What Is Your Definition Of Sacrifice

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If you asked me what sacrifice means to me, I would have to first make the example of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us to better explain my point of view. Jesus the Christ if you except that he is the Son of God could have stopped he own execution at any time.

But because he loves us, he endured his Passion and Crucifixion at the hands of the Roman occupation, under Pontius Pilate. Jesus’ death marked a sacrifice because it happened of his own will. He was in no way obligated or forced to under go the pain that he did.

Now when we are in a relationship we also have a choice to give up things and habits that may harm the future of the relationship. My sacrifice is not putting so much money into investing and not working so much. But to do that I mad a change in my portfolio. I am risking everything buy putting all my eggs in one basket.

I bought as much hash rate as I could afford. My goal is to create an income that Kristina and I can both use that is not dependent on hours worked

Hash-Flare has helped with increased income for us but there will always be financial issues to deal with.

On another note, I want to thank the people who have donated and the volunteers who helped with the distribution of caned food and blankets to our local homeless community. We could not have done it without you.

Today has been a blessed day for us and Kristina may never fully understand all the little miracles that have happened today. But if she is reading this I will try to document them as best as I can in this post.

I went to church this morning and my Pastor bought me lunch and as we talked he decided to buy one of my paintings. The mixed medium piece was bought for $1000.00. After he bought my work he said to me, “put this towards your future with that Yong mother who makes you smile so much while you’re eating breakfast with her at Sherrie’s.” I told him one day I will ask her for her hand. My Pastor just smiled and told me that he already saw that.

My life has never been complete unless I am giving of myself for the benefit of others. For this reason I don’t believe that the government should have the power the enforce theft for the redistribution of wealth. I believe others like myself and the volunteers who helped me today would take up the cause and feed those who are in need and do so more effectively than any government entity. True sacrifice is given freely and can not be forced on another person.

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