A Plea To The Fraudsters

This blog is dedicated to the successful transition from government controlled currency to crypto-curencies the are giving free trade back to the people of the world. But with no government regulation fraud has been the norm in the crypto-curency’s mining industry. If you are trading in crypto-curencies or proving a cloud mining service, please be transparent, honest and forthright in your dealings. Crypto-currencies are a tool to replace government currencies and there by end human trafficking that is legally protected with the hourly wage. If fraud is the norm, the interface of government regulations become justified and the country who controls Cryptos controls the world. We can’t let that happen.

This is the first time in human history that the command man has control over commerce. Please stop taking advantage of people and help us work towards the greater good.

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The First Rains Of Spring Mark A New Beginning.

When you are living in a concrete jungle you tend to become complaisant with the way thing are. But for me the first rains of spring serve as a reminder that the city was constructed for the sol purpose of controlling commerce. The rain hit the concrete and goes no where. It sits on the surface until the sun burns it off. No paints get the benefit of the rain unless you come across a flower bed. But the flowers that are planted are poison to those who are foolish enough to try to eat them. Cities ship food in that must be bought at market. The water is controlled by those who have the right tool to  open  the valve. In fact you can’t even use the restroom in most cases until you buy something from the vendor who holds the space.

All of these things I become aware of when I go downtown  to feed the homeless. Today I went to work, walking in the soft warm rain, only to find that the truck was not there yet. I was not to happy about the prospect of another seven day work week, so I sat down at the receiving desk and realized that I was promoted over a month ago and this was the first time I had time to sit down at my desk. I started to clean up to pass the time until the truck arrived. As I cleaned off my new desk, I started to think about how many people have had this position in just the last year. Rather than letting the job’s history stress me out I started to organize my work space. “This is my desk now and the position and responsibilities that came with it I must own;” I kept telling myself as I went through the drawers. The last drawer I opened I found a tool set that I ordered for a Christmas gift for a friend. The invoice was still taped to the box. “Yep!” I thought to myself. “That is why the last guy got fired.”

As the rain pounded on the roof of my warehouse, I promised myself that I would do a much better job than my predecessors. Emery’s gift didn’t get to him on time because (A) my former boss stole the tools from me, or (B) he was so bad at his job that he lost the delivery. What ever the case, non of that would happen on my watch. I finally gave Emery his gift and I set up my new living quarters only to return to work in time for Reddaway to arrive. Life gives us a lot of twisted and turns along the way. I will be feeding the homeless after I get done with this truck. The whole time I will be praising God for the road that I am on as I attempt to help others regain a true sense of independence, no matter what their situation may be.

Jesus tells us, “what you have done to these the leased of my brethren, you have done to me.” for thousands of years we have went to extreme lengths to be lazy. This is why cities exist. After all who among us can say that they can make their own clothing, spin the yarn, grow our food butcher our own meat? I guess a more realistic question would be who among us would have the time or the desire to do so. For this reason Man built a economy. But for those who have for what ever reason, become outcasted by society the city is far less hospitable. So I go out and teach them to have a fighting chance.

Just an up date on the crypto-mining project:
The site has our SSL Certificate We expanded our PHP and we added a subdomain. By next January Anarchy Empowered will have a free wallet and bit-mining service.

Hash-Flare Contracts Have Been Sold Out

Like Bitcoin and the other Cryptos the contracts to mine are finite. The number of cloud mining contracts a company has is based on the resources that the company owns. Hash-Flare, the website that I mine through has just announced that they are sold out. The contracts with Hash-Flare only last a year but the contract owner has the option to reinvest their profits, which renews the contract. Therefore, unless Hash-Flare expands, no new money is coming in to the company.

The rule of supply and demand applies to these contracts. Companies such as Miner-one sells there mining contracts as Tokens that don’t expire as a result of the finite number of contracts that Miner-one offers the price for the Token can rise due to demand that consumers have for not risking there hard earned money in the current chaotic economic landscape that is the crypto-curencies market. The lack of trust people has in government issued currency is reflected in the obscenely hi prices in Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

What we are seeing is not a Bible like the housing market but rather a shift in control the free market from government slave merchants to the slave our selves. But people will not get on board as long as wallet services like Coinbase charge a dollar for each transaction thus limiting the use of crypto-curencies to only large transactions. The only way the conversion can be complete is if people feel good enough with the crypto-curencies to make small transactions like buying a candy bar over the counter at a convenient store. Once we get to such a place the human slave trade will be done with because no government currencys will be seen as having value and therefore the intentional devaluing of the currency would no longer force the worker into loner hours at work just to make the same amount of money that he did 20 years before. In short Cryptos need a debt card system. Can any one help us with that?

