Kristina and other Left Wing Murdering Whores May Not Have There Out.

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I never thought that I would ever get involved with a woman who would ever even think about murdering my unborn child, but that is what my ex-girlfriend Kristina Evens did, about a month ago.

We had been broken up for months and she still wanted a friends with benefits kind of relationship. But who knows how many guys she was sleeping with at the time.

Our last time together was final because she refused to choose one guy. She wanted to play the field. I was the most responsible out of all the guys she had lined up but I didn’t use a condom because I can’t have kids and I learned about all of these other guys after that night. I tested negative for any STD’s but she texted me one last time to tell me that she was pregnant and that the was mine.

At first I thought that she was going the start being more responsible and prepare for a second child. But she told me that she did not want to keep the baby. I told her that I would gladly raise the kid as if it was my own even if it wasn’t, but she didn’t want to have a pregnancy get in the way of her whoring.

I realized that Financial STRUGGLES Can Bring A Couple Closer Together, but that couple must have a desire to work together. Kristina said that she wanted to still be friends but I could not affiliate myself with a woman who saw so little value in a human life that she would destroy it so arbitrarily.

I met Nicole and we have been together for a while now. In fact I was involved with Nicole the day that Kristina told me that she was pregnant. I all but cried in her arms when I learned that a selfish whore decided for me, that fatherhood would be denied to me for the second time in me life.

For Kristina an unwanted pregnancy was an inconvenience that she was burdened with. But I saw it as a blessing if she would have let me adopt my child and take on full custody. A drunk took away my first chance to be a father and a liberal agenda took this child away from me because the woman I was going to marry had no legal reason to be compelled to let the father have a say in weather or not the life that we created together was worth saving.

With a more conservative supreme court fathers may have more control over weather or not the Whores of this world are going to kill our next generation. The demographic of the couple should never dictate weather they should stay together or abortion execute an innocent life.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.