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This month we spent $865.00 on food and bottled watter. But becouse of recent events I feel I need to ask my readers if it is right to use part of the money donated for gas to deliver the goods?

I take on full accountability for your donations and how they are used. It is because of this sence of responibility that I have not personally filed bankruptcy. Although I know that I qualify for the debt realeaf. On the other hand; what right does the government have to get involved in our personal debt obligations when we as a nation owe trillions of dollars to foreign sovereignties? That is like taking the word of a child that Mom and Dad will pay you back.

So I understand the apprehensive feelings about donating to an organization who not only openly opposes the authority of the government of which we are apart of, but also asserts that privately run charitable organizations would fill the gaps left behind if we were to get rid of the Welfare State all together.

I believe in total transparency regarding my readership. So here it goes I have a credit score of around 580. Now this has gotten a lot better since I have been able to get back to work This time last year my score was 309. So you can see that I am working on it.

With that said, I would not have gotten a job with out and Steiners opening there home to me. Without an address I would have not gotten the job I have today. So I owe a great deal to Emery and Brianna Steiner of Edumacated Redneck Repair.

If more people would open up there lives to others we would see far less people living on the streets. We may even see less crime.

This month we are only going out on the 15th due to scheduling. We hope to reach at least 60 people and give them more than food. We also wish to show that people care. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Part of the challenges that Anarchy Empowered face constantly is the mind set of the demographic that we work with.

You see the homeless and the lower income working class in America are really only separated by one or two paychecks. As a result local businesses in these neighborhoods thrive on pedaling lottery tickets or pushing digital gambling. In short they are selling hope.

Your donations help us educate people in these neighborhoods to change their outlook from wanted a quick answer or fix which also propagates the addictive personality that tends to dominant these neighborhoods.

Anarchy Empowered never give a hand out we always work to inspire others to work towards the full potential that God created them to become. We only give out food so they can live to see that potential.

It may be interesting to note the in the same strip-mall on the Southwest side of Portland Oregon you will also find a shop for body piercings a tattoo parlor and a woman’s hair and nail salon.

The significance of this fact is that in some way each of these services are designed to help the consumer feel better about spending money that they don’t have because the money that is made is already spent on rent and food. In general the community as a whole has never learned to set money aside in fact they were born into debt and it seems that they never have been taught to plan for the future.

As this article was being written a man was panhandling and as soon as he got enough money he went in to play the digital lottery in the Chinese Restaurant. Our hope is to teach the habbits that can change and even help create a future for people who industry wants believing that that this is the hand they are dealt.

The American government along with our captains of industry have succeeded in creating a class of indentured servitude with in our inner cities. Anarchy Empowered works to change that but we can not do it without your help.

Published by

The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.