A New Day, Another Set Of Problems

Everyone needs money because our ancestors were lazzy and created cities so people can specialise in one trade and not be bogged down with things linke making cloths so you don’t get arrested by the same people who plant posioness flora every where so you have to by food from the market.

In our prosute of worthless resources that we can neither eat nor ware, we must deal with the state who places a fause value on toilet paper. That was until the gaming industery began to place real world monotary value on the coin that you can earn in there games. These days the crypto-currency market derectly reflects the lack of trust that we all have in the government issued curencies that have taxes embeded into the system known as inflation. www.titanmine.net, www.hash-x.com,and countless others replace the FED and give free trade back to the people. Cloud mining makes the transaction confirmation process painless because you set up a contract and the company’s hardware does the rest. But Hashflare and others charge a fee for there services. Many call this a scam but they are in the business of providing a service to other meaning they need to make money some how.

When politically correct interferes with commerce like in the case with Starbucks, things have gotten out of hand.

I need to make one thing clear, I am not in any way a financial success. I have bills that I can’t pay and my credit needs work. But I have learned these lessons along the way. If you take responsibility for your debt as it come, your debt is easier to manage. I am using Bitcoin to get out and stay out of debt. I offer several lists of services that mine for you and this sit will soon do the same. But problems come up and we must deal with them as they come.

Go Dorothy

As my readers already know I am no friend to the Democrat. But last night I spent some time with a small group of campaigners in down town Vancouver, WA. The platform was something that we can all get behind. In fact most of us are anarchists because we got sick of seeing the corruption in government. Dorothy has a platform that she thinks it is important to get money out of politics. I agree 100% no elected official should be able to take bribes or even get anything more than food stamps to live on. Congress should never have the power to give themselves a raise in salary in fact they should not get paid at all it should be a volunteer position. But that is just my option. I am getting behind my first Democrat candidate because first she is a combat vet, therefore her BS meteor is already dialed in. She will be able to withstand the corruption that comes from keeping the same people in office for a life time. Second, Dorothy has some good points about the fact that her 17 year old son has never known a time when America has not been at war. For that matter Dorothy, I am 44 years old and never known a time of peace in my generation ether.

The campaigners, who ranged from the youth of a young college age girl to retired blue collar workers, seem to truly believe in Dorothy. I welcome the idea of cleaning out Washington of all the corporate lobbyists and giving the voice back to the people. But I truly don’t believe in elections for one bullet can change the course of both history and the election. However, the government of Jesus’ day thought that they could squash a rebellion by killing Jesus and Rome fell shortly after, because they couldn’t kill his teachings. I see a lot of hard work ahead for this small rebellion, but it is a start. But I do have a warning for Dorothy.

The trust that the people have in you is easily squashed, I have no doubt in my mind that you have the best of intentions, but listen to the will of the people who want for you to represent them. America was never meant to be a Democracy as cited in Article 4 Section 4 for the Constitution of the United States of America, therefore you will be bound to uphold the charter of the republic for which our flag stands. This grey and blurry line between the document that you will be sworn to uphold and the will of the people that elected you is where so many before you have failed. Stay true to your principles Dorothy and We are Anarchy Empowered, a long with all who love freedom will have your back.

Freedom Is Never Free!

Hyman’s are lazy by nature. The participants of a Welfare State become conditioned to expect others to take care of their temporal needs. But with the numbers of participants growing daily the system is not self-sufficient.

In fact if you take a look at the comments of websites, that offer free cloud mining, you can see the true mindsets behind the people who make the comments. Those who look at mining as free money start calling it a scam once they realize that you will have to pay for the work that has already been done in their name. However, those who look at mining as an investment tool to create more of what you put into it start to see some of the fastest returns you can find for your investments.

When you look at the history or human culture, the risk takers are always the ones who end up on top. Liberals hate Trump because he was willing to take risks that ended up paying of in the end. They also hate him because they don’t want to lose their handouts. Well let me draw a rather ironic picture for all of those who are on the Liberal side of the fence.

