There Comes A Time To Clean House.

To begin, if you are going to leave a comment to promote a link, please make sure it is relevant to the article you leave it on. Also don’t leave duplicates of the same comment. I will just block you for spamming and delete all of your comments. With that said, there comes a time to clean house.

Unfortunately this also applies to taking out the trash regarding people as well.

It always hurts to do it, but sometimes ending all contact with certain people in your life becomes necessary. Unfortunately innocent people get hurt in the process. I love Kristina Evans and I would lay down my life to protect her. But she never felt the same. In fact she was using me the entire time we were together. I know, why am I talking about this on a political economic philosophy blog. Bare with me and it will all come together.

Some of you may recall that her friends and family formed opinions about me based on Internet searches As laughable as it seems their opinions matter to Kristina. Personally, if someone this late into the second millennium, has not figured out how easy it is to fool an internet background check, they must be the closest direct descendants of the Rhesus Monkey that Science has found.

Anyway she refused to defend me to her friends and claimed to love me to my face. She wanted to just continue to sneak around behind mom and dad’s back. This would have destroyed both her relationship with her and me and the and her parents. I had to make the sacrifices that she was not willing to make. Her son Wyatt need Grama and Grampa much more than he would need me.

All right so what does this have to do with not needing government? Too many people make excuses about why we need government but refuse to look at facts. The fact is that because paving a road in front of your business is good for business, we don’t need government to do the work. The local businesses would have to take up the slack.

Kristina gave in to the presser of her friends and family and chose to find someone who they approved of. Just as Democracy always fails to protect the individual, it failed me in protecting my relationship with Kristina. Kristina dumped me officially a month ago but we were still sleeping together. She prostituted herself to get me to pay her bills.

What Do We Do This For?

I have a constant struggle to stay healthy enough to go to work. Yesterday I woke up in a puddle of bloody vomit. Yet I still managed to go to work. But the dizziness started and the vomiting continued and next I knew, I had not slept or stopped vomiting.

Let me tell you it is hard to be an advocate against the Welfare State when you realize that there is nothing left in your stomach yet you are still vomiting and you are expected to be at work in 20 minutes. I feel like crap and there is nothing the doctors can do. The monthly transfusions stopped working and I am scared. I am dehydrated and the bulk of my vomiting is blood. Still I am going into work because I love Kristina.

That was a month ago since then Kristina has not been in my life. I learned a valuable lesson from the relationship that Kristina and I once shared. Never let a woman take advantage of you because of how she knows you feel about her. She was talking my money because she only worked 16 hours a week and could not afford to live. This was the only reason she kept saying, “we can still have sex.” She was trading sex for money just like a prostitution ring.

The 36 year old single mother figured out that I would take care of her until she found a man that Mom and Dad would approve of.

The Truth Comes Back To Haunt Us

As many of you may know, I enlisted in the FFL when I was 15. I was an Army Brat before that and I never learned to feel good about staying in one place. I still keep a minimum of clothing and it would take my a max of two minutes to grab my bag and bug out from any place that I am staying. After I lost Kansa, I went back to the same lifestyle that I have lived with for the last 30 years.

Until I met Kristina, this incredible women makes me want to stop running. But every time I would run I would flood the web with miss information so I would not be found. This practice started when I was working as a sniper for the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment. We made it a practice to tell Google that we were on the other side of the world so our target would not feel threatened.

Anyway to make a long story short, Kristina’s friends did a Google search on me to find out if it would be safe for me to see their friend. They found some of the back stories that were planted on Google so I could do my job. Well to get close to a target some times you must appear worse than you really are Kristina’s parents said it was forbidden for a grown woman to ever see me again. My past had come back to haunt me. But Kristina sees me often in spite of her parents.

The Bible sells us to avoid the appearance ofevil, well I was officially discharged in 2017. I am not the man that I once was. For a long time I told myself that my orders were just and the life that I took was for the greater good of humanity. But now I wonder if the Authorities who gave me my orders ever consider that the Sons of the men killed may not have followed in the footsteps of their fathers but may have been convinced that Dad was right after seeing his head blown off from 3.5 km away. My fear is that Kristina’s parents will never accept me even as a friend because the sins of my past have once again destroyed my future.

Anarchy Empowered was started because I now believe that government in even the smallest form is a threat to the welfare of the general population of humanity. The orders I was given, I followed blinded by the belief that I was doing the right thing. Then one day the image of my target came up in my visor and it was a personal friend. This was one order the I could not follow.

