Relationships Are Politics

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Kristina and I have had our ups and downs, when talking about our relationship. We finally both agreed that we should just go our separate ways, but remain friends. The hard issue there is that I am constantly looking for any reason not to take my own life and go to work in the morning. Kristina became that reason that I needed to want to live. This is not a healthy approach to life.

I also know that It became clear to me that I had to cut off all ties with Kristina because I was not able to move on. In modern American culture Men become homeless because of the relationship they are in going South and the woman keeping the place. If I would have moved in with Kristina this would have been my fait. So part of the issue when talking about homelessness is a fundamental breakdown of morality at the cultural level.

I know, this is not healthy but living to serve others is the way I function. If I don’t have an immediate need to fill, my self worth goes automatically to worthless and I think about taking my own life. Both Kristina and Kansa gave into family Politics and I was voted off the island.

Kristina at least wants to be friends still but Kansa threw me away completely. I am just taking life one day at a time an working my ministry.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.