Most of you believe and even preach about Charles Darwin and his theory or evolution. Well the key point that Darwin made was survival of the fittest, yet most Liberals don’t want to consider the fact that what you are teaching in the indoctrination camps to our youth should also apply to the Human race. In other words if you can’t keep food on your families table, maybe your genetic code should not be aloud to continue.

Now for the true hypocrisy of a Liberal. They can’t provide for their families, and they don’t want Religion taught in schools. However, it is Religion that pushes charity towards the leased of Mankind. Now they are starving because of the choices they mad throughout their lives and instead of paying for their mistakes and facing life with a clean slate, they call on the government to bail them out with the enforcement of theft through taxation in stead of charity.

True freedom can not come from handouts from the Taxpayer. I am not there yet myself, but I am working to pay off my debts and I do not ask for help from the government. I am greatful to the Steiners for taking me in after my wife died and I will be moving out soon. I have one more large bill to pay and I will finally be on my feet. Charity comes from the heart and not the threat of government sanctions.

True freedom can not come from the collective will of an elective government, it can only come from the will of the individual to be responsible for his or her life. We should want to work to provide for those who we care about and to create a better life for our children. But how can we do that if we have a government who deflates the value of the currency that we are working for, to pay for services the Taxpayer can’t afford?

Thomas Jefferson writes, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Guard” (The Declaration of Independence).

Is There A Bitcoin Bubble?

I have had many people over the years express concerns about Bitcoin being a fad. I tell them that Bitcoin has been around since 2007, that is not a fad.

Others claim that the price of Bitcoin has been inflated by speculation and it has, but Cryptos are meant to take over the market so as long as people put a value on a Crypto-curency based on a government issued currency the Cryto is not doing its job. We need to start using Bitcoin in place if government currencys so the government control diminishes and the economy is given back to the people.

Inflation is the bound of slavery. I choose freedom.

Unlikely Friendships

We came together from all walks of life. Over 20 countries were represented in my unit. The only thing any of us had in common was a desire to start our lives over. The languages spoken were as diverse as the Man standing around me. Many of them left their homes because they committed some crime that would mean a death penalty or at leased life in prison. Yet for some reason I learned to trust each and every one of them with my life.

This group of misfits would train daily at my side to fight and each of us knew we didn’t have anything to loose it we died on the battle field. The story is common place among the army of mercenaries known as the French Foreign Legion. Our unit was nicknamed the 2nd REP.

This is one example where diversity is a strength. These Men are loyal to the Legion, for they have no where else to go. There is a dynamic that the military has, that no other situation does. Where else would you risk your life for someone you hardly know?

We came from all over the world. In many cases our country’s governments would have had us fighting each other. Yet we found a bound as broths even though we may not have spoken the same language. I find myself at odds with the diversity debates because I have seen it work. On the other have the Legion takes the other government s out of the picture, maybe that is why it works.

God Works In Wonderful Ways.

With a name like Anarchy Empowered, it should stand to reason that this is not a religious website. I have also been told that I shouldn’t mix Religion and Politics. But from my point of view Religion is a form of Politics, for Man by nature is a political animal: therefore, one can’t truly separate Church from State. You see the first political alliances where religious in nature, for Man is always looking for something or someone greater than ourselves.

With that said, I have to thank our readers for the donations that have been made. We have along way to go and a lot of people who need our help, but every little bit helps.

As I have said before, I go out every weekend and feed the homeless Veterans in my area. Most of the time I do so out of my own pocket and this weekend I got a court summons for an old medical debt that had to be paid. I was beside myself.

I didn’t know how I was going to afford to pay of the debt that I forgot about and still feed the Men and Women who have learned to count on me. But I got on the bus any way and went down town.

It takes two connections to make the trip and by the Grace of God on the second bus a woman recognized me and stopped me before getting off the bus.

“Excuse me sure, but you are Anthony are you not?”

“Do I know you?” The woman explained that she recognized me from my pictures on this website. “You’re the Renegade! I love your work. I have been meaning to do this for a while. Put it to good use.”

The door to the bus opened and my phone went off. I looked at it and looked up at her and she just smiled. The young woman sent 0.5 Bitcoin to the website wallet.

I never learned her name, but she knows who she is. I want to thank you for the $4000.00 the you randomly sent to us. I was able to feed,25 people, Vets or not, I don’t know. What I do know is we expanded our services and reached out to our community in ways that we haven’t been able to do before.

The donation was given of freely with no need for government enforcement of the theft of resources. We are slowly proving that charity is far better than a Welfare State. Thank you, who ever you are.