A Change In Prospective

Recently I took on the role of a step Dad to four kids. The oldes is 17 and will be off to college next year. The other day I took the middle kids, Dessy and Max to a movie because Mom was working a double shift. The unfortunate reality of government rule is a form of slavery that is managed by debt.

Unfortunately in the scenario you rearly have the chance to buy your freedom, so people are heard saying, “This is the way life is, what can we or we can’t do anything about it.”

But yes you can! As my girlfriend’s daughter reminded me, “there is always a way out or haven’t you learned anything from that movie we watched!”

Anyone who has ever seen a 1980’s horror movie, knows that the people who live through the experience changed up what they were doing to fight the monster at the last minute. We as a culture must make simular changes in our lives if we are ever going to evolve beyond our constant bickering across political, economic and demographic lines.

Why Should We As Individuals Submit To Social Constructs Such As Money?

All of my life I have seen the hopes and dreams of those around me get squashed by one common obstacle. I would hear from them, “If I had the money I would …” But the dream gets pushed aside for an indefinite period of time, even passed their own death. Money is the most effective way to control large groups of people and so governments control their own currency.

We tallorate the abuse from our employers and the theft of our resources through taxation, but for how long? Today I had the bank take the money from my account that is meant for the car payment. I must admit that I am a bit stressed. So I am looking for a bigger picture as to why some of these things are happening to me. So I fell back to a valuable resource for higher reason and turned on Stephan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. I have been listening to him for years and sound logic has always comforted me.

After watching Stephan I went to pick up a small check at Epress. It wasn’t much but Nicole needs the money so I just cashed it, to give to her. I did need some of if for gas to get through the next few day of work, but the rest is hers. Our freedom comes from taking responsibility for our own lives.

If the bills that we make get paid first, we have more money to work with the next time around. This is the example that I am trying to set with the kids. I am also trying to teach them to put away money with every paycheck to invest for the future. As slaves to our debt we must change the way we look at money.

Money is a social construct that is designed to hold power over those who don’t have it. But if we approach it wisely, money doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In the next post I will be talking about closed end stocks that pay a monthly Dividend.

Are We Programmed?

I started listening to “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” and it got me thinking that I may be missing some important facts…

Phoneum (PHM) is still in Bata but both Google and Apple have banned mining apps from theirs stores. Because the apps destroy the customer’s phone or at least that is what they are telling us. But from my experience I have yet to come across a crypto-currency mining company that is not a scam.

So in the best interest of my readers and those who I care about, Anarchy Empowered is getting off of the crypto-train all together. In stead we will be talking about tried and true income investments that have proven to help people secure a passive income for your families futures.

Now for my readers benefit I must disclose that I no longer work a full-time job. On the other hand, Anarchy Empowered is a full-time job. I also have five people that I am responsible for and can’t afford to continue to gamble on crypto-currency mining since I have yet to find an honest company.

Kristina and other Left Wing Murdering Whores May Not Have There Out.

I never thought that I would ever get involved with a woman who would ever even think about murdering my unborn child, but that is what my ex-girlfriend Kristina Evens did, about a month ago.

We had been broken up for months and she still wanted a friends with benefits kind of relationship. But who knows how many guys she was sleeping with at the time.

Our last time together was final because she refused to choose one guy. She wanted to play the field. I was the most responsible out of all the guys she had lined up but I didn’t use a condom because I can’t have kids and I learned about all of these other guys after that night. I tested negative for any STD’s but she texted me one last time to tell me that she was pregnant and that the was mine.

At first I thought that she was going the start being more responsible and prepare for a second child. But she told me that she did not want to keep the baby. I told her that I would gladly raise the kid as if it was my own even if it wasn’t, but she didn’t want to have a pregnancy get in the way of her whoring.

I realized that Financial STRUGGLES Can Bring A Couple Closer Together, but that couple must have a desire to work together. Kristina said that she wanted to still be friends but I could not affiliate myself with a woman who saw so little value in a human life that she would destroy it so arbitrarily.

I met Nicole and we have been together for a while now. In fact I was involved with Nicole the day that Kristina told me that she was pregnant. I all but cried in her arms when I learned that a selfish whore decided for me, that fatherhood would be denied to me for the second time in me life.

For Kristina an unwanted pregnancy was an inconvenience that she was burdened with. But I saw it as a blessing if she would have let me adopt my child and take on full custody. A drunk took away my first chance to be a father and a liberal agenda took this child away from me because the woman I was going to marry had no legal reason to be compelled to let the father have a say in weather or not the life that we created together was worth saving.

