Where Is The Consistency?

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Today I got my Driver’s License back, after having it suspended for five years. Now here is the question that pops into my mind. My license was suspended because of complications with my Porphyria or PCT. My vision at the time was failing faster than I could get my prescription for my glasses. Out of fear my doctor told the state that I couldn’t safely drive.

Now five years later I have the same blood disorder that to date has no cure but I have been staying up on my treatments and listening to my doctors. My vision has not gotten better but it has not worse. My doctor told me that he would lift the suspension on my license if I could still pass the state required eye test. Sounds good, right? Well I could pass the vision test before, why did I loose my license in the first place and why should a doctor have that kind of control over our lives?

It is double standards that helps the government loose credibility in my eyes and in the eyes of any Anarchist. The bigger the government the less logic is used to back decisions.

Driving is a right that is earned by gaining the necessary skills and knowledge. The government can’t take that away. The government calls it a privilege to keep control over the people on the road. The truth is Washington doesn’t care if I can drive safely, they just want the income.

Like most of you I am fine with a limited government to maintain the roads. But the moment they try to create a law the infringes on how I choose to live my life, I refuse to acknowledge any authority they claim to do so. Remember that Jesus Christ opposed his ruling class at every turn. The people who claimed to be in charge have largely been forgotten, yet the words that Jesus spoke have shaped history. My point being, the question, “it is the government what can you do,” is answered by the life of Christ.

Americans should always remember that there would not be a Federal Government if our Founding Fathers had the additude that nothing could be done. In fact everyone of the Sons of Liberty rejected the idea of a democratically run government because they understood the history of Democracy and how it always leads to tirany. George Washington himself is quoted to have said that, “democracy only works until the sheep get spooked.”

The only consistent factor throughout American history is the fact that the public gets minipulated into thinking that voting without understanding what you are voting for is not going to further the established agenda to further take our freedom away.

The world’s governments are terrifying of crypto-currencies because their only claim to power is the control they have over the Commonwealth through their own currency.

There is no true objective authority when Congress can give themselves a raise and use inflation to pay for it, thus putting the Commonwealth into slavery and brainwashing the working class to believe that there is nothing that can be done to stop it through the public schools.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.