There Are Still Good People In This World.

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The New Beginnings Business Plan was inspired by events that have happened in my life. Let me give you a little back story before I get to deep into this. When I was nine years old I found myself on the streets as a run-away. It did not last long, I was just a foolish kids throwing a tantrum.

But I learned some valuable lessons while I was out there. First the kids that are out there don’t always run away. In fact many of them don’t have any where to turn. If they seek help, they could end up in the same spot that was never safe in the first place.

Second: it is harder for a guy to find transitional housing then it is for a woman, particularly a single mother. I think that should change.

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The Renagade

Anthony Antolic has a full-time job working at Derect Marketing Solutions in Vancouver Washington. He runs Anarchy Empowered on the side. Anthony feels it is important to bring back morality for the sake of our culture.