The Confederate Flag Is Not A Symbol Of Bigotry!

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You can see it in this picture but this little mini-cuper is painted like the famous car from the 1970’s TV show the Dukes of Hazard. What struck me first about this was how funny it is that whoever painted this car painted the number (0 1/2) on the door. Fans of the show will get the joke.

Than I over heard some kids talking about the car. “It is wrong to paint that flag on anything.” One of the girls said to her friend. It then hit me that these teen girls unfortunately have been completely indoctrinated into the socialist propaganda that the public schools teach.

In truth the Civil War was never about slavery. The Southern state wanted to break away from the Union and the Union could not have that. After all, the North was not set up to produce enough food and textiles to be independent if the South.

The flag is a symbol of Rebellion not Bigotry. So fly that flag high my friends.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.