There Comes A Time To Clean House.

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To begin, if you are going to leave a comment to promote a link, please make sure it is relevant to the article you leave it on. Also don’t leave duplicates of the same comment. I will just block you for spamming and delete all of your comments. With that said, there comes a time to clean house.

Unfortunately this also applies to taking out the trash regarding people as well.

It always hurts to do it, but sometimes ending all contact with certain people in your life becomes necessary. Unfortunately innocent people get hurt in the process. I love Kristina Evans and I would lay down my life to protect her. But she never felt the same. In fact she was using me the entire time we were together. I know, why am I talking about this on a political economic philosophy blog. Bare with me and it will all come together.

Some of you may recall that her friends and family formed opinions about me based on Internet searches As laughable as it seems their opinions matter to Kristina. Personally, if someone this late into the second millennium, has not figured out how easy it is to fool an internet background check, they must be the closest direct descendants of the Rhesus Monkey that Science has found.

Anyway she refused to defend me to her friends and claimed to love me to my face. She wanted to just continue to sneak around behind mom and dad’s back. This would have destroyed both her relationship with her and me and the and her parents. I had to make the sacrifices that she was not willing to make. Her son Wyatt need Grama and Grampa much more than he would need me.

All right so what does this have to do with not needing government? Too many people make excuses about why we need government but refuse to look at facts. The fact is that because paving a road in front of your business is good for business, we don’t need government to do the work. The local businesses would have to take up the slack.

Kristina gave in to the presser of her friends and family and chose to find someone who they approved of. Just as Democracy always fails to protect the individual, it failed me in protecting my relationship with Kristina. Kristina dumped me officially a month ago but we were still sleeping together. She prostituted herself to get me to pay her bills.

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Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.