I went in to the hills of Afghanistan and let my superiors believe I was killed or missing. I then contacted my friend and we figured out that he knew that our C.O. was selling arms to the enemy and to protect his secret he ordered the assassination of his own operator. We had our C.O. arrested, but from that point on I was questioning every order given. That was my last tour of duty.

I became paranoid about when or if someone was going to use a satellite gantry to take my life while sitting in their hotel room in another country. So I kept moving for years. Never staying in one place for more than a few months and repacking my bag with every load of laundry. I filled the Internet with fake Intel to miss lead anyone who was trying to figure out how I was. But now all that stuff out there comes back to bite me in the ass. Be care about what Google says about you, people. It may destroy your chance for happiness.


Please Note:

A good friend of mine ran a background check on me one Kristiena’s friends started causing all this trouble by butting into our personal lives. She sent it to me to give to Kristiena, but I have no way of getting it to her. However, I know that she reads this blog. Kristiena if you are reading this the links below are the documents at might help change you parents mind about me.

Brianna’s Letter to your parents

Background Report


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IsThis A Thing?

It seems at leased in the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon area where I live there is a conspiracy to keep the working class on the clock. No I am not talking about whips and chains to keep the slaves in line. I am talking about the absorbent application fees to get into ridiculously priced apartments. It has occurred to me that homelessness is only a symptom of a much bigger problem that we have in our modern society.

The truth is that our cities are intentionally designed to be inhospitable to humanlife, unless you conform to the demands of the culture and pay the tax on things that nature intended to be free.


Is The Medical Profesion In America A Scam

On August 10th 2017 I finally had a diagnosis for the disease that helped end my marraige. Doctor Cameran Coffee of The Vancouver Clinic took note of all the combined symptoms that I had been complaining about. He ran a simple blood test and his suspisions were confirmed. I have a genetic blood disorder called prophyria.
Acute porphyrias, which I have, primarily affect the nervous system. These disorders are described as “acute” because their signs and symptoms appear quickly and usually last a short time. Episodes of acute porphyria can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. During an episode, a person may also experience muscle weakness, seizures, fever, and mental changes such as anxiety and hallucinations. These signs and symptoms can be life-threatening, especially if the muscles that control breathing become paralyzed. Acute porphyrias include acute intermittent porphyria and ALAD deficiency porphyria. Two other forms of porphyria, hereditary coproporphyria and variegate porphyria, can have both acute and cutaneous symptoms.

When it was out of control, my wife at the time was convinced by here family that I was making it up. Even thow she was there to clean up the mess. I was told by one doctor that a mass in my head was cancer and at the rate of growth, I had two years to live. This miss diagnosis became thought of as this horable lie among Kansa’s family and friends. But all the symtoms were there.

Two years passed and Kansa became convinced by here family that because I had lived the whole thing had to be a lie. Three years have passed and I am dealing with an incurable diease that would gladly take my life it I let it. I wake up vomiting blood and my right arm and leg goes numb without warning. I dropped our popcorn on one of Kristiea and My first dates because my arm went numb. But remember I am a liar.

It seems to me that thousands of dollars in medical bills could have been avoided and maybe I would still be married to Kansa, if the doctors and insurance companies didn’t scrach each other’s back.

Starting Over Again

Kristina and I broke up and I have a date tomorrow. Her name is Melissa. My Dad thinks I need to be happy on my own before I get into another relationship. I think he is right. The truth is I am loyal to Kristina and going on this date would not be fair to Melissa.

Kristina dumping me did not hit me as hard as Kansa did. I am not suicidal. In fact I asked another girl out as soon as she did it. I am still hurt but I will be OK.

I am not going to be bouncing around any time soon but I will be fine. What sucks is I changed my shift to days for Kristina and now I am stuck with it. I hate working when the sun is up. It seems the sun bakes human brains and makes the bulk of my Co-workers behavior mimic that of a herd of sheep.

When I first started this post Kristina made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with me. The reasons for her breaking up with me had to do with pressure she is still getting from her family and friends. They looked me up on the internet and only run with the first results without caring enough for Kristina’s happiness to fact check the Source.

The truth is my sister hit me when I was in my early 20’s but my reaction put here in the hospital. I only hit her once, but my defending myself means I have an Assault 3 Domestic on my record. When I lost Kansa she put a restraining order on me because her family was afraid of my past.

