Why Are We Seeing So Many School Shootings?

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Stephan has a good solution but I don’t believe the punishment would go far enough unless we do away with the government involvement of in justice.

Since the Columbine High School shooting in April 20, 1999, America has seen an obscene amount of increase in this category of school violence. In one of two of our mos recent school shootings, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, age 17 simply targeted other students who he did not like and aimed to kill the with a shotgun and pistol that was owned by his father. The unstable child hid the weapons under a long trench coat.

Of course no one is looking at the fact that the brat used his father’s guns, which is strike one against Dad in my mind, or the fact that thanks to government over regulation in how a parent is able to discipline a child has parents too scared to be effective parents. But in this pathetic world that is run by sheep in a government that we know as Democracy, fear is the key.

It is the PC crap that the Liberal pushes that is costing lives. I personally have no issues with holding mom and dad responsible for being bad parents. I think if the shooter gets the death penalty then so should the parents and make it public. Make it so the angry Fathers of the dead students have free dominion over the execution order. No jail time just hold them long enough for Dad to get there with a baseball bat and shoot out there knees so they can’t run. Trust me after a few million hits on YouTube, a public execution would be much more effective than any jail time and parents may just start disciplining their kids again in spite of whatever punishment CPS may cum up with, because know Mom and Dad face the same punishment as the shooter.

The Bible say an eye for an eye and with the correct interpretation of turn the other cheek, we realize that Jesus was not preaching peace, he was preaching justice. When you turn the other cheek you are taking the challenges of the offender. The moment you look the offender in the eye to offer him the other cheek you are picking up his gauntlet.

So once again government fails and the old world traditions succeed. Democracy always fails because of the negative IQ that the general population seems to have. As proven by the Propaganda that they by into. My method would save the cost of trials and jail time and would prove to be proactive in preventing future crime due to the nature of the brutality of the executions.

If I had my way, the offender and parents would first be shot in the knee caps but then they would have all of their clothing taken off and they would be made to March with broken kneecaps and bare feet on broken glass for 24 hours straight in the blistering sun of Texas. They would be covered in shortening first to amplify the sun. After they can barely move the Father’s would take turns beating each of them until the father is too tired to hold the bat. But they would not be killed yet. After the beating the offenders parents included are made to March on the broken glass for another 24 hours. In that time some of the wounds are aloud to heal no sleep is permitted and at sun up on the third day the offenders are made to drink battery acid. All of this would be televised and broadcasted on social media. Now all of the sudden the notoriety is not so attractive. No need for jails if Mom and Dad did there jobs in the first place.

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Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.