The First Rains Of Spring Mark A New Beginning.

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When you are living in a concrete jungle you tend to become complaisant with the way thing are. But for me the first rains of spring serve as a reminder that the city was constructed for the sol purpose of controlling commerce. The rain hit the concrete and goes no where. It sits on the surface until the sun burns it off. No paints get the benefit of the rain unless you come across a flower bed. But the flowers that are planted are poison to those who are foolish enough to try to eat them. Cities ship food in that must be bought at market. The water is controlled by those who have the right tool to  open  the valve. In fact you can’t even use the restroom in most cases until you buy something from the vendor who holds the space.

All of these things I become aware of when I go downtown  to feed the homeless. Today I went to work, walking in the soft warm rain, only to find that the truck was not there yet. I was not to happy about the prospect of another seven day work week, so I sat down at the receiving desk and realized that I was promoted over a month ago and this was the first time I had time to sit down at my desk. I started to clean up to pass the time until the truck arrived. As I cleaned off my new desk, I started to think about how many people have had this position in just the last year. Rather than letting the job’s history stress me out I started to organize my work space. “This is my desk now and the position and responsibilities that came with it I must own;” I kept telling myself as I went through the drawers. The last drawer I opened I found a tool set that I ordered for a Christmas gift for a friend. The invoice was still taped to the box. “Yep!” I thought to myself. “That is why the last guy got fired.”

As the rain pounded on the roof of my warehouse, I promised myself that I would do a much better job than my predecessors. Emery’s gift didn’t get to him on time because (A) my former boss stole the tools from me, or (B) he was so bad at his job that he lost the delivery. What ever the case, non of that would happen on my watch. I finally gave Emery his gift and I set up my new living quarters only to return to work in time for Reddaway to arrive. Life gives us a lot of twisted and turns along the way. I will be feeding the homeless after I get done with this truck. The whole time I will be praising God for the road that I am on as I attempt to help others regain a true sense of independence, no matter what their situation may be.

Jesus tells us, “what you have done to these the leased of my brethren, you have done to me.” for thousands of years we have went to extreme lengths to be lazy. This is why cities exist. After all who among us can say that they can make their own clothing, spin the yarn, grow our food butcher our own meat? I guess a more realistic question would be who among us would have the time or the desire to do so. For this reason Man built a economy. But for those who have for what ever reason, become outcasted by society the city is far less hospitable. So I go out and teach them to have a fighting chance.

Just an up date on the crypto-mining project:
The site has our SSL Certificate We expanded our PHP and we added a subdomain. By next January Anarchy Empowered will have a free wallet and bit-mining service.

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Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.