What Are The Challenges That A Bitcoin User May Have?

The only reason Cryptos have not taken over the international economic landscape is most venders are not set up for it. On the other hand the advantage of using Bitcoin for venders far out way the disadvantages. For one thing Cryptos are not controlled by any governmental entity as a result it can neither by taxed or tracked. A another bonus is the fact that the exchange of Bitcoin between two parties is only slowed down by your internet connection at the time.

People say that Crypto-curencies price are over inflated and they are, but let’s look at why. Crypto-curencies value is only there because people are sick of having to use debt based currencys to make their transactions. With Cryptos the fact that you have the coin means that you have that money. As a result people tend to put more faith in crypto-curencies then their native government currencys.

In fact the inflated prices of Bitcoin and other Cryptos directly reflects a transition from Debt based toilet paper to an honor based system of trade. Eventually as less people trust in government currencys the price of Crypto-curencies will no longer matter because they will be the trading standard. For the first time in world history the people have control over the value of their trading units and no government can tax the people through devaluing there own currency.

Jesus told the people to render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and Rome fell. Could it be that the devaluing of government currencys will lead to the utopian Anarchy that Iasa talks about in the Bible, where all the world’s nations unite under one system of trade?

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There Are A People How Can See The Truth.

With the over saturation of the Propaganda mill known as the main stream media it is good to know that a small group  of brave men and women due seek to report the truth.

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I don’t think Anarchy Empowered is well known enough to make a difference but the small group of followers that we have seem to be loyal. For this I thank you. The list above is a group of Alt-Media personalities that I suggest you check out.

I recommend them to any who wish to improve your world view. I recommend these individuals to you because they seek the truth and inspite of their own religious adversity, this group seeks the truth. Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the light: no Man can come to the father but through me” (???).


Love is a CHOICE!

I am sure that you have heard people talk about falling in Love. The truth is everyone has a single moment when you decide to be committed to the person the You choose to spend the rest of your life with. In the case of my diceased wife and I, for me it was when she refused to take some money that I offered her for gas. She had no gas in her car but she didn’t want me to expect anything from her in return. On my side, I was just trying to do the right thing.

For me my desire to sacrifice for my future wife had me looking at her in a whole new way.  Love fails because people are no longer committed to staying together. We live in a world of instant gratification and if something goes wrong we through it away rather than sticking it out long enough to fix it.

This is Anarchy Empowered, I am not going to sugar coat anything. Most divorce is caused intentionally by the Welfare State, because an intact family, for the most part doesn’t seek government enforcement of public theft to replace the Father’s role as the provider. You see we as a culture mistakenly think of Love as an emotional response. When we should be looking at it as a dedicated commitment to the other person.

Married couples don’t often weather through the hard times, because our society encourages divorce. After all a single Mom can find shelter much easier than if Dad was in the picture. It may be interesting to not that broken Families are more common the lower the income is in the household. Most of the time money is the deciding factor in the stability of the home. The choice must be made to be committed to your spouse throughout the better and the worst.

The truth is the government and the Employers both benefit from Daddy not being around. You see it is and has always been the role of the father to teach his child how to be responsible with money. But the employer wants you to be in debt. It helps them no that they you will show up to work. That is why Employers run credit checks. They want to know your paying your bills.

Our culture as a whole has turned against the family. Those relationships that have endured should be commended.


Watch Out For Scams, when mining Bitcoin.

Hi! I tried using a free app for BTC Mining. It promised to give you free bitcoin, but like all the others I tried the app was a scam. Here is how I came to my conclusion.

I opened to accounts and did some mining on both accounts. Then I logged in as a guest and started over. I logged back in to both accounts only to find that the Bitcoin I mined was gone. Conclusion, if the app is not just a reason to get you to look at the author’s affiliate ads, and really mining coin, it is mining coin for the creator of the app.

Be careful people.

What Is The Role Of The Father?

The role of the father has been changed by the Welfare State, as Mom replaces Dad as the provider with the theft of resources from the Taxpayer. But the money that is stolen from us to feed the illusion of the so-called independent woman as she swipes an EBT card, simply can’t replace the need for the male role model in the house.

Without the child seeing Daddy going to work every day, the next generation grows up thinking it is OK to steal from others using the government as their enforcement. We must keep in mind that the father is meant to represent Christ in the home. The Father’s role is to teach both his daughter and son how a woman should be treated.

Without Dad in the picture young woman tend to seek out unhealthy relationships that can end in abuse. From the male side the boy is more likely to join a gang, try drugs and end up with a criminal record. But this is what that State wants.

After all the Department of Corrections is nothing more than an extension of the Welfare State. What better way to justify their own existence than to arrange to put the next generation behind bars! The father’s role is to teach the child to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” (Deuteronomy 6:5). By doing so the father by default teaches the child to be a good steward of his or her gifts and talents. As a result the father being in the home is a liability to the Welfare State which must justify its existence or Parrish.

Let’s Talk About A Need For Government

According to Thomas Jefferson, “Governments are instituted among men, to keep order.” I have explained many times before that there are two classifications of law that Man must deal with.

The first and the most overlooked is Natural Law. Laws that falls into this class are laws that can’t be broken by men. Although we have tried. These are the physical laws of the universe. You know like gravity and thermal dynamics.

The second class is contractual law. These are so-called laws that are created by Men to control other Men. Any contract is voided once one or the other party chooses to no longer be bound by that contract. To keep this from happening, consequences must be enforced. Those who have been chosen by either force of natural selection or a just election are put in place to enforce the laws of Men.

Conversely Men do not need this enforcement if they are living in a state of universal morality that is balanced with the first class of law that we first talked about in this article.

The State gets too big too fast when the government is buying vote with promises of free stuff that would be bought by stolen money from the working class who do work.

When did Americans stop reading the Bible? Have people forgotten that Saint Paul said to the Thessalonians, “In fact, when we were with you, this is what we commanded you: “If anyone isn’t willing to work, he should not eat” (2 Thessalonians, 3:10)?

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There Is A Strategy To Bitcoin Mining.

A lot of people have gotten on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but like any investment you want to buy cheap and sell high. The reverse is true for cashing out from mining Crypto-curencies. You want to wait to cash out until the coin is the lowest it has been for a while, that way there is more room for the value to move up. Then you sell the coin to keep it in your cash wallet.

It is my belief that investing in crypto-curencies is too risky: however they are a viable tool for increasing wealth when used with other investments that are more stable.

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