which I have named “Rogue 1” is truly an expensive venture, but if it means I never need to buy gas for the vehicle again, it would be worth every penny. The money saved can be used to go towards the land and the complex that will expand pur ministry. Another way that I plan save money is by living on a boat that I got for free. Slip rental is far less than renting an apartment.

From the strategic point of view anyone that has conquered the fuel crisis has already won the war. Remember time is money.

Other ideas that I have been exploring involve a 110 volt outlet behind the gas cap cover to power a campsite.