Their are other things on my record that have been sealed by the court but the booking still show up. Kristina and her family freaked out and inspire of the man I am today, Kansa’s petty hatred a almost destroyed the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Because of the petty snooping of armatures I am not welcome in my girlfriend’s home. Her parents don’t approve of our seeing each other. But no one would ever be good enough for Kristina in her families eyes.

This kind of behavior is similar to what the press does to slant a story to further the Socialist adgenda in the free world. With no verify facts lives get destroyed. Of course I have a record. I have been on my own since I was 15 and a good part of that time I was homeless. Most of my record stems from trespassing to find shelter.

By the way I did my own Google search on myself to see what comes up.

The first few pages are books that I had written. And charities that I am involved in, but Kristina’s family and friends had it out for me so they ignored the man that I am today and only focused on the criminal record that was sealed years ago. Kristina say’s that they used a website like my life to look me up but they didn’t think it was important enough to pay the fees to find out what was being said.

So what they saw that caused our break up is really just an advertising scam that shows people that you may have a criminal offence but you don’t know until you pay the fee.

This image is what they most likely saw. Yes I have financial issues last year I worked four of 12 months due to illness. But as an adult I have never been arrested. Note that there is no indication in the screen shot that I have been. Like I said these site are just basically advertising for stuff that few people have the time to do themselves. Never the less I lost the girl of my dreams thanks to over protective parents and a lack of understanding or concerns for there daughter’s happiness.

Part of the issue was a lie that had no relevance to anyone but myself. Kelliena’s death in 2001 was much easier for me to deal with than the way Kansa planned for months in secret to divorce me in 2017. In fact she began making trips to the hospital with friends from work to help establish a pattern of abuse I learned about this early on in 2012 when a police officer came to my work place to investigate.

Kansa’s sorry fell apart in the officer’s eyes when my alibi happened to be the closed circuit security cam in the warehouse that placed me at work while she was claiming to have been beaten. Kansa was taken in for a mental health evaluation in hand cuffs before I got home that day.

However, her foundation of credibility for a restraining order was being layed. She wanted out of our marriage because her family never let up about how horable of a man I was for making her get a job. She began to open her own bank accounts and always kept a packed suitcase in the trunk of our car claiming it was just for emergencies.

In March of 2017 she had enough courage to go through with the plan that she and her mother had been perfecting since 2010 probably the day we got married. She told me the night before that she needed to go in to the hospital for a med adjustment. I drove her there.

By the time we got to the hospital the professional mental health patient had a blanket over her head yelling, “don’t let them see me, if they see me you die!” By that time Kansa had already been in and out of the hospital for the same issue 32 times in the 7 years that we had been married. She knew what to say to avoid being admitted and what to say to get admitted. This time she needed to be admitted so the doctors could put a no contact order on me so she had time to fill for the divorce.

It was easier to handle Kellie’s death and transpose it onto Kansa then to admit to myself that my best friend hated me for so long and was only counting the days before she could finally be rid of me.

When Kristina’s family started controlling her against me, I saw history repeating itself. Kristina is 36 years old and seems to be afraid of going against the wishes of a group of people who made up a bunch of things against me so Kristina would break up with me. Kansa used the government as a weapon against me and Kristina threatened to do the same in both cases the over protective families were at the helm.

When Kansa got her first job that I helped get her, she started to become confident in herself. When she started standing up to Mom, I became public enemy number one. My marriage to Kansa was over before it began. All I did was show her, her Independence. For that Mommy hated me. Mommy wanted Kansa to live off the Taxpayer so Mommy as her payee could skim off the top.

I Have To Choose Yo Be Happy.

Kristina broke up with me for good today and I know that she would have stayed with me if her family didn’t hate me. I did nothing wrong but they convinced her that I needed to go. This is the mentality of mob rule and the reason democracy never works.

But my father told me that maybe I need to work on being happy for myself before I can get into any kind of lasting relationship. Maybe he is right. I personally have never been happier than the brief time I was with Kristina. When I lost Kansas I felt a sense of relief. But with Kristina I will miss her. But I never got back on my feet after Kansa’s departure. I am still renting a room from the Steiners and I have made progress. I have a job and a car. I am able to save money and I will be out on my own soon. But would I be happier than or will I be stuck in the same rut. I need to make that choice.