What Are The Challenges That A Bitcoin User May Have?

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The only reason Cryptos have not taken over the international economic landscape is most venders are not set up for it. On the other hand the advantage of using Bitcoin for venders far out way the disadvantages. For one thing Cryptos are not controlled by any governmental entity as a result it can neither by taxed or tracked. A another bonus is the fact that the exchange of Bitcoin between two parties is only slowed down by your internet connection at the time.

People say that Crypto-curencies price are over inflated and they are, but let’s look at why. Crypto-curencies value is only there because people are sick of having to use debt based currencys to make their transactions. With Cryptos the fact that you have the coin means that you have that money. As a result people tend to put more faith in crypto-curencies then their native government currencys.

In fact the inflated prices of Bitcoin and other Cryptos directly reflects a transition from Debt based toilet paper to an honor based system of trade. Eventually as less people trust in government currencys the price of Crypto-curencies will no longer matter because they will be the trading standard. For the first time in world history the people have control over the value of their trading units and no government can tax the people through devaluing there own currency.

Jesus told the people to render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and Rome fell. Could it be that the devaluing of government currencys will lead to the utopian Anarchy that Iasa talks about in the Bible, where all the world’s nations unite under one system of trade?

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