The Duck Dynasty Of Southern Washington State

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If you have been following this blog within the passed 11 years, you may remember me talking about Edumacated Redneck Repair. This is much more than an incredible automotive repair shop. From the point of view of the owners and operators, Brianna and Emery Stiener the people they work with are family.

This time last year Brianna cooked a thanksgiving dinner for over 20 people, who had been in their circle in some way. This year a few of the faces changed but the house was fill with love as it always is.

I come to Edumacated Redneck Repair for anything the pathfinder might need. They are honest down to earth people that tell you as it is. They are reliable and they stand by their work. They treat me like family and that is how I think of them.

So if you need your car fixed and you are in the Vancouver Washington area, stop by, the address is below:

7510 NE 107th Ave. Vancouver Washington 98662

You can call them at : (360) 936-3323

Ask for Brianna

The last time I thought I needed some work done, I brought in the pathfinder for a bid and Bri and Emery turned away the work because all it was, was a fuse that needed to be reconnected. Like I said an honest shop.

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