With a more conservative supreme court fathers may have more control over weather or not the Whores of this world are going to kill our next generation. The demographic of the couple should never dictate weather they should stay together or abortion execute an innocent life.

Morality Has Everything To Do With Government.

According to Thomas Jefferson,

“government’s are instated among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (The Declaration of Independence).

The 3rd President of the United States of America also understood that the power of government can only come from the people who consent to be governed. It is the people and who determine the future of any form of government. If the people are unhappy, Jefferson gave them an out.

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of welfare, it is the Right and obligation of the People to alter [through election] or to abolish it [through revolution], and to institute new Government” (The Declaration of Independence).

The foundation of how people are willing to vote or weather or not they are willing to stand up for what they believe in regardless of the cost, is tempered by the moorals that the individual is raised with.

Once a government is in place the powers of the day, begin to seek to weaken family infrastructures and morality that starts with religion. They may have claimed that the removal of that Lord’s prayer from the front of a public school is to up hold the first amendment, but

“Congress shall make no law regarding institutions of religion,” doesn’t give the US government the right to medal in religious affairs (The Bill of Rights).

In fact the first amendment is saying that the government has no right to get involved at all. The text is clearly written and leaves no room for interpretation.

If the agenda of the government was to up hold the Constitution, they would have displayed comprobly religious documents from the represented religions of the school. But no the agenda is clearly stated,

“religion is an opiate for the masses” (Karal Marks).

History has proven that by breaking down the family and fostering an exstistental morality the powers of to day are more likely to stay in power tomorrow by virtue of complacency. In conclusion morality has everything to do with government.

If morality had nothing to do with government, government would have no interest in keeping the peace. Jails would not be such big business in America unless freedom in America is not more than illusion and the common wealth is nothing more than livestock for individual consumption.

It is my belief that for a group of people to come together and form a government they must first be of like minds. The basic common throughout history has been a desire to live both peacefully and productively. For that reason religion became the corner stone of everyday life. No government was heard of when prehistoric man worshipped fire. Yet they had a hierarchy within the tribe. Religion came first.

Thousands of years later government stated to take hold. It is my belief that Man can have a religion without government that becomes the foundation of the common morality but it is not possible to have a government without a foundation in morality; for the result will always be chaos.

Love Is A Commitment To Dedication, Not An Emotional Response!

Our modern American culture seems to confuse Lust with Love. As a result divorce becomes a viable option to making a marriage work. The reason Anarchy Empowered focuses so much on the family is that the Liberal government’s of the world, through out history, have set out to destroy Families.

In the year 1 A.D. King Haired ordered every new born male child killed. Both Stalin and Hitler broke up families because the family threatened their claim to power. In America today our public schools indoctrinate children to turn in Mom and Dad, if their parenting ideas differ from the State’s. By the way Hitler did the something for the same reasons and the reasons have nothing to do with bad parents.

The hold that government has on the Commonwealth comes from an abstract idea called sovereignty.

Liberals attack Crypto-currencies because at the moment income from Cryptos are not taxed and the same programs that are designed to destroy families are funded by the government enforcement of theft of income from the working class. However, with no regulations on Cryptos, there is a lot of fraud. In fact in have yet to find a website that pays you back for your investments. Anarchy Empowered is proud to take the financial hit so our readers don’t get screwed in the Crypto-world. This is one of the ways we show our love to our readers. Tomorrow I should find out if Profitcoins is a scam or not. I only invested $3.00 into it to test the waters. I will tell you if I get my withdraw when the time passes. But this service is part of my personal dedication to my readers.

However; our modern culture has replaced love with a disconnected existentialism that seems to remove the true concept of love from our culture. Government has long benefitted from not just breaking down Families but also making the common people as dependant as possible on government programs, thus creating slaves for the industrial complex. Crypto-curencies can for the first time in human history destroy the hold that government has on the people.

Unfortunately even profitcoins.io has not paid out on my withdrawal and I am thinking that we may have found another scam. But I am still optimistic because I was send an email telling me their was an error in the withdrawal process and asked me to try again.

To date Hashflare.io is the only honest mining stite I have found.


Unfortunately as long as people are dishonest and willing to still from others there is a need for government to opress those who are without any sense of right and wrong. But for those of us who earn a living and value freedom the only answer is a total seperation of state from our lives.

May times in my life I have abandoned society because I don’t see any reason to live as a slave, yet I stay for the benefit of those who I love.